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PalmArrow Is Shooting For Lunar Lakes

Posted in Uncategorized on June 5, 2019 by themaresnest

It’s certainly a unique land – and anything which actually meets with the approval of the perma-cynical Aarin (in that she actually bothered to fix it instead of starting a new map – it’s a Great Knit thing!) can’t be wrong (except maybe her Hands On Neck Foundation…).

The one problem with it is the mountainous region which can be a bugger for anyone viewing the map trying to scroll around. There seems too much lumped into those areas and for story tellers trying to screenshot this could be frustrating.

As Karritz pointed out, a big problem was a lot of futuristic stuff which would have suited this instead had to waited on for the last expansion pack Into The Future – although there was custom content from others such as D&M for all the Science Fiction freaks out there. We actually used a fair old bit of the latter in the last two parts of Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop.