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The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Simmies

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And it’s more questions from MKSizzle:

‘I have signed up a couple of my children for after school ballet classes but nothing comes of it. Is there supposed to? I have read in places that they are supposed to gain the ballet skill but I’m not seeing anything like that.’

Who said this game is unrealistic? See also sending kids to all other classes in real life at hideous tuition fee expense only to discover they have all the talent and skill of a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ contestant and they’re less the next Rudolf Nureyev and more somewhere between Rudolf Hess and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

For once, Igazor was battu to the penché by KhemKat19:

No surprise that Sunset Studios came up in the conversation!

Both Coco and Igazor pointed out it has virtues beyond merely the hidden Ballet skill:

Hey Mares, if what Igazor is saying is true about helping step on others toes less often, maybe you should both take up ballet?

Shaddup, Lauryl!

And what the plumbobs is Amphora up to?


Who the plumbobs is that? Dan Fawcett from The Birds ‘ daughter?

Or is this her pitch for a new series of a failing favourite?

Well done to IreneSwift for a beautifully put breakdown of what it takes to succeed at the barre without being driven to the bar!

But as Jillbg illustrated…

… there are other unexpected risks to the art from an unappreciative audience simply not feline the muse…