Trump’s Bumnuggetry Towards Third World Nations Is Nothing Unique In Modern American Presidential Politics

Yes, plenty of people are getting rightly upset about this:

But if you think there is anything uniquely slanderous or racist in the manner a modern American Presidency has referred publicly to other nations – including those meant to be the U.S.A.’s friends and allies – you’ve got a lot of learning to do.

Yes, it’s that time again:

Time to hit the books, kiddywinks:

In David Blundy and Andrew Lycett’s book ‘Qaddafi and the Libyan Revolution’ (published 1987), on page 186 comes the following line from an official in the United States State Department – that is, America’s Foreign Office responsible for advising the President of the United States on Foreign Affairs and ultimately Foreign policy:

‘Why should the United States care? Chad is a fly-blown piece of real estate. Only 8 per cent of the United States knows what’s going on in Central America so I should think only 1 per cent of them would know where Chad is and only 1 per cent of them would care.’

This was during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, the reason why so many American tourists find themselves looking over their shoulders whenever they go on holiday abroad. If he wasn’t bombing or invading other nations just to show he could with impunity, his advisors were being horrendously insulting about a nation their own oil exploration companies had been trying to do business in since the 1970s.

It took them another two decades and a lot of apologising for their government’s crassness before they succeeded – albeit only in conjunction with Royal Dutch Shell. And yes, by then Bill Clinton was in the White House and presiding over a radically different State Department in its treatment of non-white ruled nations.

(Incidentally, David Blundy – who with Paul Vallely covered Bob Geldof’s attempts to alleviate Africa’s 1984-1985 famine crisis – was killed by a sniper in El Salvador less than two years after this book was published, whilst reporting on the civil war there largely caused by the US State Department’s supplying and training that government’s military junta and death squads which they’d helped to seize power when the locals had the audacity to vote in a left-wing government. This was such a routine occurrence during the Reagan years, you grew blasé to it. His daughter Anna, a sometimes journalist and author herself, is a fellow WordPress blogger.]

Who is Donald Trump’s favourite past U.S. President? Ronald Reagan. ‘Nuff said!


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