A Lie Too Far: How Low Pescado’s Toadies Are Prepared To Go In Pursuit Of ‘Principle’

Most readers know by now from our lack of comment on them that as far as the More Awesome Than You/Paysites Must Be Destroyed, Mod The Sims and The Sims Resource sections of the Simming community go, we’ll have only as much to do with them as cannot be avoided, as we don’t appreciate the ‘attitude’ that surrounds all too many within the cadre of Sims 1 and Sims 2 ‘fandom”s dinosaurs that manifests itself towards ‘noobs’ in nerd-snobbery run riot.

But when it gets to the stage that one faction is accusing the leader of another faction of being a paedophile, that’s when none of us have the right to shrug our shoulders and pretend nothing is going on. That is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we’re about to tell you.

But before we go on, some background information.

The Whole PMBD vs The Sims Resource Grand Pigtail Pull In Brief

For longer than anyone cares to remember, Pescado’s army of toadies have been involved (with more than passing help from Delphy and those at Mod The Sims, which Pescado worked for in the past and plenty of others) in a verbal and not so verbal war against those running The Sims Resource , centred around the site Paysites Must Be Destroyed.

Ostensibly, it is all about The Sims Resource aka TSR (and others) selling Sims 2 and Sims 3 custom content – which is in direct breach of the terms and conditions of buying either game. It’s a topic that tends to see common sense and basic courtesy go right out of the window insofar as the Sims community is concerned – indeed some of the ‘holy hatred’ against Simguru Hydra on the EA forum stems from her suppression of pro-vs-anti TSR debates on the old Sims 2 Bulletin Board back in 2009. There is to put it mildly a rather ‘if you’re not for us, you’re against us!’ mentality on both sides of this debate.

Let’s be clear about this, no one at The Mare’s Nest is questioning the illegitimacy of people trying to sell custom content, no matter how they dress it up as ‘donation’ or ‘helping pay for bandwidth’ or whatever. Silverarrows – a TSR contributer – nailed that one for good back on 18th May 2007 when she asked EA and got the following reply.

(Which she subsequently posted at TSR and was permabanned for doing so. Go figure).

‘A violation of both the Electronic Arts Terms Of Service and copyright law.’

End of argument.

What the anti-paysites faction rallying around Pescado – who along with his toadies has set himself up as their ‘champion’ – have never managed to explain away since day one is the lack of consistency with their ‘principled stand’ against the perfidious paysites.

For example, the French Around The Sims and the German Blacky’s Sims Zoo both effectively sell some content (calling it ‘donation’ – same as the covetous paysites) without incurring either censure, or more to the point having their items becoming part of the ‘booty’ of Paysites Must Be Destroyed/Phorum Must Not Be Named – the part where they upload pay-for items taken from paysites.

To be blunt, what it comes down to is whether Pescado, Delphy and the old guard of the Sims 2 era like you or not, and the moment they start making ‘exceptions’ for their ‘besties’, they’ve lost the argument. Either all pay-for custom content outside of that sold by EA is wrong, or it’s not.

Perhaps in recognition of this as much as genuine grievance, the topic has somewhat sprouted wings and legs since then, starting with accusations about those running TSR breaking data protection laws with subscribers details, the arbitrary permabanning of anyone daring to make any criticism of TSR and those running it anywhere else, and the mysterious number of attacks on the websites of custom content creators that either left TSR or refused to come under the TSR umbrella – although that doesn’t explain away the large number of non-TSR ‘donation’ custom content creators that contrary to the urban legend have never been attack so much as once.

Coconut Accuses TSR’s Boss With A Load Of Nonce-ense

Now Pescado and co have sunk to previously unplumbed depths regarding their feud with TSR and in particular its owner Thomas Isaksson, c/o their other flag of convenience, the TSR Must Be Destroyed blog.

Before we go any further, let’s get one thing crystal clear. More Awesome Than You, Paysite Must Be Destroyed/Phorum Must Not Be Named and the blog TSR Must Be Destroyed are simply multiple cheeks of the same arse – all coming c/o the servers of JM Pescado aka ‘Milton Norfleet’ aka ‘Kludgeus’ aka umpteen other alias, and his dwindling array of sycophants.

Gathered around an array of server names such as moreawesomethanyou.com and victoryismine.org, the egotism of the titles has long given the impression of enterprises run by someone with more dedicated servers to his name than real human relationships in their whole sorry life.

