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Searching For That Happy Home For Your Kraftdinnerland Simmers

Posted in Uncategorized on July 18, 2018 by themaresnest

Now here’s something that we’re surprised no one has thought of doing – devising a proper Canadian styled Simming world:

Yes, there is that Vancouver knock off, but that’s cheating. Building a place which is a cardboard cut out isn’t the same as creating one where by the way the land is sculpted and the buildings created so that you immediately get the feel of a place.

For example Cladbridge-On-Stowe screams England, and nothing quite says Africa in the raw like Nilxis’ Ziwa Bonde – or for that matter Scandinavia and the Arctic like his Saaqartoq.

But the Vancouver knock off has kept Ilikethesims30 happy, so job done we suppose – although we still think there’s a place for a Canadian specific world, where we can all shove in the Simselves of Nikkei_Simmer, Twallan, MadameLee, Bookygirl, LadyEmilye, Velcroshoes, Taffer Rhea, Bobert, HarleyQuinn (the original one, not that ex-TSC paedo apologist…), Bennsyd, etc – then watch the chaos ensure!


TadOlson had another suggestion:

One small problem – Riverview looks nothing remotely like Canada. Apart from there being a loony living in a bunker!