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It’s 2020 And It’s Windows Ten Whether We All Like It Or Not (Oh Yeah, Microsoft Bumnuggets? Think Again!)

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2020 by themaresnest

Nikkei_Simmer is still taking his enforced move to Nanny Windows well:

According to the other half, they’re convinced Windows 10 updates were the inspiration behind Rockstar’s new game launcher (the one which won’t launch any of your games …)

Some like Switch-Cloverstardropper and ourselves are remaining with Windows 7 where possible – for instance Aaelyn

‘ … pretty soon, it will stop being supported.’
Just like Aston Villa and West Ham.
Good point Keiomestre, but we’re still keeping our eye on you sunshine!
The lesser spotted CalvinBruce_uk (natural habitat the wilds of Glendonnach) has been beside himself with anger over it.

♫ Calvin Bruce, Calvin Bruce, riding through the Glen ♪

♪ Calvin Bruce, Calvin Bruce, out till half past ten ♫

♫ Freed of Windows updates, it’s back to his hoose ♪

♪ Calvin Bruce, Calvin Bruce, Calvin Bruce. ♫

No thanks to Taffer Turnip who has just jinxed it for all Windows 10 users with this:

‘I just hope that Microsoft doesn’t come up with an update that breaks the game’

Cororon, really?

From Sweden to Spain as Finvola makes a very rare appearence:

The Jazz-Hands half says they never had any issues with The Sims Medieval once they were forced to switch to Windows 10 – mind you, that was because they bought the name and never installed it when they were on Windows 7!