TSR Must Be Destroyed is run ostensibly by Pescado’s pet toady Coconut – who you will remember as being the bumnugget that accused Simaroo/Sim_Outlaw of running Soulful Sims (because – wait for it – Thomas Isaksson said it was!), and it has becoming synonymous less for hard hitting fact finding and objectivity and more for the ever growing hysteria within its infrequent updates.

However, even those who at least might have had some schadenfreud chuckles out of their nonsense must surely have decided the joke turned sour on 11th July.

To summarise, not only are they accusing Thomas Isaksson by name of (amongst other things) carrying out hacking attacks against a 15 year old boy’s website – including the posting of obscene images on it (a criminal offence) – they are accusing him of being a paedophile as well.

Read on.

Words fail.

So Thomas Isaksson is now not merely a big poopy pants that in five years of Paysites Must Be Destroyed the mighty Fatbeard and his ‘dorcs’ have comprehensively failed to ‘destroy’ with their ‘awesomeness’, but now he’s ‘a hacker, a paedophile, a homophobe and a bigot’ as well? Bloody hell, surprised he finds time to get a washing done if he’s got all those tabloid-baddie personas to keep up!

And you’ve even managed to post a picture of him with the Pedobear meme – nice touch!

Take it you didn’t have time to photoshop one of him shaking hands with Gary Glitter as well?

As for ‘this brave boy coming forward with his experiences’ – oh please! Anyone would think Thomas Isaksson and his evil minions had driven a Tiger tank through Levini’s home the way you’re milking this!

If we sound cynical, it’s because Levini’s a More Awesome Than You regular, where you have to have the hide of a rhinoceros and the compassion of a member of the SS, the KGB or British Telecom customer services to remain on board. Disgusting as what happened may have been, somehow we doubt the Prozacs have been going down like Smarties as a result at Chez Levini.

More to the point, anyone familiar with Sesert34’s antics across the Simmers world over the last six months will have saw him target more children than anyone cares to remember not merely with posting porn but with making bloody death threats to them on their blogs as well as in forums – including the EA forum umpteen times, something the MATY/PMBD faction have been noticeable by their silence on the matter,perhaps because they find it all a bloody good laugh against those ‘noobs’ still using the EA forum.

If that sounds harsh, remember these are the people behind More Awesome Than You/Paysites Must Be Destroyed/Phorum Must Not Be Named who are never happier than when they’re ripping to shreds some kid asking ‘noob’ questions or making ‘noob’ statement on their forum – so forgive us for being cynical toward their sudden ‘won’t somebody think of the children’ routine.

True, this is a far more serious business, and there’s time when even the most obnoxious morons on the planet have to come off their pottys and make a stand. But yet there also comes gnawing doubts that people happy to treat children so shittily on their own forums would suddenly become so precious about how children are being treated now.

‘Oh, but it must be all true!’ we hear you cry. ‘Isaksson has done it all those times before! With the same IP!’

Smelled the rat yet, dummies? The same IP?

It almost beggers believe that so many people have swallowed this one without thinking twice. People find their website getting hacked, e-mails and Twitters being tampered with, and always the same IP supposedly behind it?

Excuse us, Sims world, but just how bloody stupid have you all been to swallow this steaming pish from Pescado’s goons?

If we are to believe the story that Pescado and co are spinning, Isaksson has not merely managed to hack children’s web accounts and post obscene images, but has succeeded over the last year in taking down SIMply Edward’s website, Garden Of Shadows, Bite The Bullet and umpteen others – including most interesting of all Crazy Town in June last year (but we’ll come to that later) – with the same IP!

One only has to think about the chaos caused by Sesert34 over the last 6 months within the Sims community to realise how risible this story appears from the start. The little creep behind numerous postings of obscene pictures and death threats has been obliged to constantly change his IP and service providers as a result of the numerous complaints made against his activities in order to stay ‘in business’.

Yet we are meant to believe that Thomas Isaksson has managed to use the same IP to cause so much chaos without any problems?

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we’ll say it even if you won’t: they are spoonfeeding you crap and calling it chocolate ice cream!

Do you really need someone to prove it? Oh well, if you really need someone to take off your blinkers, may as well be us.

Sit down, eyes front, pay attention!

The truth behind IP Proxy

From TSR Must Be Destroyed, 17th March 2011

The story being spun by Pescado’s various mouthpieces is that this particular IP responsible for all these attacks traces to ThePlanet.Com in Houston, Texas, the same place as the TSR proxy, which is the paid proxy from the Hide IP network which has been held by TSR since 2008 and is used by TSR’s main staff for – amongst other things -‘trolling’ activities.

