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Crowkeeper And Nornities Put The Cool Into April Fool

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At first it appeared to be a joke since it was announced on 1st April.

But there was no kidding around – even though we are still waiting for Mermaidia, Crowkeeper and Nornities (the latter of the magnificent Northeney island which you should download right now – we said RIGHT NOW! STOP READING THIS AT ONCE AND DO IT!) – they are finishing off another project World for your Simming delights.

Cronor is part futuristic, part dark and sleezy – Lunar Lakes meets Bioshock on a neat little island.

Add another one to the drool pile, although this one looks closer to a release than Mermaidia does.


Meanwhile, On Firefox

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This is what they’re referring to as ‘the nearest star’:

This is what the nearest star is (say the Mares, stating the completely obvious to anyone who is able to look out of the window – although not right now because it’s night, at least here in the UK it is, shit this sentence is beginning to resemble the dialogue in Gilmore Girls except without coffee appearing in the sentence yet…)

What they should have written was ‘the nearest star to the solar system‘ – this is one of those popular quiz staples (sometimes offered as a trick question) which frequently ends in arguments when the quizzers don’t get the answer they were looking for.