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It’s The End Of The Sims As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)

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We may as well address the latest piece of knickers-getting-in-a-twist doing the rounds.

There’s a lot of hysteria that somehow there’s been ‘confirmation’ that EA will not be doing a Sims 5 and that they intend winding down the existing games to a fold.

The origins of this has been in the main Sims VIP, which those of you whom have been regular readers will remember has no longer been besties with EA for some time now – indeed the relationship has turned decidedly sour.

Less than two years ago, the rumours were similarly flying that EA was abandoning Sims 4 and moving to Sims 5.

Our guess about this later round of hysteria is that it was inspired by the following post over at Games Radar by Sam Loveridge speculating on Sims 5 with a view to what EA may reveal, with the result routine shuffling of staff (and firing of underperformers) to other parts of the business has been deliberately misinterpreted by those with their own agendas.

(Point to ponder – all The Elder Scrolls series staff have been moved by Bethesda to new games. Does that mean there will be no follow up to Skyrim – their most successful game of all time? Of course not. Chill out Simmers, be patient, and enjoy whatever versions of The Sims series you want!)

The damning part is the reiteration of Grant Rodiek’s nasty little threat to the Simming community to back Sims 4 or else upon its release, only to have his bluff called:

‘“We’re not working on Sims 5. We’re not thinking about Sims 5. If Sims 4 isn’t successful, there won’t be a Sims 5,” said Sims 4 producer Grant Rodiek on the official Sims forums just days after the release of The Sims 4. Strangely enough, that comment has now been removed…’

‘Strangely enough, that comment has now been removed…’


Not really strangely enough – Grant has a history of telling Simmers one thing and later scrubbing his past history when it suits.

Not to worry in any case – The Mare’s Nest saved it!

But just to put it into context, blame it all on this troublemaker with the Anime Misha Barton avatar …

Yep, Oilbasedoliander – who unlike most of those on the thread she started (and berated her) for this is still around.

And playing Sims 3.


Still, at least he got one thing right:


But what was most interesting of all was when pressed over this threat, he crumbled:

As well of course as lying as per usual:

***Cough!*** Hot tubs

***Splutter!*** Baby changing tables

***Gasp!*** Cowplant moved to EA Store in Sims 3 rather than University expansion pack as in Sims 2.

And we could be here all night.


Jacqpinks however was on hand to give him what for:

And Gmgar proved to be very prophetic with her comment.

Grant Rodiek no more, Rachel Franklin no more.

And both the Sims series and we the Simmers will live on, long after they have gone.

SuperCoolRachael Pisses Off BACK To Sims 3 – ELEVEN DAYS After EA Patched The Glitterturd To Appease Her Snowflake Bumnuggetry!

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You couldn’t make it up!

Here she is, back playing the game with the Insane trait she finds so triggering!


Let that be a lesson on why mollycoddling snowflakes never achieves anything good in the end.

Everybody’s Makes A Row, On JoAnne65’s Farm

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Starting a Simmie farm? Great idea. But where?

JoAnne65’s heart was set on an EA made world, but SimKeats eyes were elsewhere…

Yoshi_Dragur2012 and TreyNutz for example put in early bids for Meadow Glen.

IreneSwift and Faerie197 however were in agreement with JoAnne65 that the solution lay for once with EA:

Indeed, as Faerie197 and Nikkei_Simmer pointed out, there’s so much extra that goes into a Simmie farm beyond merely that of placement:

You’ve gotta get the right gear in – both the EA Store stuff, and those handy little bits and pieces from elsewhere.

But back to where to go, and Charlottesmom was one of the many who plumbed for good old Riverview:

It proved to be the most popular of choices, with Jaletu2005 and many others also in agreement.

As Avatarit so beautifully illustrated, it has all the hallmarks of an agricultural world:

But good call as well on mentioning the excellent GlenDonnach and Cladbridge-on-Stowe, the two most atypical rural Scotland and rural England worlds anyone’s ever made – and both made by the much missed DoubleMedion694.

(By the way, Sims On Film on YouTube has recently done a full half hour playthrough of GlenDonnach for those of you wanting the full low down before committing yourselves to downloading and installing it).

CWaddell was also in favour:

Although this might change if someone comes out with a CAW version of Goathland village!


Sylv was one of the many who went for the other big choice – Appaloosa Plains – with its agri-vibe:

TadOlson meanwhile (it’s always a meanwhile with TadOlson…) liked empty custom worlds like Evermore Falls for farming.

TadOlson also recommended Logan, even though it hasn’t been released yet, because it is empty unlike Evermore Falls…


For those of you who have never seen Evermore Falls, here it is:

A world less farm inclined it would be hard to find – unless what you are planning is a cannabis farm in your basement.

TadOlson recommends non-agricultural worlds for farms and worlds that have not yet been released because TadOlson is… TadOlson.

Of more interest was the appearence of someone we were certain we had not mentioned before but had been around since like forever:

Sure enough, we did not recall Idontrcall, but they’ve been around since the start:

Worse still, they’re a WordPress blogger and this is the first time we’ve noticed them (albeit they abandoned it after two years).



