Everybody’s Makes A Row, On JoAnne65’s Farm

Starting a Simmie farm? Great idea. But where?

JoAnne65’s heart was set on an EA made world, but SimKeats eyes were elsewhere…

Yoshi_Dragur2012 and TreyNutz for example put in early bids for Meadow Glen.

IreneSwift and Faerie197 however were in agreement with JoAnne65 that the solution lay for once with EA:

Indeed, as Faerie197 and Nikkei_Simmer pointed out, there’s so much extra that goes into a Simmie farm beyond merely that of placement:

You’ve gotta get the right gear in – both the EA Store stuff, and those handy little bits and pieces from elsewhere.

But back to where to go, and Charlottesmom was one of the many who plumbed for good old Riverview:

It proved to be the most popular of choices, with Jaletu2005 and many others also in agreement.

As Avatarit so beautifully illustrated, it has all the hallmarks of an agricultural world:

But good call as well on mentioning the excellent GlenDonnach and Cladbridge-on-Stowe, the two most atypical rural Scotland and rural England worlds anyone’s ever made – and both made by the much missed DoubleMedion694.

(By the way, Sims On Film on YouTube has recently done a full half hour playthrough of GlenDonnach for those of you wanting the full low down before committing yourselves to downloading and installing it).

CWaddell was also in favour:

Although this might change if someone comes out with a CAW version of Goathland village!


Sylv was one of the many who went for the other big choice – Appaloosa Plains – with its agri-vibe:

TadOlson meanwhile (it’s always a meanwhile with TadOlson…) liked empty custom worlds like Evermore Falls for farming.

TadOlson also recommended Logan, even though it hasn’t been released yet, because it is empty unlike Evermore Falls…


For those of you who have never seen Evermore Falls, here it is:

A world less farm inclined it would be hard to find – unless what you are planning is a cannabis farm in your basement.

TadOlson recommends non-agricultural worlds for farms and worlds that have not yet been released because TadOlson is… TadOlson.

Of more interest was the appearence of someone we were certain we had not mentioned before but had been around since like forever:

Sure enough, we did not recall Idontrcall, but they’ve been around since the start:

Worse still, they’re a WordPress blogger and this is the first time we’ve noticed them (albeit they abandoned it after two years).



Goulsquash posted for what seems like the first time in ages (when once upon a time they seemed to be posting everywhere) with two rather off the wall choices, and Ciane’s plumbing for Champs Les Sims is perhaps one for those looking for either a working holiday if they aren’t going to be downloading the standalone version by Stw402.

Top prize for silliest choice by far went to Rflong7/13 of all people for, wait for it…

Becca, please take a look here and tell us does this exactly fill you with notions of dreamy agreeable arable acres?


At least Igazor’s got an excuse for coming up with daft ideas – when asked by his teacher in biology where milk came from, he said in a bag from the shops.

But GabbyGirlJ’s suggestion?

Yes Monte Vista is rural, but it’s a rugged rurality which lends itself to vineyards and nectar production, to artisans and creators, not vast orchards and flat fields of veg and crops. Maybe that’s just us though.

As for ElanoreAlexandria…

… we’d no idea that Nirvana’s best selling album was such an inspiration to the next generation of Simming farmers. We’d have understood it more had it been Foo Fighters – after all, they did do it ‘For The Cows’.


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