What A State They Got Themselves In

Yes, it’s still polls, polls, polls over on the EA forum:

What on earth is Berginon on about? Favourite life state? Where’s ‘intoxicated’ or ‘in orgasm’?

Cwaddell prefers to be drawing blood (just like her lookalike in Heartbeat!) whilst Dreamerz13’s preferences are fairy ’nuff:

Igazor as ever turned up, and we wondered which of these he was talking about when he spoke of Alpha Fairies?

Okay Igazor, so which of these is an alpha fairy?

Is it this?


Or is it this lot again?


CravenLestat hasn’t kept a ghost called Lolita in his game? Okay, who is this imposter and what has he done with the real CravenLestat?

Mikezumi claims she doesn’t want her Simmies to have special abilities.

Considering the male ones spend so much time wandering around with perma-wardrobe malfunctions, we’re surprised ‘impervious to the cold’ isn’t high on her list.

TadOlson likes to rotate the life states in TadOlson’s game.

TadOlson also likes to have TadOlson’s game heavily modded. TadOlson may have mentioned this before, perhaps once or twice times a billion.

Goulsquash was far more subtle, with the pun of the thread:

‘Strangetown was my jam’ – yes, we see what you did there!


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