There are some elaborations made occasionally to the story, but the central legend of this central IP in events remains as above.

So much for the claims.

Unfortunately for the yarn spinners, this particular IP happens to turn up in all manner of places, and the yarn starts to unravel very, very quickly…

Exhibit Number 1: Sabina Becker, Canadian Writer & Poet – and victim of IP

This same IP turns up posting obscene images at Sabina Becker’s blog on 26th September 2010, and of course she reported it.

She has nothing whatsoever to do with the Sims community.

If that IP is really one of TSR’s, what the hell are they doing attacking some feminist hippy poet?

Exhibit Number 2: Romance Scammer Dot Com!

Not only hippie Canuck poets are safe it seems, but lonely hearts as well!

Dated 17th September 2010.

Is there no end to Thomas of TSR’s evil? If they’re not trying to post obscenities on your website, they’re trying to play tiddlywinks with your heart – someone send for Roger Cook and the United Nations!

And if you still are in need of evidence that blows Fatbeard’s Awesome Dorcs’ claims right out of the water, ‘watch’ and learn.

Exhibit Number 3: Jacek Kozubek, Californian Rolex Watch Dealer

From 6th May 2010, the IP appearing twice.

See the top right corner?

Taken from network54.com’s Vintage Rolex Forum.

Is Jacek Kozubek some TSR employee who flogs watches on the side inbetween trolling for his masters? Hardly!

See the bottom left corner? Altered the same day as the initial post

The cigar puffing genial Jacek Kozubek (except when practicing his karate!) is an acclaimed expert on vintage watches and timepieces based in San Francisco, whose labour of love puts him into far more money in a day than the petty cash sums that Isaksson’s minions get in a week.

In short, hardly someone likely to be doing any work for TSR, let alone dirty work.

Yet if Pescado and co are to be believed, this IP Jacek Kozubek used in May 2010 has been TSR’s since 2008!

The truth is that this particular IP appears all over the shop like the proverbial bad penny, and plenty of online anti-spam and phishing sites have flagged it up for all manner of nefarious activities with nothing whatsoever to do with the Sims 1 2 or 3.

So either they’ve been lying through their teeth from start to finish, or the truth is haven’t a bollocks what they’re talking about concerning a proxy IP address (which they’ve conceded it is) that has done the rounds across many users of ThePlanet.Com, including numerous spammers, trollers, and hackers as it is constantly being reallocated, for instance every time a complaint is made against it.

(Sounds a bit more logical, yes?)

In others words, those responsible for any of the hack attacks blighting the Sims community from that IP address could easily mean anyone.

Yes, we know it’s irksome not to be able to point the finger at someone, but a bit of suck-it-up and facing the fact there’s a world out there big enough to have more douchewaffles than just Thomas Isaksson is long overdue.

Last year Bite The Bullet was hacked down and Black Pearl Sims came within an ace of following it. As we reported at the time, Bite The Bullet made it very clear that TSR had nothing to do with it, and as Jonesi at Black Pearl Sims (who has no love lost for Thomas Isaksson nor The Sims Resource after all they did to her) had said, she had discovered people who were targetting peoples websites for malicious hacking for the fun of it – and who had nothing to do with the Sims community.

That hasn’t stopped TSR Must Be Destroyed however claiming that just about any hacking done against Sims websites over the last 12 months has been down to TSR – including the Bite The Bullet and Crazy Town ones!

What next? Thomas Isaksson and a certain grassy knoll in Dallas 1963?

As we said then and will say now, non-corporate websites are often targets for malicious hackers, simply because often the security is poor and unlike a big corporate website (with big corporate lawyers on standby ready to sue the pants off anyone for ‘costs of business disruption’!) the risks of ending up in court for their activities are minimal. Contrary to what they’d like you to believe about everyone being equal before the law, justice – especially in the western world – tends to be whatever is the best you can buy.

Which bring us to our next point.

Why Isn’t Thomas Isaksson Taking Legal Action Against What Is A Clear Cut Case Of Defamation Of Character?

Now for the bombshell – the laws protecting ordinary citizens like you from cases like this are so bad they may as well not exist at all.

First problem Thomas would face would be how to fight the case? He’d face the problem of what jurisdiction to fight it in and what type of action to call. The costs of the case would likely fall on him, and if he lost he could end up very much out of pocket – money that contrary to the mythology both he and the anti-TSR would have you believe he hasn’t got to throw about.

