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JKTee511’s Game For A Name (And There’s A Moose Loose About JoAnne65’s Hoose!)

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It’s a rare sight these days spotting JKTee511 outside of the Stories and Legacies section with whatever competition he’s involved in with TurnerSims, Twiddle3, M13Vulpecula, Haylo Husky, Alleenmens, etc; but he wanted to share the following with those in General Discussion:

Candy Bar. Hmmm, name sounds dubious – we hope you don’t have some mod which puts hookers or Cam Whores in the game, young man!


IreneSwift was able to offer an explanation:

So the name is linked to their profession. In which case we’re even more certain that it happens to be the oldest one!

It was familiar to Coco however:

We bet she did!


CravenLestat added a few more punning on the job examples but without an explanation for Candy Bar – thankfully!

As for Emily4331…

… Brain Hooker – Brain Hooker is it?

And speaking of hookers, what the blue plumbobs are you doing dressed up like that in your avatar?


Thankfully, this den of iniquity was rescued by JoAnne65:

It Disney surprise us she’s having a PollySim moment to her game when there’s a moose loose about her hoose.


For those of you not getting the cultural significance, one of the earliest hits of rock ‘n’ roll was Lord Rockingham’s XI (the backing band from the ‘Oh Boy!’ TV show which launched the careers of Cliff Richard and The Shadows, )  ‘Hoots Mon! There’s A Moose Loose About This Hoose!’ – which enjoyed a bizarre chart revival after being used in a wine gums advert. Bizarrely, they were also responsible for the string arrangement on Nick Drake’s eerie ‘River Man’ ten years later (and which, in turn, enjoyed its own creepy revival).

But we digress.

At least Igazor got it – he must be part Canadian at least, in order to know what it’s all aboot!


Don’t Be In A Rush To Mesh, Nikkei_Simmer! Quartermaster ESkippy May Have It Covered

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Over on Nikkei Simmer Sims, the Kraftdinnerlander behind the Mushroom Cloud Chronicles has found a piece of military equipment his game still requires.

Yes, we found that one hard to believe as well.

Erm, is this what you are looking for regarding helmets?

This comes from ESkippy’s Assassim’s Creed Creations, long abandoned, but the download links appear still good (He was known as Ethanvr on the EA forum).

As per usual with Dumblr (and one of the reasons we hate it so much), the writing is like the small print on anything bought from Apple, even worse when there’s a background blurring out much of the writing anyway.

Hence why we have reprinted it highlighted, so you don’t have to – and don’t have to put money in your swear boxes at the same time. We are The Mare’s Nest and we care about your spiritual and moral welfare, muthafukkas.

For handguns, well CloudwalkerNZ virtually cornered that market back in 2011 with this set:

There’s also the following stuff first uploaded in August 2014 from Black-Le (or whatever the plumbob they’re called), but we advise caution.

Not only are they another of those bumnuggets insisting on inflicting their music on you automatically (slowing down pages loading up and pissing Simmers off – you are not, repeat not, going to make new fans for your favourites by trying to force feed your funk on the rest of us).

Second, you have to go to a separate site altogether to do the downloading – here. Then press the tab marked Gun Set – no outside linking possible, which makes us think having decent adblockers will be a good idea when heading out there.

That said, the stuff is as good as it looks – although the RPG-7 (incorrectly labelled here are an RE6 – only Grand Theft Auto and the Resident Evil series’ incorrectly label it as such) loses a little detail in CAS, never mind the game, it’s still a mile better than CloudwalkerNZ’s horrendous version, which looks like something from Toys ‘R’ Us (RIP).

Happy maiming!


Will Porkahontas Bring Home The Bacon? Or Is It All A Pig In A Poke

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We were pork scratching our heads over this one!

Aren’t Natalie Dormer Simalikes out of fashion since she got dissolved in wildfire in Game Of Thrones?

Hey, if that joke’s good enough for the New York Magazine, it’s good enough for us!


Anyway, KatNip had far worse:

Oh, you swine!