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All Hail The Next Batch Of Pathetic Servile EA Suck Ups (Some People Never Learn – Including The Simgurus!)

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2018 by themaresnest

We touched upon this regarding the false accusations about Boroughsburg, but to put you more in the picture, this is the business we were referring to.

Who is Simguru Kate?

Okay, we didn’t care a rat’s arse either, but we thought it polite to let you know.

So what exactly are ‘game changers’?

Let’s be a little clearer about this. Who do they already have as ‘Game Changers’?

Clare Siobhan (‘I get more hits if I go bug eyed like Laina Overly Attached Girlfriend Morris!’ ) and The English Simmer (whom we’ve dealt with before).

Ah yes, those well known modders, creators game problem helpers, testers, etc. whose names so frequently trip off the tongue in the same vein as those other mighty icons of the Simming ages, the Aarins, Crinricts, Honeywells, Igazors, Liegenschonheits, Nilxiss, Phreakindees, Rflong7/13s, Shimrod101s, TadOlsons Twallans, etc, etc.

Actually, we think there’s a more base reason for their inclusion – and we don’t mean by that without Expansion or Stuff Packs:


In short, these Simmers are merely deniable assets to EA’s Marketing Department.

(And if anyone thinks we’re being objectifying as well as cynical, remember the Camille Campbell affair)

And who did they add to the mix, a few hours after doing her best to help spread some of the worst misinformation in the Simming community in years, and on the official forum as well as Twitter at that?

Somehow they deserve each other, although we could almost have laughed at the timing displaying the usual American lack of knowledge of the world outside of their own front door – what was world headlines elsewhere (Geminiagre’s city and a considerable chunk of Greece being on fire) appeared to have slipped past Simguru Kate’s notice…

… shows how much attention they’ll be paying to their ‘Game Changers’ when you think about it!