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Jillbg’s Simmie Asks ‘Does My Bun Look Big In This?’

November 2, 2015

Some of Jillbg’s Simmies got dressed up for Halloween, one of those however (in the rabbit costume) it seems decided the whole business was a bum steer:  

Will KoumoriDiru And Jed_Bartlet_02 Take The Blogging Plunge (And Will Jillbg Come Back?)

October 23, 2015

A thread started back in August by SteveKareha piqued our interest two months later thanks to the following post… Now veteran Simmer KoumoriDiru has long been one of the more interesting – and more to the point articulate – Simmers on the EA forum, so if they are going to spread their wings that little […]

Jillbg’s Useful List To Make Your Sims 3 Whizz

December 24, 2014

Following on from LaBlue0314’s post a few days back, there’s come a very useful two posts from Jillbg worth reposting here for future reference: Game going slow and tearing your hair out over it? Try following these and see what sort of boost you can get back for your Simming: Yeah, this is all old […]

Looks Like It’s Curtains For JuniperTrees!

September 7, 2018

  Ten out of ten to Simgirl1010 for the speed of her answer – good dog, have a chewy treat! Igazor was certainly impressed: As Nikkei_Simmer says, it’s brilliant all these years later there’s still such a active collection of players able to welcome and help newcomers with the sort of speed you’d expect more […]

Mikezumi’s Looking To Expand Her Options

September 7, 2018

Okay, which of you freaking bumnuggets out there think she ought to be getting Showtime ahead of Pets? Pets means cats and Sims 3 without cats is just not the same. Let’s see how the vote broke down, starting with GabbyGirlJ. Nazi! Bastards! Quisling! Slapper! Genocidal mass murderer! Thankfully, there was Amphora and Jillbg to […]

The Stench Of Honey

September 3, 2018

Poor Nikkei_Simmer is finding his bees are behaving like a right bunch of Bs! Small tip. Playing ‘Ride of the Valkyries‘ isn’t a good idea. Nor is ‘O Fortuna‘. And playing ‘Flight of the Bumblebee‘ makes ’em think you’re taking the piss. But if there’s one Simmer who can be relied on to be an […]

The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Simmies

July 12, 2018

And it’s more questions from MKSizzle: ‘I have signed up a couple of my children for after school ballet classes but nothing comes of it. Is there supposed to? I have read in places that they are supposed to gain the ballet skill but I’m not seeing anything like that.’ Who said this game is […]

Missa_Sissa And Simtown15 Are Injecting Some Madness Into Their Simming

April 12, 2018

Eh, what’s up Doc? We had no idea that you had created a realistic English NHS Trust in your Simmie town, Missa_Sissa. Or is this a new NRaas Industries mod? Simtown15 meanwhile has problems of her own with a little prick:     Emily4331 decided to find her inner Grammar Nazi Queen – or should […]

Huiie_07 Discovers What Happens When You Mess With The Butterflies Of Doom!

April 8, 2018

We’ve discussed this all before of course, woe betide those who mess with the Sims 3 butterflies and don’t pay respect to a particular breed… But time travel as well as part of their armoury? Seems the Weeping Angels have been teaching them a few tricks. Mikezumi however wasn’t so sure… Shhhh! Don’t say ‘poofed […]

KatNip Gives Jordan061102 The Feedline Of The Week (Or Is It Weak?)

July 4, 2017

Poor old KatNip’s having a time of it: Yes, being abducted by aliens – one of life’s routine hazards! Both heterosexual parents getting pregnant simultaneous however…   While EmilyLouise95 empathised (and proved herself to be equally barking mad), Jillbg had more pressing matters: The X button Jillbg is the male equivalent of the G-Spot. Next! […]