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Twenty Years Of The Sims Series

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Aaeiyn reminded everyone that it was twenty years ago today – no, not Sergeant Pepper!

For Nikkei_Simmer, there’s a certain poignancy as each stage has been marked by a milestone in his life:

Thankfully he never bought Sims 4, or that would have been a millstone in his life!

Personally MKSizzle if our mothers had said it was right up our alley she’d be getting a sack of coal for her next birthday.

No such thing as more years than is healthy when it comes to playing the Sims, Mikezumi!

And now for TheBriamon’s favourite recipes – roast Bettie Newbie!

Sleepster gave a very lengthy account of his history of Simming …

… but, oh, for a bloody paragraph or two!


Whilst King_of_Simcity7 reminisced on his youth and Evalen on becoming a sweet succulent granny …

… Telmarina’s not so sure whether it’s making her feel young or old.

One thing’s for certain in KaeChan2089 – they’re speaking for more Simmers than they’ll probably ever know.


Lord Simlish’s Latest Custom Content Capers Driving Him Batty

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Over at Lord Simlish’s blog, he’s creating The World’s Greatest Detective for your game:

By merging the cape into the costumes, Lord Simlish will allow players to avoid the rigmarole of having to wait for the Accessories part of CAS to load up.

Unfortunately there has been some problems:

For one, they have two Robins.

But it has to be said, the outfits look really good.

And of course there’s already a Batmobile to go with it – one of many:

Will Lord Simlish finish his Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder.

Or will they finish him?

Tune in next update to find out –  same Mare’s time, same Mare’s channel!