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The Taffers Are Airing Their Golden Plumbobs Again

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2018 by themaresnest

Yep, seems like forever since the last one, but with the death of Black Pearl Sims, the torch for having the most elongated forum awards Simmers actually bother voting for now passes to the thirteen year old Boolprop Fight The Addiction False, which is hardly surprising considering it’s got so many of the surviving Sims 2 story writers – or at least the surviving Sims 2 story writers who don’t want to fuck wolves whilst pretending to be cats (that’s what Live Journal’s for after all) – let alone Sims 3 and Sims 4 ones.

In order to save space, here’s a list of just the Sims 3 nominees.

Griffindork we recognise from the Dysfunkshinul Legacy which was a good source for pic raiding for LOLSims (something else we need time to get around to updating!) but one trouble with following these damned things is the number of Taffers that have changed their names several times over the years such as Ani-Mei (was Animeangel1983) and Thaitanic (was plain old Thai and before that TaintedColours) although we recognise Seera who has been in with the bricks along with Keika (she who wanted a mod for getting pregnant if you ate cake!) and Pony.

For the Completed Stories section, we think it’s safe to say that Taffer Rad’s Simming days are over, with her blog and Tumblr dead for three years, and having written a novel last year (largely by voice due to chronic pain in both her arms, it appears the Simming world’s very own academic has dropped her plumbob.


Another year goes by incidentally without Rflong7/13 attracting a single nomination in any of the awards – boo!

We mean, a Best Architect award without our Becca in it?

Taffers, have you saw the Supernatural Island she did last year in conjunction with Hidehi? A complete and utter compendium of everything good about every expansion pack planked into one masterpiece?


Oh well.

We’d check what Cororon’s story was about, but with a name like ‘Mike Malone – The Dirty Cop’ perhaps it’s best that we don’t!


It’s a Scandinavian thing, folks. This is what they have their cops wearing in the summer when the weather gets too hot…

By a strange turn of fate, crime rates shoot up by 10000% over the summer period over there, most of the offenders being women and male homosexuals, and equally bizarrely there’s also a near 100% correlation of these offenders all claiming they have hidden weapons on them, with half of those claiming the need for a full cavities search, half of those in turn saying they have KY Jelly if that helped the police with their enquiries, and half of those being members of the Skandinavisk Samhälle för Obotlig Nymfomaner who said they’d brought along their own furry handcuffs.

As for the award Thai and Livvielove are up for…

We don’t know, we don’t want to know, and it all probability there ought to be a NSFW proviso to it!