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Odds And Ends And Bogong Moths

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We’re a bit busy this weekend over one thing and another, there’s a couple of clues in what we’ve said below.

The National Autistic Society’s now also got in touch, so that’s the business from last week well in hand. As for Boroughsburg, we’ve been discovering one or two things which may come in useful, but more on that perhaps tomorrow.

By the way, for the benefit of those wondering how Potato Ballad Sims felt about our post about Boroughsburg – or rather you are wondering how they felt about our rant before it (we know some of you lot Stateside too well…), here’s their response:

Which just goes to show some Simmers are thicker skinned than others.

Mind you, anyone working with Create A World for any length of time develops the calmness and decorum of a British Colour Sergeant at Rorke’s Drift (or anything else requiring stereotypical stiff upper lips, zinc kneecaps, etc. and a complete and utter failure to accept the fact that they are likely to axe murder their family and neighbours in an EA Glitchy Tool induced rage).

What do you mean, what’s Rorke’s Drift? Don’t you lot watch the classics?


Steam Offers For Sims 3: Hot Stuff Or Hot Air?

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Thought it might be an idea to let you all know about this offer on until the end of the month, some of you may be interested:

If you only have Sims 2 or your first game was the Glitterturd and want to see what Sims 3 is like without having to splash out too much, £3.74, what’s not to like about that?

(Apart from having to run it via Steam, but it’s better than having to run it off Origin. That’s not much of a comparison though – since colonic irrigation is better than having to run anything off Origin).