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King_of_Simcity7’s Summer Fun Thread (Just Don’t Ask Teen_Wolf1999 Theirs!)

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Isn’t it just typical of him?

Always trying to impress his peers with his piers.

Or is it trying to impress his piers with his peers?

Let’s move away from such piercing analysis as Coco’s poor Simmies find life’s a beach:

For Bekkasan it’s always summer however for much the same reason it is for those Simmers living on the equator…

Stop showing off – bloody extreme ironing mod!

Amphora sees it more as an opportunity to get in some quality family time:

‘…my family of alien/merman hybrids…’

Let’s guess – they live in Camden Town and read The Guardian, right? And drink cappuchinos. Made from soy milk.

PalmArrow meanwhile has been making a more productive use of the summer.

Hmmm, what was the exam in? Loudshirtology? Psychedelicsaritography?

TadOlson meanwhile was showing an even more practical use of TadOlson’s Simmies’ time in TadOlson’s game.

‘This isn’t a normal fishing pond’ – so what is it? An M&S fishing pond?

No. TadOlson’s Simmies have caught fish and put them in TadOlson’s pool so they can catch them out of TadOlson’s pool instead.


TadOlson’s Simmies catch fish and put them in TadOlson’s pool so they can catch them out of TadOlson’s pool instead because TadOlson is … TadOlson.

Let’s face it, it makes about as much sense as anything else TadOlson’s ever told us over the years!

IreneSwift’s Simmies appear to be the only one’s not splish-splashing around to some degree, since they live in a mobile park and the idea of taking a free taxi ride to a body of water is beyond them.

The nearest these poor children get to a beach is a sandpit. Which serves them right, the poor pieces of shit!


Puzzleaddict meanwhile has decided to make the most radical summer fashion statement since the days of Onion Rotten and the recently returned Figwit:

All whilst creating the Holy Sacrament of Nectar. We hope he washed his feet beforehand.

Teenwolf_1999 however took matters far too far…

‘Sitting, chatting, beating each other’s plum…