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Rflong7/13 Shows Cororon Her Massive Ginger Bush

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2020 by themaresnest

Further nonsense on the gingers thread on the EA forum now has Rflong7/13 proving to the Taffer Turnip that she’s an It Girl.


Cousin It from the Addams Family to be precise!

Things got worse as Kynan decided to perv up the anté considerably:

Could have been worse, could have attempted to perv up his Auntie!
Shaddup, Lauryl!

‘Best entry ever!’ ?


We’d rather not read what your preferences are for your favourite places for entry, young man!


The DescargasSims Affair Over At Jazz-Hands

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The other half has discovered the above and is a touch pissed off about it.

Can understand the package merging bit – unfortunately even with the best will in the world you will end up with doublers if you go down the road of merging your own cc anyway.

At least this way you can keep additional cc heavy downloads in a specific folder and should you decide the Lot/World/Sim isn’t what you want, you can bin the lot quickly and easily.

But links? No excuse.

We’ve been ranting about those ‘monetarising’ the Simming hobby since 2013 by sleight of hand, and we’re not going to be changing our minds about this any time soon.

To do so over a download made up entirely of other people’s work takes a special kind of arseturnip however.

For pity’s sake, what is it about some people they think they’ve some God given right online to be douchy and start trying to nickel and dime everyone in inverse proportion to the amount of actual work they’ve done to remotely justify it?