Simguru EA_Lanna Is Our Lazy Bumnugget Of The Week!

You know what a tough strenuous job it is being a Simguru, so much so that sometimes they have to get eight of them to do the job of one with no guarantee they will be able to fix matters.

With that in mind, spare a thought for poor EA_Lanna as she goes through her busy week:

The very next day, she’s got another necroed thread to deal with:

Good grief, is that really what tlc10175 looks like?

All those words above to type out again!

What’s a girl to do when she’d be much more gainfully employed looking up the latest offers from Primark online or ordering pizza for the posse?

Fear not – cut and paste is your friend!


Just remember to change the year the thread was originally posted properly when you change the number of years ago it was, otherwise it does look a little bit obvious what you’ve done!

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