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Final Proof That Sim Secret Is Completely Out Of Ideas – When They Have To Reprint Entire Mare’s Nest Posts!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 2, 2018 by themaresnest

Oh, this is comic gold!


We refer you back to our post of Thursday 22nd February this year.

What can we say? Clearly the material is so good after we’ve refined it that it gets added straight to Prah2010’s ailing LiveJournal site without any further comment being necessary.


With other events this week, is it time for us to prepare a bid for when it falls into administration as well?

Nah, think we’ll stick to trying to buy out Toys ‘Я ‘Us – if for nothing else so we can get our hands on some cheap Nintendo Switch games!

(P.S. for any of you out there affected, hope you get something new soon. Very sad day to see them of all places going to the wall).

♫ In the mornin’ sun ’round seven o’clock, the parking lot fills around Toys ‘Я ‘Us ♪