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Simtown15’s Grandparents Thread (This Could Attract The Wrong Sort Of Attention, You Know…)

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One of us whole heartedly approves of this thread.

The other is looking into psychiatric treatment for them.

Aw, aren’t they sweet?

So juicy sweet, Sindocat!

Each portion would simply melt in the mouth.

Mind you, the above’s still not as disturbing as Jessa_Dakkar’s Wilbur Mook:

Currently perving up a storm down the local comic shop:


Wibs Games Without Frontiers

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Alright, alright, so your lot did well like you always do at the Winter Olympics.

You lot are still not as cool as Iceland though. Their spectators can do the Viking clap and Thu’um. Even if they’ve still won sod all medals.

And at least you stopped ‘the Master Race’ winning the bloody thing outright – it was getting worrying the way they seemed to be hoovering up the medals in almost every event. They even beat Canada in the bloody ice hockey – Canada, at ice hockey! WTF? Did someone spike their Kraft Dinners or something? As for the final, not sure if like their last face-off it means Russia also gets to keep Poland again.


Let’s not talk about Britain’s participation this year. Shit at sledging, shit at curling, shit at skating – heck one of us did a better routine on the ice crossing the road this week than our over-sponsored shower of pansies managed (think of Torvill and Dean’s Bolero meets David Byrne in Talking Heads meets a Daddy Long Legs going up and down the window trying to get out). And you already knew we were shit at skiing anyway.

Not that we’re bitter about it. Oh no.

Whilst we’re on the subject of not having a clue, anyone else heard of any of this stuff on her shuffle?

Okay, so what are the songs and what are the artistes?

Please don’t tell us that Carl Sagan did a William Shatner and did a dodgy record of his very own like every other half-arsed celeb of the seventies and eighties – it was bad enough having Dr Magnus Pike doing ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ with Thomas Dolby.

That’s the name of the song! The band is called Night Moves, and they’re on the same record label as the Arctic Monkeys, Pastels and Pavement, you bumnuggets!

Shaddup, Lauryl!

At least her sweet succulent grandparents know what real music is:

Anyone else remember when Damon Albern was still able to write good songs, as opposed to Gorillaz’ ones where he plainly couldn’t give a monkeys?


Anyway, there’s some winter games of her own going on at Wib’s Dimblr.

Odds on someone needing to visit the pet shop again shortly? Evens!



Crowkeeper Getting Ever Closer To Mermaidia

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At least she’s got the diplomatic ship ready:

Gotta admit, most Sims 3 houseboats are pretty crap, but trust Crowkeeper to give it that special touch to make it something you will reflex download.

She’s also shown why the whole process of creating Mermaidia has taken so long – the old chestnut of routing issues forcing her to go back to the start.

Has to be said, it takes a brave sort to have the courage to accept defeat and start again on something so complicated from scratch. Plenty of world creators have ploughed on and proffered beautiful Simming lands with routing issues on a take it or leave it basis – especially ones designed as an archipelago, so well done and good luck to Crowkeeper for sticking to her principles that it has to be as perfect as possible.

We can wait!


‘Blood Will Be Spilled, Laundry Will Be Tumbled, Salads Will Be Tossed…’

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It’s been all quiet over at the pity party ‘We Care!’ thread with You-Know-Who not around on the EA forum, but no prizes for guessing who came roaring back with all of her own topics in one breath almost?


Laundry, her parents, even salad! Oh to have been a fly on the wall in Chez Rosebot when she saw this all appear!

But true to form, she replied in that same manner she always does:

She even got Seera1024 involved, someone with a past history of not putting up with her bumnuggetry:

To be fair, Seera1024 was simply trying to be diplomatic:

KoumoriDiru however did not mince their words:

Thankfully Seera1024 was able to keep matters from really kicking off, albeit with a few well put points about no matter how unsatisfactory Crazy Anne finds her life now there’s no panacea around the corner – and perhaps if she paid more attention to her sister’s problems with her own life she’d appreciate that.

Then came the obligatory bizarre part:

Your sister isn’t interested in doing the laundry together because she did most of it during the summer ten years ago?


In any case this is the solution to MadameLee’s laundry problems.

(Oh, the temptation to do a new one!)

And the Rosebot’s response?


HighRoller21 Is Seeking Patterns, Not Heroes

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May we express our profound disappointment in the following thread:

Although very well answered by TreyNutz, it would have been far better in our opinion if he’d answered the thread with such a title with:

‘He got an ice pick, that made his ears burn. Oh sorry, I thought you were about to say Leon Trotsky!’

