Switch To A New Year

Yes, it is now according to the Discworld calendar…

As opposed to last year, which was the year of the criminally insane orange faced toupée.

Cloverstardropper kicks off the year ranting in style regarding the Logan Paul affair:

Uploading a dead body onto the internet? We never even knew that was possible.

Granted, technically you could download one and get it remade using a really, really powerful 3D printer, but even so, how do you successfully atomise one to get him down the phonelines?

One of us had a rant about the whole business over at Jazz-Hands but the other really could not care less about this whole story, so, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

Okay, what the plumbob is a Terf? Is that a Taffer that’s turned evil?

Apparantly Boxxxy clone Shoe0nHead/Misandryqu33n aka June Nicole Lapine is one – in which case, whatever it is, we’re against it!

Now for a really shocking revelation:

You can of course get them on the Interwebs, like just about everything else:

However, you may be put off by the reviews:

One of us is going to get a bag from a wholesaler in Lancashire so they can dunk them in their tomato soup and cross something else off their bucket list.;

Meanwhile, Cloverstardropper has made her bid for this year’s Oscars in the Best Foreign Language category:


Some good news now – a new alternative to Viagra:

Either that or those communion wafers are finally taking effect…

Pffft! Warrior names are for pussies.

And finally Cyril…

… hope you recover from your surgery soon.

Local anaesthetic only? Ugh!

It’s okay if they give you the real deal like hypnoval where you are completely spaced out for the rest of the day and you can sit watching prog-rock and fractals generation videos on You Tube with a new appreciation, but if it’s only crappy numb up the entry site Novocaine or its equivalents then it is boring and off-putting discovering how bad your innards smell when they cut into them.

This is where health campaigners have been failing. Never mind concerns about waiting times, what patients want is stronger s**t!

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