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MustLuvCatz On The Nomenclature Of Custom Content Creators

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For once, an interesting discussion on Sim Secret.

Now there’s a conundrum, and MustLuvCatz had the best stab at it:

Sounds fair enough.

If you make and post for download your own meshes, you are a mesher.

If you build lots and post for download, you are a builder.

If you create worlds with CAW and post for download, you have the patience of a million saints are a world creator.

If you make ‘retextures’ of hairs other people released only hours to a week ago and post for download, you are a wanker.


Alecsaycool Helping Your Simmies Find Their Inner Eighties Cop Show Prostitute This Summer

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Yes, we know it’s copied from some Z-list celebrity (supposedly), but all the same…


Do the people who come up with this crap know what happens when you put platform soles in CAS, never mind their game?

They don’t care, because in all probability the unfortunate Simmie wearing this tacky crap will be lying on their back or on all fours anyway at the behest of the users of certain mods.

It gets worse:

Ah, nipple emphasisers. How very Katy Perry.

What the hell is that outfit meant to be anyway? Something from some eighties cop show streetwalker? ‘Hey sweetie, wanna party?’


Apparantly this was inspired by the video for a song called ‘Chun-Li’ by someone called Nicki Minaj (who comes from the same area of the world as Rud3bwoy – which explains a lot). Strange, both of us watched it and neither of us could see the alleged outfits anywhere. Oh well.

Don’t bother going to listen to it on YouTube: it’s derivative stock computer drum beats to some Neanderthal wasting five minutes of your life going on about how the sun shines out of her arse.

Or at least we think that’s what’s she’s saying…

‘I went and copped the chopsticks. Put it in my bun just to pop shit. I’m always in the top shit. Box seats bitch, fuck the gossip.’


A five year old banging a biscuit tin lid in random time on their head sounds about the same.

Incidentally, funny how those screaming ‘cultural appropriation’ thrice before cockcrow haven’t said anything about the Oriental culture borrowings of this stupid song and even stupider video – right down to the preposterous ‘ching chong ching chong’ Cartman in South Park accent. Come back Hammer Horror’s Christopher Lee’s Fu Manchu movies, all is forgiven.

But back to the more on-topic crap. This Alecsaycool appears to have a bit of a history for producing tasteless junk, always for female Simmies and always – though we’re loathe to use the term – objectifying women, especially if they happen to be black.

Maybe it’s a trans-Atlantic cultural thing, but if you tried wearing any of that shit even in the likes of Brixton, Soho or Camden where anything goes (usually badly coordinated…), people would cringe.

Yet it appears all you have to do in the Dumblr sphere is tack on the phrase ‘urban’ (well, you’d not get very far in the countryside trying to walk across a field or doing any hillwalking in those bloody prostiboots would you!) and you’re exempt from the rules the Social Justice Warrior neo-Puritans do their best to inflict on everyone else’s custom content creation. What gives?

It would be depressing, except for there being plenty of other decent Sims 3 clothes makers out there, and a handful of morons making tasteless shit for what we suspect is non-gaming purposes entirely doesn’t change that.