Goulsquash posted for what seems like the first time in ages (when once upon a time they seemed to be posting everywhere) with two rather off the wall choices, and Ciane’s plumbing for Champs Les Sims is perhaps one for those looking for either a working holiday if they aren’t going to be downloading the standalone version by Stw402.

Top prize for silliest choice by far went to Rflong7/13 of all people for, wait for it…

Becca, please take a look here and tell us does this exactly fill you with notions of dreamy agreeable arable acres?


At least Igazor’s got an excuse for coming up with daft ideas – when asked by his teacher in biology where milk came from, he said in a bag from the shops.

But GabbyGirlJ’s suggestion?

Yes Monte Vista is rural, but it’s a rugged rurality which lends itself to vineyards and nectar production, to artisans and creators, not vast orchards and flat fields of veg and crops. Maybe that’s just us though.

As for ElanoreAlexandria…

… we’d no idea that Nirvana’s best selling album was such an inspiration to the next generation of Simming farmers. We’d have understood it more had it been Foo Fighters – after all, they did do it ‘For The Cows’.


Dirty_Milos Not Impressed With The Glitterturd’s ‘Smarter Sims’

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They do say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer you know?

Unless these Knights of the Hedge are of the same sort to be found in those shitty Biff, Chip and Kipper books primary schoolkids have inflicted on them with the offstage pictures designed to keep teachers and bored parents amused…


Of course, since we’re on the subject of dogging, everyone’s been long missing the elephant in the room with this series anyway…


But back to the Glitterturd:

Ah yes, EgonVM touches on the recent farce where thanks to the latest snowflakery bumnuggetry, Insane is now Erratic so as not to ‘trigger’ anyone.

All because a grand total of TWO people actually complained over a year and a half ago – one snowflake (SuperCoolRachael) and one wannabe social justice warrior troll (Happyopi – from Mod The Sims, where else?):

When you think of the number of times they ignored multiple complaints about bugs and glitches, or simply shut down the threads, is it any wonder Simmers regard the Simgurus and their ilk as a pathetic joke when they rush to change easy things no one truly cared a flying duck about to begin with.

Still, we suppose it gives Happyopi something to do whilst she waits for someone to come up with more Harry Potter fanfiction with gay rape and other such happy tea time topics in it for her to enjoy…

(Your bookmarks, dear – all sixty three of them, you creepy bastard!)


Oh No Wibs, Not You As Well!

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Just when we thought the Simming world was our refuge from non-stop royal crap on our media – if they’re not getting married they’re popping more of their rugrats and everyone goes mental.


Not that there’s much chance of this happening within Wibs current legacy family at this rate:

Now they know how those poor pandas in the zoo feel with everyone gawping at them the moment they’re wanting to make whoopee!

Switch In April

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It’s been a while since we mentioned the Dominating Crabbiness, so…

Oh plumbobs, not the ‘EA is pulling the plug on The Sims ‘ rumours again. They’re late this year mind. Considering it’s about the only EA game making any sort of money, we’d say it’s future is possibly more secure than EA’s.

You won’t. You will witter on and on about Alice Madness Returns instead. Trust us on that one.

Anyway, we don’t want to be a good ally. We want to be a good Axis.

You know, divebomb your front lawn, invade your house, steal all your wine and valuable works of art, and occupy it for the next four years whilst you attempt to smuggle British airmen dressed as French milkmaids from under our noses while shoving forgeries of The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies by Van Klomp into Knockwurst sausages and trying to distract us by getting barmaids to offer us services involving wet celery, flying helmets and egg whisks.

Alice in…

Typical blood rebel colonist – rejecting the tea!


Trust you to bring it to that level!

Worse than before? Nothing quite like having an ambition.

Since Lord Vetinari is Charles Dance by default (in the same way Death is Christopher Lee by default), we’ll give you that one.

Any questions?

Because you’ve not been taking your medication again, young crabperson!

There’s always Skyscraperfan… okay we’ll shut up!


Could be worse, you could have decided to spend millions of dollars you didn’t have on a San Francisco soccer team no one watches which goes bust after only one season solely for the pleasure of denying the New York Cosmos their hundred billionth North American Soccer League title – and cause the league to collapse in the process.

All hail the San Francisco Deltas, doing in 2017 what Chicago Sting did in the 1980s – beat that for going retro, kids!


Let’s be honest Cloverstardropper, San Francisco has never been the luckiest of cities when it comes to running sporting franchises. Best stick to something more cerebrally stimulating…

Okay, forget we said that!


It’s Quiz Time With Tangie-HappySimmer3

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Okay everyone, time to test your Simming skills.

Using the following screenshots from Tangie-HappySimmer3’s Simblr, we want you to deduce what is wrong from the evidence presented.

Any ideas yet?

Getting warmer?

Last chance!

Okay, still not guessed?

Isn’t it obvious? Tangie’s game is corrupted!

Why else can she host a wedding without Grimmy turning up as someone drops dead, the lot going on fire or a meteor strike as happens in every other wedding in Sims 3, at least if the evidence on the EA forum is anything to go by?!