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Be warned, this is one of our novel length investigations (as some of you have referred to certain past missives!), and we’ve been deliberating over whether to do this at all, but in the interests of the Simming community we reckon you need some warning about this.

Originally this was put up as a post on 4th March 2018, but it was far, far, far too long (and that was the concise version! Yes, there’s still plenty left over) – there was simply too much material and too much ground to cover, yet it had to be done over one post.

So over to the pages section it has now gone – for the lazy bones amongst you, click on the link direct to it here!

For all the occasional disagreements and occasional bumnuggetry of the Simming community, it is the gaming community we are a part of and glad to be so. Perhaps even one of the better communities online: that is for you to decide.

Unwanted attention from others (encouraged in part by so-called ‘fellow Simmers’) whose only interest in this community is perceiving it as a plentiful array of soft targets for online and real world bullying is something that needs to be nipped in the bud before it starts – and the best way remains by the old time methods of ignoring, banning, blocking, let them dissipate their energies begging for our attention be for nothing. They need us, we certainly don’t need them. Hell, we’d sooner have a thousand MadameLee clones than even one of them.

(Well okay, perhaps a hundred. Well okay, maybe ten…  joke, Crazy Anne, joke!)

For the benefit of the ‘sensation seekers’ out there, there is one final post (or perhaps postscript would be more accurate…) we’re going to make on these arsebuckets, but afterwards that’s it, normal service resumed to matters connected with you lot – you provide us with enough madness to comment on, and at least the vast majority of it is entirely benevolent in nature.

As for those of you who do find that sort of online site ‘entertaining’, do us all a favour, piss off from the Simming community for good – don’t let the door hit your fat arse on the way out.

‘I don’t offer much to the Simming world but I need to know people don’t associate me with making the lives of children miserable.‘ – PollySim ( 12th March 2o10.