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ARRensch And A Pink Plumbob Return On Mikezumi’s ‘What Do You Do With Your Elders?’ Thread

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2018 by themaresnest

Yes, she’s been away for one and a half years but has now briefly reappeared on the EA forum.

Sadly she appears to be far from the only one:

The Last Supper…

Water way to go.

Igazor meanwhile decided to go all Hermione on Nikkei_Simmer:

Erm, ‘Canadians will keep at least one packet of Kraft Dinner before it’s Best Buy date in their homes at all times.’?

If we are going to get all nit picky, Igazor, you would only have your rights guaranteed by Magna Carta if you were a noble – freedom from arbeitrary arrest, right to a trial by jury, etc. only came for the masses under Richard III.

In the meantime, a special prize to anyone who can tell us what the plumbob’s is that Cororon’s now got as an avatar – it looks like a disembodied spider’s head!

No such explanation is required for Rflong7/13’s:

A clear case of plumbob dementia if ever there was one!

Whereas the irony of Chazzzy’s callous treatment of his elderly Simmies in comparison with his holier-than-thou avatar only confirms our suspicions that behind every bleeding heart liberal there’s an evil Tory bastard just waiting to get out.

Chococub meanwhile has no qualms in finding his inner Theresa May:

At least 1need4kaffee’s had some literary merit to it:

Whereas the reappearence of none other than MrGorgon1997 of the legendary (for two minutes) Pink Plumbobs saw a kinder approach:

But what of the originator of the thread?

Mikezumi’s appear to be much like mature students in the real world:

Trying to look deadly serious all the time to impress the lecturers.

And unashamedly perving over the arses of the younger students!