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TobasiHD Looking For A Gay Old Time (Or Is Sindocat Merely Trolling?)

Posted in Uncategorized on July 7, 2018 by themaresnest

You know, when someone new appears on the EA forum, in Gay Pride Month, and immediately starts asking about gay sex – and necros a thread which was the subject of a mini-flame war in the distant past (Innuendo and MinDtriKz for one, SimKeats and Sindocat for two) – we get a touch suspicious.

Even more suspicious is seeing Sindocat coming steaming into the thread – the only one who bothered to do so after Igazor answered it with what looked suspiciously like a picture which even it pixelated may draw the ire of the Simgurus and therefore drama drama drama in the pending tray.

You see, back in December 2015, SimKeats objected to this thread being necro’ed yet again, as well as stating her own uncontentious position of allowing the Simmies to do their own thing rather than dictating what way they swung.

A mere sixteen posts later, a holier-than-thou Sindocat started trying to pick a fight with one of the least argumentative members of the EA forum – with a huge bundle of getting gay screenshots (heaven forbid anyone suggest this was in the hope SimKeats would find them ‘offensive’):

The real jawdropper in all this attempt to play the political correctness card is right at the end, this arseturnip says ‘Even his dog can tell.’

Tell what? That the guy is a fairy. Erm, a Simmie being a fairy in game has zero to do with their sexuality.

If however Sindocat is using one of the life states as some sort of metaphor for their Simmies homosexuality …. cheeses tapdancing tripes, if SimKeats (or anyone else) had done that Sindocat would have been screaming homophobia like their arse was being blowtorched!

Certainly SimKeats was right to call them out for deliberately trying to cause drama with her usual grace.

Which wasn’t received well by Sindocat.

Oooooo, did you mince away from your computer as well after posting that bitchiness, you fucking stereotype?

What the hell is wrong with otherwise good posters that the moment the ‘gay’ topic comes up, they lose the plot?

Or rather, they treat it as an excuse to lose the plot, start looking for the slightest pretext to take offence and once achieved start acting like the worst divas this side of a RuPaul reality TV show or Carmelita Spats from A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

For crying out loud, being gay is not – repeat, not – a bloody golden ticket from Willy Wonka to behave like a wally wanker!

Same goes for every other special interest group claiming victimhood status from dawn to dusk. You want to know how a douchebag like Trump ended up in the White House, it’s bumnuggetry like this going down enticing the equally infantile and selfish to back whoever they knew was going to piss you lot off the most. Great going, Stupid Collective! Thanks all of you for helping the US of A to jump the shark!

Okay, rant over, no we don’t feel better.


With regard to the rules, posting in old discussions and necroing threads has been a bone of contention since the end of the first full year of the EA forum! The official rule last updated by Simguru Drake (forgotten her already? Couldn’t blame you!) said it meant any thread last posting in two years prior, but in practice any thread moribund for as little as six months attracts their ire.

For example:

Revived after eight months, closed by EA_Lanna.

So SimKeats objecting to a thread being revived after a year and seven months of inactivity rather than starting a fresh topic was perfectly justified in keeping with the daily practices of the Simgurus – insofar as any consistency to their practices can be gleaned.

Anyway, with our suspicion Sindocat are hoping to start some more drama on this thread, our advice is stay clear.