MKSizzle’s Grizzly Pics

We appear to have a new player in town.

Joined on 30th June, and Lisasc360 was getting her claws in from the off, acting as if she’s in charge of the place.

Small tip, shit-for-brains. You want to start that act, you need to go buying lots of friends in the gifting section like Blunote00 and Alexurt did – oh, that’s right, you haven’t the purse to do so – and even if you did there’s no guarantee of success as Jimmysnan found out.

Simmers will always look up only to those who do not buy their respect but earn it by their deeds, not dimes. Ask Igazor, Rflong7/13, etc. for details.

But back to this MKSizzle, and she’s been taking pictures:

Erm … lovely.

By any chance, was one of these two the father?


Deshong04 had some pics of their own.

We wondered where Merida from Brave had been getting up to of late.

Question is SimplyJen-Simasaurus09 is inspired to do what – MKSizzle’s pictures are more likely to inspire us to get our eyebrows threaded!


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