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Kiwi Farms And The Glitterturd

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As you may remember, in our page about Kiwi Farms‘ unwelcome interest in the Simming community, we mentioned their own selective memory when it came to sneering at the Sims series as being, well, ‘meh!’ in their estimation: forgetting that plenty of them and their own boss had been all over Sims 4 when it first came out (indicating in itself a prior interest in previous incarnations if they were doing so on release week).

‘There is also of course the long thread the site owner instigated when he tried playing The Glitterturd … ah, that’s another story perhaps for another time – you know how we feel about Sims 4!’

To keep matters neat and tidy, here’s what we were referring to.

Yep, Joshua Conner Moon (their Headturd) was going to livestream the Glitterturd!

Cast your minds back to September 2014, where two days after our final foreboding post over the Glitterturd the damn thing proved to be the sum of everyone’s worst fears.

Guess where they were perhaps a little less prepared?

Aw bless, they want to watch Joshua play the game – how sweet!


It was also clear there were a lot more of them with experience of the game than was admitted to just under four years later…

It should come as no surprise to learn that Joshua Connor Moon was not very happy with the end product:

And another three came out of the Kiwi Farms closet as Sims 3 players, one of which had also tried Sims 4.

Another two purchases, and one torrent pending…

Coffee Overdose meanwhile was not very happy about being able to screw three women before going to work without making any of them jealous.

Clearly he’s not cut out to be a fundamentalist Mormon!


Amongst those also contributing to the thread was one DeagleDad420 aka ParkourDude91: former site administrator Jan Rankowski – a career troll, whoops sorry ‘comedy prankster’ whom has had more alias than girlfriends – whom played a central role in the Gamergate controversy of a few years ago and then complained about getting death threats from irate feminists: which demonstrates all the logic of pouring petrol everywhere, chucking a lighted match on top, and complaining about getting burned and acrid smoke inhalation.

He had pretended to be (amongst other things) a pot grower in Colerado called Jace Connors until his real identity was accidentally revealed by a klutz of a co-conspirator called Tyce Andrews – whereupon it didn’t take too long before he was revealed to be the same person that had made the news under bizarre circumstances in 2003 and 2004 when his parents unsuccessfully sued the town of Falmouth in Maine for banning him from the school playground for behaving like a little shit (ie. he kicked another child in the groin. The parents tried playing the Asperger’s card – they were told ‘nice try!’).

Why do these losers always wear dark glasses and pose like they are trying to act hard? Who are they trying to convince? Themselves?

As for Tyce Andrews, a fellow racist oxygen thief and pro-Trump protestor in his 20s with an unhealthy interest in handicapped girls and prone to destructive rages when he loses in online multiplayer games, you can explore the interwebs yourselves if remotely interested. If ever someone was summed up by their photo, it’s him.

But we digress, as so often is the risk when speaking about anyone riding inside the Kiwi Farms clown car, as all too often these guys have more issues than The Times.

As you can see from the above, fifteen of them were interested enough in the ‘autistic’ game (to use their polari…) to comment on a thread about Sims 4 when it came out (there were more, but we’ve not reproduced all the posts) and after several of them played it. So once again, for a bunch that look down their nose at Simmers, they do seem to operate a rather interesting double standard.


But as we said back on the 4th, that’s the promised final post on this topic. Enough.