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Pepperbutt Apologises To The Simming Community In A Letter To The Mare’s Nest

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Back on Sunday, an email came into one of our email boxes (the one most people whom have been paying attention know about), pertaining to be from a certain Pepperbutt.

You remember her, don’t you. We certainly do.

Especially the knife threat.

Suffice to say one of us in particular was not in a very forgiving mood – hence the delay in posting anything about this. There has been, shall we say ‘discussions’ about this.

Therefore, before anything else, here’s the email we got in full.

There’s a lot of things we could say in response to this – much of it already been exchanged between ourselves, and in all likelihood more that wasn’t.

Some of you will doubtless have other responses. Some unrepeatable.

What in the end has made us decide on our response was the events back in 2012 after her Simmering Sims forum was caught out running en masse trolling expeditions against forum members they disliked.

To recap concisely, the evil little bastards promptly cut and run to a new forum, Simomania – set up by Stephen Westwood aka Wittylady aka conspiracy theorist ‘Margo Ringla’ (who did provide us all with some amusement earlier this year after realising it had been caught out again) – leaving Pepperbutt to take the unsurprising flack alone (bar Jarsie9), whilst they literally bought new friends (or thought they had) via the ‘Gifting’ section of the EA forum in much the same manner Alexurt of Sims VIP and even more sinister types did. In time

The bottom line is this. Pepperbutt hurt a lot of people.

On purpose.

For the bloody fun of it.

She discovered in turn the hard way that those who live by the troll will inevitably die by the troll.

(As they did. One by one)

Then she came back – six years later – to say sorry.

As if that makes it alright.

Well, it does for us.

You had enough honour not to come running to us immediately after it all went pear-shaped and tried to stitch up your former partners-in-crime once they’d dumped you, the way TheSimling did.

And we still wished him well, because he did what he could to make amends instead.

You’ve been out of the Simming world since 2012, you had no reason to come back, and even if you did you could have shrugged your shoulders, went ‘it’s only the internet’ like a million other bumnuggets and arseturnips do on the net every day, run yourself up a new online persona (as plenty on the EA forum used to do), and started again with no one any the wiser.

But you didn’t. You came back to say sorry, which for all the cynics may say takes courage – especially after this length of time.

How the rest of you feel about it is up to you. But it means something to us. Apology accepted.

Best of luck with your child, best of luck with your new life – and oh, don’t give up on Simming. Don’t let it become associated with nothing but unhappy memories – because Sims 3‘s too good to let that happen.

NRaas Road To Nowhere Is Actually A Road To Somewhere

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Over at the NRaas Industries Help Thread Annex (or the EA forum as some still call it), AbellaKellaher wondered out loud what quite a few more have been for some time judging by the frequency with which the question comes up.

Igazor as ever arrived like Mr Benn’s shopkeeper (come to think of it he could be his long lost hipster grandson …) to give an explanation … sort of.

At least it kept her amused:

Pity it didn’t actually answer the question – not only for AbellaKellaher but for anyone else looking on the thread -and Igazor’s signature has read ‘New site to be announced soon’ for so long you could easily be forgiven for thinking that Igazor’s jocular Willy Wonka reference would be perhaps be more fittingly replaced with the following:


This is the picture you all need to see to ease your concerns if you have not already:

Taken from the following page at the current NRaas Wikispaces site, there’s your proof that there has been more than tangible activity over the future for this irreplaceable Sims 3 resource. A plan has been made, put into place. This is not a ‘last minute’ effort by NRaas, this is a professional job by a team of hard working amateurs, as opposed to EA where the converse is the case.

A pity perhaps this has not been more clearly demonstrated, instead of a glib ‘the answer is here at a link to NRaas‘.

If they can’t get them to come to the site in the first place to the extent they’re answering so many NRaas mod related questions off-site, is it any wonder people are still wondering what is going on?

It would also help if the page which is meant to be for feedback showed some sort of acknowledgement to those who are posting it, in particular Cororon stating what has to be the blinding obvious:

Exactly. If it was an Arab language website, right to left would make sense only.

Nevertheless, to accentuate the positive, there are plans in place and to that effect looking forward rather than looking back is the order of the day.

In which case, perhaps we need to be singing a more appropriate tune, from another old favourite, but like the future NRaas site dating from this year…

‘Piercing the veil from a tiny blue star, we’ve found a new home watched from afar…’

Simguru Logic At Its Worst

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There are times we despair of them.

‘It’s great to see simmers helping each other …  and in the meantime I’ll close this thread to prevent it being necro’d further.’


The Funeral Of ParadisePlanet’s Wallet

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Further to yesterday’s tragic events, Nikkei_Simmer and other members of the Simming community on the EA forum has rallied around the distraught ParadisePlanet to offer comfort upon the tragic death of his wallet – nobly sacrificed in the name of The One True Game.

For 06Bon06, this was not a death, a time of sorry, but a transformation to a higher plane.

Nickibitsward empathised as one whom had been in a similar situation recently.

CravenLestat stepped in with a beautiful benediction, reflecting upon the paradise that is to come, that is within all our grasp, if only we have faith. Faith in the One True Game.

Charlottesmom was as moved as we were too by CravenLestat’s .

And we hope that you too have found inspiration and your spirits uplifted by your fellow Simmers. Trust in Sims 3, and you shall be saved.

Unlike your bank account!


AbellaKellaher Is Finding It Not Even Murder On The Dance Floor

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She can’t dance and she talk, the only thing about her is the way she walks down the aisle.

If anyone can help her out, here’s where to go!

Nightwalker Makes Cororon’s Wednesday With An Eponymous New Hair

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As we speak, the ‘re-texturing’ scum will be busy to be the first to come out with their pirated crap, but those who have enough self-respect to download original hairs from original custom content makers will be pleased to learn that Nightwalker has done it yet again with these superb pigtails/braids/whatever you call them in your area of the world.


The Simmer who was first to pass congratulations is one whose Simself has a bit of a predilection for pigtails at times…

We’d have thought she’d have been in the nearest pub with the rest of half of Turnip Viking Land tonight after they stuffed the Taco munchers in the World Cup while ‘the Master Race’ crashed out in hilarious fashion to the nice half of the Three Kingdoms, but the call of a new piece of custom content is irresistible to the hardened Simmer, of course.

FreakZhio’s Going To PCs As Igazor And Phoebebebe13 Share A Moment Of Déjà Vu

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It’s time boys and girls for that annual EA forum event – FreakZhio makes a post asking about computers.

And like last time, it is Igazor whom answers:

And also like last time, followed immediately by Phoebebebe13!