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Some Simmers Needs To Take A Good Look At Themselves After The Last Few Days

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Well that wasn’t fun.

Whilst we were writing up a review of Boroughburg (inbetween dealing with a certain business with the Welsh police) all hell was breaking loose across Dumblr, Twofacedbook and even Twitter over it being apparently the greatest threat to western civilisation since Al Quida and Monsanto Milk.

Tsch! Knew it was all too good to be true, eh? This is why we can’t have nice things!

Okay, serious faces time – we are mega-pissed off with certain sections of the Simming community, who have disgraced themselves over the last twenty four hours.

Despite the fact it had been clearly established that the claims about Potato Ballad Sims’ Boroughburg were without any foundation, Geminiagre persisted in milking the subject on the EA forum and on her Twitter blog:

And where is your proof that any of these alleged incidents happened?

The ‘numerous reports of it having issues with malware’? The telling of people to drink bleach because they complained about it? These fifteen people who were banned – who?

You do know that Facebook has dreadful issues in its groups with sock-puppeting, don’t you? On Sunday you were saying that people’s antivirus software were being alerted. Again, who?

You really, really went to town on this – and all without a shred of evidence to back up any of it. Not one bit. All hearsay and conjecture.

Seriously Geminiagre, don’t you feel even slightly ashamed by any of this? You’re long enough in this community to know better, and have previous for only seeing the parts of the story which suit you and getting it wrong as a result.

You’re not even involved in the Sims 3 community any more (same as Sharkloverplayer) – so what’s the drill? Doing a ‘saviour of the forum’ routine to impress the Simgurus because you’ve applied for a job with them lately?

As if there wasn’t enough madness, the little bastard behind all this, Cutieje turned up pleading her innocence and it was all everyone else’s fault.

Just to give you all some identification, this is one Jessica Miller – this is the person on Twitter who Geminiagre was devouring whatever crap she was spoonfeeding her – including linking to a vicious and completely fraudulent review the evil little sod had posted up on YouTube with one of her mates.

The video may now have been scrubbed after numerous YouTube complaints, unfortunately for Cutieje/Jessica Miller, that site’s scrapers are a bit slower on the uptake, and the residue of the offending video’s existence is still up.

She even had the cheek of accusing others of perpetuating the business when she came onto the EA forum she’s seldom bothered with in nine years of membership to do just that – prompted by Geminiagre’s refusal to accept cold facts in the face.

As for the antivirus software flagging claims from ‘numerous people’, here is the sum total of it, again from that wretched Facebook group:

She has heard it’s laced with a lot of viruses. Heard. See the difference between having and hearsay?

Also notice she was shot down at once for it by others, and not by that Tyler Cranmer whose boorish moderating exacerbated the situation? Funny how that part was omitted by the tale tellers.

Perhaps had some of those bothered doing a bit of checking into this character, they might not have been to quick to believe her:

Yeah, because someone who idolises someone who committed mass murder with his cult because he wanted to be famous (and claimed it was all the fault of the Beatles’ song ‘Helter Skelter’) is a trustworthy, reliable source.


Hats off to Pary who tore well deserved strips off those idiots on the EA forum still trying to fan the flames even after the whole business had been conclusively proven to be a hoax.

Thank the plumbobs one of the World Explorers had their finger on the case – getting equally stuck in over on Dumblr, although by this time Potato Ballad Sims (not surprisingly annoyed…) had taken action to put a stop to Cutieje and her mates’ bumnuggetry – those very grateful Simmers enjoying the game rallying to give the best recommendation any custom content creator can give, positive feedback.

And finally…

Yeah Becca, but wishing for people to be more helpful is one thing, wishing for people to be willing to be helped however is another matter – as young Gitte2001 pointed out there are some who refuse point blank to accept their computer isn’t up to the job and take being told so as a personal slight.

(Granted, her reference to such PCs as ‘toasters’ didn’t help!)

You know what they say, you can draw a horse to water…

Equally there are some whose attitude is ‘if I can’t enjoy it, no one should be able to’, and will happily say any crap to put people off or spoil it for everyone else. As we’ve said before, the zeitgeist at times is in need of exorcism…

For those of you still believing any of the horror stories, once again we’ve had it on three different computers, using two different brands of subscription internet security software. If the download was any cleaner, you’d think it had been washed in new formula Figwit.

Boroughsburg does not contain (nor will infect you) with Trojans, Spartans, Rabies, Baby Rabies, Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters, Aarin’s Granny Eaters, Daleks, Cybermen, Bill and Bell The Flowerpot Men or whatever else the rumour mill may dream up.

It actually loads and runs faster than some smaller worlds we’ve tried – this urban landscape appears to have been stress tested to destruction.

The only glitch we’ve spotted – and one we’d rather not see removed – is when a Simmie turns the corner from Badford Avenue into Broadway, occasionally they walk around in a little circle (like a pavement loop-the-loop) before going down the road.

Maybe it’s a Broadway thing. Maybe it was simply because it was a Rory Gilmore Simmie (nah, that’s more the kind of thing her mum Lorelei would have done).

Whatever the case, again we say that as far as Boroughsburg is concerned – download, install, and enjoy the awesome in confidence.

Word Back From The Police Regarding Roman2886

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Just to put matters into context, we got word back yesterday regarding that business with the Simmer with Aspergers putting himself at risk with his internet antics (and complete lack of any sort of evident training or supervision).

We sent them a reply saying we were fine with this so long as it remained within the force and the others included in the original email.

For the benefit of the cynics (hello Charlottesmom!):

Certain sensitive material blacked out, of course.

(Afraid you’re not getting to see the e-mail we sent to the four addresses concerned in the first place, as certain other matters on the same topic were addressed, shall we say – along with a certain other individual they may desire to get in touch with…)

By way of peaking one another’s interest, we’d included in the e-mail the charity Roman2886’s is meant to be a ‘champion’ for, the National Autistic Society (whom handle much of the internet safety training matters for most governmental organisations and charities) plus the local MP – the latter to whom we suggested they raise the matter of inadequate internet safety training to vulnerable adults with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism.

However, as he got himself into bother last year over accusations of inappropriate use of internet communications, we’re probably unlikely to get any positive response from him on that particular topic – should have checked that one first we suppose!


On the other hand, he does have a positive interest in mental health issues and his seat’s a marginal, so he might go the extra mile on this one. Time will tell…

In the meantime, sighs of relief for us the matter is being properly addressed by the proper channels (hopefully…)

Carry on Simming!