‘Putting Out The Writs’ is the luxury of the leisured rich who can afford to lose only face. As Kirk Brandon of Theatre Of Hate/Spear Of Destiny discovered the hard way against Boy George, you can end up losing your home, your family even your health from the financial and emotional costs involved trying to get justice against someone’s idle gossip…

Secondly, even if Isaksson did win, what would it achieve? The case would make the newspapers and computer magazines across the world, bring into disrepute the Sims community he’s trying to get to buy from him, and it would be all too easy for Pescado’s minions to turn it into a show trial about paysites and the whole hot potato over EA’s idiosyncratic Terms and Conditions when it comes to the Sims 2 & 3.

Before you know it, you’d get the Open Source/Pirate Party types parachuting in, and all that might be achieved is those involved in running TSR wasting a lot of time in court for a case that even if they won would see that many skeletons coming tumbling out of the closet in the process that it would have been better left alone (much to their real-life employers’ annoyances – remember that Sweden has some of the worst Employees Rights legislation of any first world nation, making it all too easy to lose your job because your boss is sick of you taking all that time off work to be fighting a court case…)

None of this would be new ground. Companies and businesses on the receiving end of all manner of libellous publications from eco-warriors and animal rights groups have also discovered the hard way that it’s better to ignore them than to take legal action, and anyone familiar with the lower echelons of British politics will be familiar with the way that the anti-racist groups and the far-right have libelled the pants off one another for the last fifty years, trying to goad their opponents into taking them to court for slander knowing that the chances of victory would be slim, any costs awarded slimmer, and the costs involved in pursuing the case horrendous.

Look no further than at the last general election in the UK, wher Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock was called a paedophile in campaign leaflets delivered to thousands of homes by one of his opponents. After the election, he took the sick sleezebag responsible to court, and was awarded costs of – wait for it – £500, which didn’t even pay for his lawyer. Who says ‘grime’ doesn’t pay?

So Why Are Pescado’s Mouthpieces Saying This?

In a word, embittered desperation.

(That’s two words. You get 50% extra free this weekend!)

No, you sad twat, it's not taking 'the community' by even rainy intervals...

Since 2006, Paysites Must Be Destroyed has vowed to destroy The Sims Resource. Here we are in 2011, and they look about as likely to succeed now as Stevie Wonder is to hit a hole in one.

'OMFG! I Luv U N Everything You Stand For!'

That was fine back in the days of Sims 2 and early Sims 3 when Pescado was the modder and people were happy to overlook his inability to act like a civilised human being (and acquired a number of ‘Me Too’s the way most school bully types do) out of necessity to play their game. ‘So spake the Fiend, and with necessity’ indeed.

But the last 12 months have proven calamitous for Fatbeard. As Twallan’s array of non-core mods along with those of others go from strength to strength, combined with Twallan’s own highly courteous NRaas Industries forum setting the new benchmark for not merely mods but the ‘after-care service’ of those proffering them, JM Pescado has watched in impotent dismay as thousands of Simmers have gleefully turned their back on having to deal with the bullying behaviour of him and his toadies at More Awesome Than You towards anyone rash enough looking for help with Pescado’s mods and showing symptoms of ‘noobery’.

Once upon a time Simmers choice was ‘take it or leave it’ if they wanted mods to make their game work better – it was Pescado’s or effectively doing without. But as more Sims 3 users switch to mods not requiring them having to deal with the diabolical rudeness of Pescado and his sycophants, rather like the Tyrannosaurus on Pescado’s own logo they’re fast approaching extinction insofar as their relevence to the wider Simming community, and their only claim fast left to being ‘the shiz’ is their self-styled ideological war with Thomas Isaksson and The Sims Resource.

And it is clear that they’re now willing to stoop to any lengths in the hope of ‘winning’, even at the cost of the Simming community’s own integrity.

Posted by Guybruish at TSR MBD. Phone number blanked out by us

Interesting response from Coconut to Guybrush here: how did Coconut know it was the wrong number in the first place? Unless he and perhaps others central to the whole anti-TSR campaign had it. If so, why would they be wanting it?

The possible reasons you may find a hell of a lot more disturbing than their dubious paedophile and hacking accusations against Isaksson.

Are The Anti-TSR Brigade Trying To Get Notorious Cyberhackers To Attack TSR? Judge For Yourselves

We found a post made on Pastesite, which is a site used by people wishing to post large blocks of text to others by IRC chat and the like quickly – usually for nefarious purposes.

