Mikezumi Wants To Ninja Your Ginger

Yes, apparently today is all about the true Most Persecuted Fashionable Minority Group on earth (it’s in The Guardian, so it must be true!)

Judging by that expression he’s giving, you can just picture Mikezumi has just said ‘now to ensure you’re eligible I need to be completely sure you are a genuine ginger and not simply someone with tinted hair, so please take all of your clothes off – teeheeheeheehee!’


Charlottesmom needed little prompting as she was already well covered for this perv-off:

That said, Sharkloverplayer would be proud of Mikezumi’s reply to Nikkei_Simmer here:

CravenLestat was hardly going to miss out here, especially when he was so much in the pink:

Pary threw in a red head, but not actually a ginger – otherwise someone by this stage would have thrown in FuryRed’s old Simself in all likelihood.

And trust the Simming world’s resident Ginger Sprout Gitte2001 to pull ’em all up on it!

PalmArrow meanwhile has a ginger able to cure your toadified Simmies, but unable to do anything for those suffering from the dreaded Hands On Neck Syndrome.

The explanation for the cure is of course here and also here.

Coco’s entry really set one heck of a standard for everyone else to beat for female Simmies:


So much so that CravenLestat was forced to play the old Daphne Blake card:

Coco’s reply?

Okay, now you are deliberately trying to jacuzzi in everyone else’s tears of envy!


No prizes for who won with the ugliest:


Which reminds us:

Now we feel cleansed!

Bonus points to xItNeverEndss for being the only one to produce an original Simmie for the thread:

And we’ve a feeling that Emorrill’s gingers are going to appeal to Mikezumi for some reason…

Finally, no way were we going to let CWaddell’s evolution of her ginger Simmie go unremarked:

Hmmm, she appears to have missed out some from the middle of that era, when she was using lots of mods to make her Simmie look more real life.

Still, thanks to the internet archive, we’ve managed to recover some old pictures from the original EA forum:

Sorry, we couldn’t resist!



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