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Christmas Has Certainly Come Early (Max Clifford Burn In Hell!)

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, this is a British thing and doesn’t mean a damn in all likelihood to the rest of you, but this is the best damned news all year (except perhaps watching .

Everything that was rotten, evil and vicious about our free press, he was the cause.

Every justification there has been for suppressing freedom of speech due to the abuse of it, he’d revelled in creating it.

(He even claimed to have been responsible for giving the Beatles their break – which like ninety nine percent of his claims was bullshit)

The Guardian, for once getting it right, summed him up entirely:

‘If ever there was an example of the old maxim that those who live by the sword ultimately perish by it, the publicist Max Clifford, who has died aged 74, exemplified it.’

Although Viz Comic did it far more succinctly:

For anyone still under any illusions he was the victim of any sort of ‘fit up’, try reading what his apologists would rather you didn’t:

He was a career troll and bully which the world is well rid of.

Give us a couple of spades, and we’ll bloody dig the hole deep enough to hand the bastard’s corpse to the Devil in person.