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Dead Simguru Walking Is Now Dead Simguru – Simguru Kate Olstead Finally Goes

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Bloody Hell, Theresa May AND Simguru Kate Olstead jumping before they were pushed all in one week?

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened…. yes we’re smiling because it happened – your useless ass finally getting the f**k out.

Your arrogance, you stinking attitude, your lack of any remorse for your appalling behaviour over a paedophile abusing an EA sponsored position to proposition children which you did your best to sweep under the carpet – nothing could make us more delighted to see the back of you.

The EA Game Changers scum will shed studied tears, before running off to suck up to your replacement.

Meanwhile, Lyndsey Pearson and the rest of the Simgurus will keep lying and lying and lying to their customers.

Just like they lied about you moving departments. Exactly six weeks to the day it was announced, you just happened to be leaving.

We’ll call what really happened for what it is – you were serving out your notice period, based on your length of service.

Even gone, the arrogance remains – putting up a ludicrous list of rules for anyone interacting with you.


Neither does sticking a few token gay flags in the search for brownie points impress us.

Parting is such sweet bloody brilliant – don’t let the door hit your useless arse on the way out.

And Now Here’s Wibs With The BBC Bank Holiday Weather Forecast

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Pary Reveals What’s In A Name

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We’ll be honest, we thought Pary was something to do with swordplay or hand held weaponry in general.

Hence why we had her being the first to show an interesting new use for an everyday mundane kitchen utensil


Emily4331 Points Out That RiverBlossom’s Japanese Simmies Are A Chinese Takeaway

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Oh well, it’s easily done – just ask J.K. Rowling about getting Oriental names hopelessly wrong:

Pity for Emily4331 that Riverblossom’s reaction didn’t prove sweet but sour.


What We’ve Been Up To With Rflong7/13’s Horse Head Island

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Just to show you we’re not sitting about picking our noses and scratching our arses where Simming is concerned:

That’s Abade Academy all done up like a dog’s dinner and the inmates residents moved into their new home.

But what’s that northwards in the distance to the right?

Wireless College, their nearest neighbours, with a view from its tower and battlements of the mainland to the south.

For anyone wondering about those wall hangings on the south side of Abade Academy…

… and if you’re wondering who the Nineteen Birds refer to, all will be revealed in good time.


Cororon Shows A Little Scandinavian Simming Solidarity (And Try Saying That After Ten Schnapps!)

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Further to our post about Malisity, Cororon made the following reply:

Is there another video gaming community which can boast enthusiasts lasting the course as long as ours?

Can it boast people hanging on for as long after the last version they liked was released, part in hope of what may come in the future, partly in the previous versions of the game still having a future so long as there’s enthusiasts writing and playing the game?

Mind you, we’re still waiting for Malisity to put a Simming video on that YouTube channel of hers!


Amphora’s Sims 3 Joke Of The Week

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Altogether now…

‘We don’t know, what does happen when a burglar steals into a fortune teller’s house, Amphora?’

We can guess what sort of fortune she was fortelling for him if he didn’t get the hell out of there!