LyricSimz15 (aka Eclipse The Simmer) Introduces THAT Topic To The ‘We Care’ Thread

Knew this one had to appear at some stage:

You need to handle this with tact and diplomacy…

… ah, screw that! Go for the Bookygirl method.

‘Hey Granny and Gramps, guess what? I’m gay as f**k! Problem, piss kegs? Bear in mind I could be all that stands between mum and dad sticking you in a home once you both become gaga, so ya know, no pressure there, tick-tock-tick-tock…’


Rosemow’s advice made us despair:

Okay, have you been paying attention over the last two years? All those grandparents in Britain and the U.S. going ‘screw our children and grandchildren – let’s vote for Brexit and Trump!’ The days of grandparents as human teddy bears smelling of lavender and mothballs is dead: the wrinkly old f**kers have gone gangsta.

Away from this, OminousFlare posted up what has to be one of the most fatuous problems we think even this thread has ever encountered.

That’s it? That’s your problem? Succeeding at a video game? Goats and monkeys, there’s people on here with real problems – real life and death problems you freaking snowflake!

Such as… (no prizes for guessing who!)

MadameLee’s dad hiding The Good And Very Sharp Knife – and making her do the salad in the unsafe spot of the dining table?


For those of you unaware, The Good And Very Sharp Knife is to Canadians as legendary a weapon as the Vorpal Blade or King Arthur’s Excalibur. Without it, the security of Canada’s supply of Kraft Dinners could be compromised. We live in troubled times.

Looks like Crazy Anne’s simply going to have to face there’s someone in the universe that’s even more bonkers than herself!


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