From this, it appears that sometime recently (unfortunately the site lists no dates), someone attempted on IRC channels to recruit infamous cyberhacking groups Anonymous (linked to 4chan’s /B/ forum and who attacked Paypal – sound familiar?) and Lulzsec (who attacked a number of online gaming forums and servers last month) to their cause – partly by lying to them they were being set up by The Sims Resource.

Here is the full text of what was posted there.

We have blanked out the post number, Isaksson’s home address, home telephone number and mobile number from both of the above, as well as where to find it on that site.

Ask yourself, why would they also give out not only his website addresses, but his home and business addresses, unless the intent was something far more sinister than merely hacking?

Some may also raise an eyebrow at the part six lines down from the bottom of the second paragraph:

Notice also the change of IP listed, which we’ll bet will be as accurate as the one mentioned earlier!

Used to deface sites using goatse’? Hang about, aren’t the current accusations that this is being done now? So why the past tense? As for the ‘anon and lulz images’, rather strange that none of the anti-TSR sites have said anything happening of the sort! Or is this with a view to a future hack attack on Sims blogs and forums using anon and lulz images that the author knows is going to happen, and if so how do they know? Draw your own conclusions – and perhaps time to change your online passwords, people.

Whatever the case, there’s no doubt this is an attempt at agent provocateur activities within the underworld of the internet to get them to do the dirty work they’re unable or unwilling to do themselves. Of course, this could all be unrelated to the activities of those behind TSR Must Be Destroyed. But as coincidences go, the knowledge of the correct phone numbers is pretty remarkable.

Whilst we have to laugh at the criminal disastermind that posted evidence of what they were up to on a public forum for anyone to discover, what their intentions are is nothing to laugh about. Don’t suppose it ever occured to them those people they are trying to recruit might just decide to go attacking every other Sims site thereafter for a laugh – we are talking about people whose idea of jollies is amongst other things posting obscene messages on memorial sites to kids that have died/committed suicide/were murdered, etc.

This is just how low some people are prepared to stoop for their non-existent ‘principles’ – and how dare they do so in the name of ‘the Sims community’!

Why Have People Been Swallowing This? Or Have They?

Now here’s the punchline. Much of what we’ve discovered here is not exactly new and it’s all public domain. Does anyone out there for one moment believe we are really the first people to go looking about that rogue IP’s activities over the internet to see what other mischief may have been done under it – or, more to the point, to see if Pescado’s minions have been telling the truth?

Of course not. TSR Must Be Destroyed for one must have known as a matter of course during their ‘investigations’ – it’s not Watergate or Wikileaks stuff, you can find all this data from a quick internet search.

Which begs the question that they deliberately ignored any evidence that showed the IP Proxy as being used by many different users as they know it would blow their whole house of cards down. But hey, it’s okay to be ‘economical with the truth’ (ie. only give that which supports your case) in the pursuit of what you perceive to be ‘the greater good’, right?

What made us cross is that plenty of others out there must have known they were talking crap as well, yet happily played along with it.

One in particular that angered us was The Isz, who on 16th February joined in the chorus calling ‘Burn the witch’ with what she knows fine well is a tissue of whoppers.

For those of you needing a memory refresher, here’s what we reported about events at Crazy Town at the time.

As you can see, the truth was that it was their server in Nevada that had problems, and that their ISP proved evasive as to telling them what was going on – yet fast forward from June 2010 to February 2011 and the Isz is now claiming that it was not only a hack attack but a particular IP, indeed that IP.

Are we now to believe that the previously evasive ISP volunteered that information as to the IP of who was hacking them later to a customer?

Our guess is that the Isz said this in desperation to sweeten up Pescado and his toadies by acting ‘on-side’ with their nonsense at a time she feared they had all the ammunition they needed to really go to town on her. They’ve long had a grudge against Crazy Town and the Isz (who whether she cares to admit it or not does have a bad habit of falling out with people without warning big time when she’s having one of her moods) – not least of all over their one time hosting of Twallan’s rival mods – and she probably feared they’d milk the split in their ranks that led to the creation of Bear Mountain Creations for all it was worth – especially as by that stage plans were underway for Twallan to come back into the Crazy Town orbit with his own dedicated forum on the same server.

It has certainly not gone unnoticed that My Sims 3 Blog – which kowtows primarily to the whims of the Mod The Sims and Pescado cliques – are now posting the creations of Richdre and others that were ignored when posted on Crazy Town but are mysteriously now being featured and acclaimed as they are being reposted on Bear Mountain Creations! Nothing to do with them being posted away from the Isz’s forum – of course!