Then again, that might have got the old Comrades MadameLee and Vera Blake too excited.


Amazing to think they are now the only two active ones left as Simmers – with even Ava The Muffinator having given it up for the heady delights of Lockwood’s Avakin Life and doing play throughs whilst we think breathing massive quantities of helium…


(Please for the love of plumbob let  us be wrong about this!)


Anyway, for those of you who didn’t get the Leon Trotsky joke earlier…

Simguru Drake Ducks Off And Flies

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Very eloquent.

Simguru Drake’s time in charge was marked with an upturn in banning anyone who dared disagree with those in charge or spoke out of turn – especially after the whole fiasco of the Glitterturd unfolded and players one by one were forced to accept the naysayers had been right all along and they’d been sold a rather expensive bundle of bin scrapings.

Yes, that did make it a difficult time for anyone, and allowances have to be made for that. Nevertheless, the Denmark Toddlers affair of June 2016 was the one moment which even she acknowledges is the one she will be remembered for all the wrong reasons – one where she didn’t exactly cover herself in glory.

This began when Rudy8292 reposted Simguru Tomas over in Denmark giving what was a classic politicians statement of saying both yes and no at once as to whether toddlers were ever going to be included in Sims 4.

Whereupon Simguru Drake gave a very snotty – and very inaccurate – statement.

Only Simgurus are based at EA’s headquarters in San Francisco? Bullshit! Who the hell do you think covers enquiries in non-English speaking countries you bumnugget – the bloody toothfairy?

We even felt slightly sorry for To7n (even if he is a trolling little shit) for the way he was spoken to here:

‘The reality is that I don’t have to answer or acknowledge things like this’ – erm, actually it is what you were being paid to do. You were the Community Manager, your job was to engage with the community who were ulimately paying your wages out of their piggy banks.

‘I came in here to shut it down’ – what a Freudian slip this proved to be!

And so LoveMcQueen5683 waited:

And waited:

As did arch EA critic Cinebar:

And Drake_McCarty – once upon a time one of their biggest suck-ups… until the truth of Sims 4 became apparant.

It was down to Mocajava to start off that final page thirteen:

Not long after, she got her wish:

Lock the thread, then post your snotty replies without anyone having the ability to reply to it, except by making a brand new thread – which of course is one of those actions which gets you instantly banned from the EA forum (ie. posting about a subject from a locked thread). Yeah real classy.

You can sum old Amanda Drake up by her snide dismissal to Erpe of modders dedication to quality control, considering it was Twallan’s NRaas Industries who single handedly kept Sims 3 alive after the first two and a half years of the series when EA stopped even caring any more about fixing bugs properly) – for which they got no thanks, let alone one penny, for saving EA’s most profitable game from disaster. Yeah, let that one sink in, you freaking arsebucket.

Also, the juxtaposition of ‘I am also the representative of the Studio within the community’ with her later snide ‘Kids Room Stuff is focused on Kids, I’m not sure what part of that isn’t exactly clear’ to Phoebesmom601, and you can see why so many Simmers over her tenure voted with their feet either for other forums, the Dimblr community, or gave up the game in disgust for those from the likes of Bethesda who haven’t forgotten who is paying their wages.

As for the topic in question, over at Lipstick Alley, Arubiana called out Simguru Drake’s bullshit:


So farewell Simguru Drake, or Alohamana, Manadrake or whatever other alias Amanda Drake will be going under in future as she goes on to be…

… sorry, we are suffering from emotional constipation at this juncture – ie. we couldn’t give a shit. There remains an active and vibrant community within the EA forum still, but it is not because of her, but in spite of her.

Sim Secret Can’t Handle Being Trolled By Il Magnifico Culopepita

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Oh, to live to see such days!

Guess what the post was about?

We’ll give you a little hint…

We said it was going to be little, didn’t we?


Yes, it’s Gaia Nicolosi aka Kaiko Mikkusu aka Kyko Micsu aka Justified Ancients of Mu Mu aka Timelords aka KLF – and she’s over her obsession with Susan Wainwright for the umpteen billionth time.

Oh sure, we’ve all heard that one before!

Yep, that didn’t last long, but at least those at Mod The Sims will be spared.

Whoops, spoke too soon!

And she’s even got her poor dad involved in her madness – to think some of you regard MadameLee’s parents as long suffering.


A pity perhaps she didn’t decide to throw her hat in the ring for the other madness ongoing in Italy just now…

Let’s face it, one more loony in their parliament isn’t going to hurt!