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It’s Twenty Twenty Taffer Trophy Time: The Golden Plumbobs Are Back

Posted in Uncategorized on January 10, 2020 by themaresnest

As per usual there’s more gongs at this year’s Palmerathon going a-begging than at the Oscars, although at least you don’t have to put up with some celebrity hasbeen as the host who will exploit the opportunity to showcase themselves, in the desperate hope of reviving their career which is even more extinct than a Giant Chinese Paddlefish, usually with some bad taste topical joke.

See what we did there?

But anyway, here’s what on offer of interest to Sims 3 players: of the six categories up so far, only half contain any sort of Sims 3 representation, so bugger the ones without any!

Call us reckless betting types, but we think Bee My Alien by ItsJulie is going to win this one.

The Terminator section is for completed challenges, of interest to you dear readers are the following eligible ones: before you ask, there were certain challenges which were Sims 1, 2, 3 or Glitterturd specific, as well as general challenges which players of any version of The Sims series could enter.

Red arrows in the general section indicates completed with Sims 3.

Ani-Mei (was Animeangel1983) has three spots in here (one Sims 3 and two in general), but so does Teresa and Glitterturder Peachy123uk. 108Sims and Teresa have two.

The observant will notice that no less than five of the general challenges completed were done by those who did the Monster Mash – proof once again that it was a graveyard smash.


Finally (so far) is the Taffer Whisperer challenge, that is for ongoing challenges:

We would like to nominate Glitterturder SarahSims for Taffer Most Needing Throttled for putting the pictures of all her challenges, legacies, etc on a slideshow which takes fifty billion years to download. Whatever happened to posting pictures on your blog in an appropriate size like everyone else – not sticking it on some top heavy widget which makes it difficult for those viewing on computers, let along tablets!


Anyway, will be interesting to see who appears in the remaining categories yet to come up for the vote.