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Farewell To 2019 – Hello Soon To 2020

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Nemiga-Sims’ Simmie Is Having A Hot Time On Their First Day On The Job!

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So Nemiga’s Boroughsburg based Simmie has started a new job:

What was the highlight of his day do you think?

Was it:

1. driving the fire truck?

2. putting out the fire in the lobby?

3. talking to the girl with the biggest kazongas since the days of Allesmere from The Sims Daily (aka The Sims 3 Musketeers)?

4. Driving home after a job well done?

We’ll leave you to decide – but anyone who knows anything about your average fire fighter won’t have any problems in picking the correct answer!


King_Of_Simcity7’s Highlights Thread (We Know One Definite Lowlight!)

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Not too sure about one of your highlights

‘So … Oxygen tart for afters again, eh?’

‘It’s either that or we photosynthesize!’




‘What are you on about? I’ve still got bugger all!’

Jazz-Hands’ Trouble With Eco (Or Should That Be Ego?) Warriors

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Back on Christmas Day (prescheduled from November!), our evil little twin sister posted the full story of their run in with so-called eco-warriors who tried to have their blog post taken down by WordPress under what turned out to be a partially fraudulent DCMA notice.

Ten years as part of The Mare’s Nest however does harden one to bumnuggetry and arseturnipdom in all its forms – but well done to our hosts for telling these arsewipe to go to Hell.

Just heard this evening they’ve had a second more personally threatening one – although they’re treating it as a joke.

Trumpkin’s Causality applies again!


Deniisu’s Dimblr: Your Must Raid For Downloads Place Before 2019’s Out

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Oh this is a treat!

Brilliant beautiful tinted windows.

Wonderful new wands.

… and brooms – all Glitterturd conversions, expertly done by Deniisu, along with a host of other goodies.

Go there and enjoy Deniisu’s brilliant conversions from the latest Glitterturd stuff pack for magic – and take a bow that Simmer for a superb job.


The Good (ish!) EA World Guide (And Welcome Back Lucy_Henley And Budewarmin)

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Lucy was one of the later arrivals to the Sims 3 community – 2011 – and has popped in and out ever since. Now she’s looking for a new world to play in:

And we have of course dealt with Lucky Palms in the past, along with the wonderful Dragon Valley.

Considering Lucy’s lag problems, what was GraceyManor-Springfairy556 thinking of in suggesting Roaring Heights?

More to the point, why chew out KatyFernLily for stating a fancy for custom worlds then praise Satunu_Reeves for doing the same?

Never mind – with Budewarmin (who the Jazz-Hands half remembers from the Bell Trees Forum for Animal Crossing: New Leaf ) also adding to the conversation, a mixture of experiences old and new will hopefully guide another returning Simmer in the right direction.

And remember folks, there’s always Rflong7/13’s custom worlds – no custom content required, no lagging, no problems!


Cloverstardropper’s Simself’s Bloody Wardrobe Malfunction!

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Okay, ten years later and we’d like someone to explain this one.

Why Do EA Store Files Uninstall Themselves When You Bought The Bloody Things From The Store?

For example – Cloverstardropper’s Simself suit:

The official name in the EA Store is ‘Danger Darling’, the actual file name however is afbodyclassmenswear.

Why is it the bloody file keeps uninstalling itself?