Simgirl1010 Launches The Next Bloody Poll On The EA Forum (What Next, A Poll About How Many Polls You’ve Participated In?)

Ho hum.

Anyone else thought of that novella ‘The Little Prince’ when they saw that avatar?

Keekee53 and Terra are certainly at different ends of the spectrum here – interesting that Keekee53 has been here since the start (and judging by the avatar came over from Sims 2), so this may explain why as the Taffers would say she’s finding herself unable to fight the addiction.

For LeGardePourpre, it was more the necessity of finding something to do whilst his computer did something else (you’ll notice he didn’t elaborate as to what it involved!)

Simguru EA_Mage is a big fan of forums:

Without them she’d have to go and get a proper job.


TadOlson also has a slow internet.

It takes a long time for TadOlson to see anything on the internet.

That is why TadOlson spends so long on the internet.

TadOlson perseveres with the internet even though TadOlson’s internet is so slow because TadOlson is … TadOlson.


Oh ho ho ho – dear ParadisePlanet27 and LyricSimsz15, you have no idea how much more of a life you each have than certain others we can mention, but we’ll come to that some time in the future…

Hit it, Emorrill!

Exactly – life’s too short to be miserable in your ever decreasing spare time.


As Bekkasan says, there’s plenty of life and fun still to be had on the EA forum – every time they write it off, the members spring another surprise and thwart both the trolls and Simgurus alike in keeping it rolling on.

Such as ChocoCub…

Keith? Keith?

Since when did the Simming community start having Simmers called Keith on board? Keith? What’s it going to be next? The Darrens getting into Simming? We had enough trouble when we let the Brendans in!

Listen folks, this is super cereal stuff here! Look at what this one is getting up to in his blog:

Be afraid, be very afraid…

This is like the sort of stuff JKTee511/Mummygaga/x_MG_x (etc!), TurnerSims3, Twiddle3, Haylohusky, etc. come up with – except even more bonkers and incomprehensible with Sims 3 pets.


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