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Won’t Be Fooled Again (Stick To F**king Over Other Gaming Communities AceFlamingo23/AceOfHeartsXY/SkyscraperFan, etc – You’re FINISHED With Ours)

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Back on Thursday we received the following strange message:


For those requiring station identification, Sims Burn Book was a nasty little Dumblr project started by one Jamey Durrant under various alias primarily after being spurned (in his view) by TurnerSims3, whom we reckoned he had a crush on. The whole business was one heck of a train wreck from a budding onstage diva, and the Simming community proved in time well rid of him.

The person who set up the current Dumblr called Sims Burn Book (the original one was scrubbed in 2013) did so last month, four days after we received that apology letter purporting to be from Pepperbutt.

Now that may have been an immediate cause for suspicion, except that Pepperbutt had dropped out of the Simming community before 2012 was up – as we explained the day after the above was set up, Pepperbutt had nothing left to keep her: her so-called friends having thrown her under the bus to try and save their own hides.

She would not have known about the summer of 2013 ‘Sim Burn Book’ bumnuggetry because as her letter had detailed she’d pressing real life matters. By delaying posting about her letter to us, the setting up of that Dumblr landed themselves in it if they were trying to make it look like it was her whilst pretending not to be her.

In any case, if this was Pepperbutt again, why not simply send another e-mail rather than a Dumblr message? She would have known her original letter had got through for the simple reason it never auto-bounced back as undelivered.

The use of the phrase ‘beef’ was one that Jamey Durrant had previously used, so one could be forgiven for assuming that this was indeed the drama queening unrequitted Valentine of poor old Turner!

However, the ‘booted out of all but two online forums‘ bit refers to AceFlamingo23 aka NashvilleKittens aka AceofHeartsXY aka Comedian14 aka TheCocoaBeans1 aka Flamethrower31 aka SkyscraperFan, etc, etc – who had nothing whatsoever to do with either Sims Burn Book or Simmering Sims (or for that matter Simomania afterwards).

He was however previously connected to Jarsie9 via another online forum: as previously mentioned, he played a lot of games, and trolled a lot of gaming forums – just like Jarsie9.

For those who have forgotten, Jarsie9 is the teller of such hilarious jokes such as telling a fifteen year old girl she was going to make her cry.

(Lest we forget: Jarsie9/Momthing to Little-Amy98: ‘And oh, by the way….I guarantee you I can make you cry without once violating the terms of service.’)

Only he would be stupid enough to still be trying to make excuses for her after that happened.

But we digress.

The next day (having failed to get a response from us), we received another message.

Tipping towards Skyscraperfan – or just a trying-to-be-clever ruse?

There is one small other matter to consider – Skyscraperfan’s past habit of getting completely mixed up regarding Simming community past events, largely because he’s not interested in anything where he’s not the centre of attention.

There’s no way anyone would defend both Jarsie9 and Faith12368 regarding the Simmering Sims affair – bad blood and all that. Jarsie9’s homophobic rantings in the EA forum during the summer of 2013 and elsewhere was a primary reason behind the gay drama queens and bizarre sexual deviants of Simmering Sims leaving her behind when they went to start Simomania (and hence Jarsie9’s cat calling of them thereafter).

It would also not have endeared her to the closet banging KawaiiDulce, whatever his public pronouncements.

Unlike MadameLee and certain others, Jarsie9 couldn’t keep her prejudices to herself if there were Giftings being put at risk (besides which, as was earlier revealed, she was pirating EA Store content from an outside website and didn’t need anyone gifting her).


Those of you unfamiliar with Skyscraperfan need a reminder that he was the same moron who managed to alienate virtually every last apologist he ever had on the EA forum and elsewhere with his behaviour.

He even managed to piss off Phreakindee of Lazy Game Reviews by trolling him and getting blocked from his YouTube.

TheCocoaBeans1 being another of his alias that he would deny later thrice before cockcrow despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Good luck to his current girlfriend Kayla aka jCasanova at Kreatious (apparantly majoring in Accountancy – yeah, really restores our faith in future American economics that does when she’s dating the likes of that!) by the way, as she’s going to need it.

We do trust that the other half of the Ace & Kayla Kreatious Cast (Ace & Kayla Kreatious Podcast) over on Soundcloud (where he posts his dronings in his metallic marshmallows stuffed up both nostrils voice – Paarthurnax material he ain’t!) has been told about his little problem of being booted out of forums not only for trolling but for being a racist?

