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A Better Hair Day Than The Base Game Offers Thanks To S-Club

Posted in Uncategorized on July 30, 2018 by themaresnest

You all know that straight long hair from the Sims 3 base game which would be okay if it didn’t make your Simmie look like they iron their hair (and their head with it)?

Thanks to S-Club over at The Sims Resource, there’s now an adequate replacement – or alternative, depending on your viewpoint (there have been others, but often more trouble than they’ve been worth).

Unlike so many others who photoshop and pose box the living daylights out of their custom content (‘get the best sides dear, every download gets me Adfly points!’), what you see with S-Club is what you get. Although she’s now making stuff for the Glitterturd, she’s not sold her immortal Simming soul and still makes Sims 3 goodies.

Of course, you could wait for some piece of shit to ‘retexture’ it – but in all honesty, what is there to retexture? Stop kidding yourself, get the original and stop avoiding perfectly good custom content for ‘ideological’ reasons.

So for those of you in the mood for a downloading spree for hairs, here’s where to go.