Keeping It Clean In A Filthy Manner

Back on the subject of Igazor’s ‘what your Sims do first thing in the morning’ thread, Gitte2001 decided to add a touch of colour to proceedings:

If things where she eats or showers start off a nice bright green, we shudder to think what colour they’ve turned after she’s finished!


IreneSwift makes sure her Simmies get their daily workout, no matter where they may be:

Jogging around a tomb? Are your Simmie Goths?

ZeeGee’s post was intriguing not so much for what she had to say as for her new signature:

With a name like Lolita we’re sure it’s bound to get a lot of hits if not from the EA forums then certainly from the Mod The Sims staff!


One of us knows a hotel in London like that, Sugarplumpeach.

Speaking of hotels:

And we always thought Cwaddell was so nice with her Dr Tricia Summerbee avatar!

Pary the World Explorer meanwhile was determined to ensure her Simmies started off the day in the right way:

Quite right too, although good luck getting them to do either of those when they go to Uni!


Still, it’s a lot better than what Puzzleaddict has them doing before heading out of the door in the morning:

‘…the couple has a quick woohoo every single morning just before the carpool arrives.’


Yes, it must be really wonderful for their fellow Simmies to be sharing a car with someone reeking of semen every day. One takes it their workplace has a high staff turnover?

For Coco it is all a matter of tradition:

Sir Francis Drake finished his game of bowls before defeating the Armada and therefore Coco finishes her cereal bowl before making the carpool.


TadOlson has a novel way of ensuring TadOlson’s Simmies are ready for the day ahead on time:

‘before using toilets’

TadOlson knows that much time is lost in the morning from queues at the loo. Therefore TadOlson has multiple toilets in TadOlson’s home to ensure TadOlson’s Simmies have easy access should they need to potty because TadOlson is … TadOlson.

So when did you make that Shane McGowan Simmie, JoAnne65?

This proved a good time for Igazor to come back in to view the results of his handiwork:

Since Sharkloverplayer has gone over to the Glitterturd side, there’s no obvious candidate for Simmer most likely to woohoo in the shower since CravenLestat and Mikezumi prefer to have them keeping matters separate.

Apart from yourself of course!

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