There may be a little problem there, you see…


Normally we wouldn’t post some troll’s ugly mug, but in this case we’ve a bit of a responsibility to let the one on the left know about her besties’ less than distant past considering he thinks race baiting is kewl and edgy which could result in real life consequences.


What’s that Ace?

You didn’t think we’d ever double check to see if you were back over at Kreatious and would simply assume that they would actually have kept their word and kept your sorry freaking ass banned forever?

Listen bumnugget, we don’t take anything for granted – except that some people never learn.

And thanks for the confirmation from yourself that AceofHeartsXY and AceFlamingo23 are one and the same after all these years of denying it over and over and over again.

And in case he’s hoping that people won’t be able to read that sky blue name on that sky blue forum background and he’ll be safe, don’t worry Ace, we’ve got that covered with the wonders of hue change!


It’s very useful when you want to make absolutely sure who is the sort of waste of space coming out with stuff like this:

‘If I adopted a kid they would be the greatest troll on the internet by the time they were 8. If I was the government that’s the kind of future I’d want for foster children.’ – Posted Tuesday 10th April 2018 on Kreatious by AceFlamingo23 aka NashvilleKittens aka AceofHeartsXY aka Comedian14 aka TheCocoaBeans1 aka Flamethrower31, etc, etc.

No further comment required.

You’ve been banned from forum after forum, with Kreatious in particular giving you ‘final’ bans a ridiculous number of times, only to let you back in again no matter how many people your shitty behaviour drives away from their forum and servers.

And then they wonder why they are having problems getting players to join them and new players to stay?

Guess what kiddiewinks – most Minecraft players simply don’t bother reporting griefers and trolls when they are spoilt for choice for servers, they simply log off and join any one of the thousands of others.

After getting your fingers burned countless times on Ace’s selfish tormenting of other players just wanting to have fun in what little free time they have, if you are still prepared to forgive him once more despite all you said two years ago Kreatious Minecrafters, then you should not be in the least surprised that all you have left to justify your existence is to turn the server into a free for all for whoever is still stupid enough to help pay the bills.

For this is the reason kiddiewinks they keep forgiving him. No matter how many extra accounts he runs up.

No matter how many times he mocks openly their turning of a blind eye.

No matter what the sob stories in complete contradiction of the known facts.

Get a load of this!

‘I was depressed’, ‘I have mental issues’, ‘my biorhythms were out of sync’, ‘my scar was hurting because Voldemort had risen again and reformed Midnight Oil’, ‘It’s not my fault that i’m so evil, It’s society, society, my parents were sometimes abusive, and it made a prick of me, but I can change, I can change! I can learn to keep my promises I know it, I’ll open up my heart and I will show it,’ etc, etc, etc.


Even after this from Icefang113 back in the summer of 2016, they are still willing to go along with the pretense of letting back in someone who never left in the first place?

How mentally f**ked up is this?

And why?

Because now he’s paying the server bills – what you would have found plenty enough members to do had he not been driving them away with his shitty behaviour to begin with!

Good going stupid! You’ve got yourselves in a position where he’s getting to call all the shots – you do all the work setting up and running the show, he gets to behave however he likes (along with his besties and extra sockpuppet accounts!) and you’ve just got to take it because he’s paying a big chunk of the bills.

Can we make a recommendation to you?

Since you are openly prostituting yourselves to this little creep, remember to put plenty of it on when he’s riding your lot so hard you’ll think you’re doing the final furlong of the Kentucky Derby!


Well thanks to you, this freaking sociopath thinks he’s perfectly entitled to keep messing people about, so long as he pretends to be sorry, so long as he provides a good story, and if all else fails, he can buy his way out of trouble, has decided to try his luck again with the Simming community – starting with us.

We are not as stupid, least of all when that arseturnip has been posting the same old gibberish for almost a decade right up to Friday night just past:

You’re not sorry for any of the past things you’ve done, the people you’ve pissed off, the fun of theirs you have ruined. Go wear a nappy on your face AceFlamingo23-Skyscraperfan to catch all the shit that comes out of your mouth, you narcissistic sociopath.

Whatever your stories, whatever your new excuses they’re no different from the old excuses, and if the rest of the world wants to give you more chances than a Monopoly addict they’ll deserve everything they get.

Fancy yourself as an online DJ?

Here’s a song for you whilst you do everyone a favour and go f**k yourself, you twisted little creep. All you are ever capable of doing – and ever will be capable of doing – is using people for your own sick little power games. Crawl back to Kreatious – you’re done here.