Editoribore (‘Ding Dong, The Maybot’s Dead!)

First of all, apologies for the sluggishness of service lately, but one of us has been through professional exams again (and cursing realising their chosen career means their hopes of exams being behind them after university really were dupes!).

Meanwhile the other half has been spending whatever time they can away from computer screens due to eye problems.

No idea what the cause could be, whether it’s some bloody local farmer growing oilseed rape (it used to be only grown by farmers if their usual crop failed, but now the uses for it are such the buggers are not only growing it all year round, but keeping it before harvesting for longer as it produces stronger oil for biolubricants and shit like that) or the local council planting something weird in their flowerbeds with an unfamiliar pollen, but it’s left your humble narrator feeling most days like someone’s emptied a bucket of sand in both eyes some days, and having to use vaseline of all things to get through the day (along with dissolving codeine).

The result is half a dozen Simming projects, which we need to pick up the threads of again.


Still, at least today’s news has cheered us up enormously:

For three years of breathtaking incompetence, for trying to have the Windrush passengers deported (and make sure your successor at the Home Office got the blame for it), for abusing the parliamentary system in a manner not seen by a sitting Prime Minister for two hundred years, parting is such sweet bloody brilliant.

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