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Saucer Of Cream For Nikkei_Simmer, Please (And Stronger Medication For Ourselves!)

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Although this all said, there has been worrying signs…

Dangerous paths you are walking.

It starts with Pancake Bob.

Then it progresses to thinking that early synthesis music wasn’t all predictable and derivative.

Then to thinking Robin Williams was quite a deep and meaningful guy and not some bozo-klutz comedian going through a late middle age Jerry Lewis wanting to be taken seriously as an artist ‘disappear up one’s own arse’ phase.

Before you know it, your brain has deceded from both that the next course of appropriate action is to take you to YouTube and play this:

Vangelis is Pancake Bob, Jon Anderson is what Robin Williams would become.

This song was written in the hope someone was about to do The Lord Of The Rings In Outer Space and needed a theme tune for it.

Or a Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars crossover fan fiction.

Don’t laugh too loud, that stuff actually does exist.


‘Darth Vadar has seen a lot in the Lego Universe…’

There is such a concept as Lego characters which are ‘canon’. Our world is truly doomed.

Ah come on, we’ve got a point why did so many of the bloody Prog rock bands all have people in them that looked like they ought to have been in a bloody Hobbit movie. Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Geddy Lee, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel … – we rest our case!

By the way, nothing wrong with Yes, or Jon and Vangelis – merely Jon Anderson was so f**king pseudo-intellectually smug you could be forgiven for thinking Hermione Granger was the bastard offspring of him and Kate Bush, after one wild night together after talking about their Eastern philosophical spiritual gurus, agreeing with what each other said because neither knew what the other was talking about – because neither knew what they were talking about, they were making it all up trying to look learned rather than posy middle England wankers while high on plumbob knows what….

See, that’s that one explained as well, Potter fans!

And we bet the bastards just had to do it Tantric, didn’t they?

Er, weren’t we talking about Nikkei_Simmer’s blog?

Oh yeah, things at the Mushroom Cloud Chronicles have been hotting up, with everyone trying to get in on the action.

‘Sorry sir, but you can’t get in the bunker without a tie.’

‘We’re sorry, but these are the house rules – even if you are wearing a smoking jacket, a very smoking jacket…’

Never knew FuryRed wore glasses!