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Nikkei_Simmer Thinking About Making The Switch To WordPress?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 1, 2019 by themaresnest

The short and simple answer is that WordPress is very easy to use, with a very small learning curve.

We went for it instead of Blogger way back in 2009 when the accepted norm was having blogs on Blogger, Vox or LiveJournal and WordPress was considered for writers only.

Now WordPress is used by over 30% of the internet, Vox no longer exists and LiveJournal is considered prehistoric.

There’s a new block editor function which may be more the sort of thing those used to other blogging platforms may prefer, but we’ve resolutely stuck to the original editing functions via WP-Admin.

One piece of advice we’re happy to pass on is if reposting pictures, don’t worry about the resizing – WordPress does that automatically for you, and your readers can click on them to expand. But reduce your pictures to a manageable size before uploading them, or you’re using up your free size allowance unnecessarily.

And forget uploading videos. Host them somewhere else and post links to them at your WordPress site.

Hope this helps!


Pending Tray Attention Whore?

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Of course, we’ve been known to be wrong about such things, but when someone starts a thread with a post like this, our instincts roll their eyes skywards.