Why Gloating Threads Seldom End Well

We’re glad we waited a day before saying anything about this one, or we’d have been getting the blame for it being closed.

Back at the end of June, the normally sensible Cinebar took complete leave of her senses, and decided that starting a brand new thread on the Sims 4 part of the EA forum, with words to the effect of ‘ha ha ha, your shitty Glitterturd will soon be finished,’ was somehow, in any shape or form, a good idea.

Apparently Donald Trump’s now offered her the role of his new diplomat to Denmark and Greenland.

By the way, this is only a small part of the original post by Cinebar, the remainder of which is being published in ten volumes by George R R Martin whilst they’re waiting for that old fatbeard to get his finger out.

To cut a very long story short, it didn’t go well:


Was it JoAnne65? Good grief, we’ve not exactly sat on the fence when it comes to how we feel about Sims 4, but we can’t blame this Simburian (an old Simmer under a new name) from deciding Cinebar’s no longer worth listening to.

For example: ‘I feel for those who will face adversity and their ideas and beliefs challenged in life, if they have to put people on ignore.’ – that was being a snidey bitch for the sake of being a snidey bitch.

Here’s another:

‘This pack is sold at $40. I want you to think about it.’ – seriously, if that’s the way you talk to people in real life Cinebar when trying to get your point across, it’s a wonder you’re still alive, let alone had the f**k punched repeatedly out of you for being a weapon-grade c**t.

To say we’re disappointed in how Cinebar has turned out over these last few years is putting it mildly. Looks like she thought because that evil old shit Maria Seegar was finished (that’s Jarsie9/Momthing1 to the uninitiated), the EA forum needed a replacement. Jeez, whatever happened to learning from others making arses of themselves?

And to achieve what? Piss off and wind up the very people who they will ultimately need to have onside when the push for Sims 5 does come. Piss off and wind up people who – with due respect – have done more for the Simming community (***cough!*** Writin_Reg ***splutter*** SecurROM/DRM busting) than most? Yep, that’s going to help things!

What makes it worse is the sheer hypocrisy of Cinebar on this matter, someone who was anti-Sims 4 from the off, joined in with those warning it was going to be a disaster

… and then big fat bought it anyway!

There’s ways of getting the point across that everyone benefits if a new version of the Sims series comes out, not least of all as a way of reconnecting what are now three different Simming groups with very little active overlap and making sure they don’t get to lazily regurgitate the old Simming trope in rote, or cynically cut corners under a veneer of political correctness or otherwise:

But as much as Evil_One is correct, so is Writin_Reg in a broader sense that Simmers as a whole are merely playing their games from day to day.

In Reggie’s case of course, it’s down to illness – for your average gamer, it’s a matter of ‘until something more entertaining comes along.’ Remember how Skyrim and GTA V cleaned us out? The Sims series isn’t the only gaming behomoth on the block. Think of all the Simmers over the years that have vanished and never returned. But how many of it was down to being pissed off about a gaming community that never agreed to disagree?

In which case, what the plumbobs was this thread going to achieve – save rubbing other Simmers noses in it for its own sake.

And with a tedious inevitability, it led to this …

… and then this.

Notice that smiley from this EA_Jason, EA’s latest payrolled piece of shit? See how happy they are at getting an excuse to bring discussions about the Sims series to a halt when it doesn’t suit them (ie. are critical).

When are you going to learn?


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