But before any of you tut-tut The Isz*** for this (oh plumbob, here we go again putting chocolate sauce and a flake on it!), how many of you out there also played along with Pescado and co’s nonsense in the hope that it would earn you brownie points or hoped to at least keep them off your backs?

More to the point, why did you feel you had to?

We’ll answer: because they’re such vicious pieces of work you didn’t want the Dorc hordes stalking your every Simming step on the web as a declared ‘Enemy Of Pescado And All His Awesomeness’ next.

Like Maurice Ogden’s hangman, they’ve done no more than you let them do.

***Plumbob knows we’ve counted to ten a dozen times over her sulky stropes towards us in ‘thanks’ for us being the almost the only ones acknowledging her forum existed for nigh on two years – eg. plugging Lonely Island on Crazy Town only to get called ‘asshats’ for linking to Richdre’s Mediafire download directly – as if somehow by posting it initially on Crazy Town that made it her property and not Richdre’s, but you don’t do The Mare’s Nest without acquiring a very thick skin!

Yes, Isz dear, we did get to see what had been written about us in that less than secret ‘secret forum’ on Crazy Town yoinks ago, but like we said, thick-skins and all that… unlike a certain forum owner that after our post about the departure of Figwit and Simmerqueen that would have put a spindoctor to shame on the way we sugar-coated it for both sides responded by making her forum ‘registered members only’ amid a lot of bullshit about ‘bandwidth’ and began ranting and raving about how ‘nasty’ we are. Ho hum. If this is how you treat those who were on your side…


Let’s be clear about this. We have no time for Thomas Isaksson nor the rest of those running The Sims Resource and the way they conduct their affairs in the Simming community.

Thank you for TSR Workshop, no thank you for selling custom content and for the way you treat fellow Simmers. If how you treated Melinda-Mensure is a measure how you treat your friends (let alone the Reflex Sims splinter into Black Pearl Sims disgrace you instigated), you don’t deserve to have any.

But we’ve no time either for Pescado and his minions, the way they conduct their affairs in the Simming community, and the poison they inject for ‘lulz’. We’d take more seriously those playing the ‘won’t somebody think of the children?’ card were they not people never happier when they’re making children miserable for being ‘noobs’.

Pescado and his toadies little empire centred around MATY/PMBD/PMNBN/TSRMBD, etc are nothing to do with ‘freeing’ custom content from paysites and fighting back against ‘The Man’, and are little more than the cathartic cells for a bunch of embittered TSR obsessed losers and ‘Ghost World’ inhabitants.

The truth is that they don’t have a shred of evidence that The Sims Resource – let alone Thomas Isaksson – is behind any of what they have just claimed has happened lately, merely hearsay and conjecture. They just want it to be, and to that end have concocted a series of ever more ludicrous and vicious accusations with hee-haw to back them up other than appealing to the mob with all the objectivity of a latter day Matthew Hopkins.

That was tolerable – or rather we at any rate to our shame chose to ignore it – as merely one more piece of flotsam in an ocean of bumnuggetry from the Sims world this year, the dramatis involved only harming themselves with their high school clique petty bitchings.

But when it gets to the stage that in the pursuit of their feud one party starts accusing the other of being a paedophile without a shred of tangible evidence to back it up – let alone the fact that if they did believe such claims to be true they ought to be contacting the police and not potentially prejudicing any legal proceedings by posting up their ‘evidence’ on the internet – that’s the point where no-one has the right to ignore behaviour which is an utter disgrace and threatens to bring the entire Sims world into possible irrepairable disrepute.

If it also turns out that some of them have been trying to recruit the very types that have been responsible for hacking down Sims blogs and forums, then it is they rather than Thomas Isaksson who have no place within the Simming community – nor any other online community with any decency.

Jesus H Freaking Plumbobs On Toast – you are willing to stoop to these levels over an online feud concerning computer game aimed at children? As Wham! might have sung it, ‘Hey bumnugget, what the f**k got into you?’

All it would take would be for some media outlet – slap bang in the silly season and looking for something sensationalist to fill up column space or air time with (let’s face it, people are already bored with the Newscorp scandal) – to start running some ‘Oh The Huge Manatee!’ articles about how the Sims 3 world has been ‘rocked’ with accusations of paedophiles being in charge of one of the communities biggest websites and harassing young children – to say nothing of rival forums recruiting hackers against one another –  and that could be the sort of black press that could set the community back for years or even be the sort it might never recover from as concerned parents understandably block their kids from visiting any Sims websites (never underestimate the potential overreaction of parents to a media scare!).

Part of us wonders whether that’s what Pescado and his toadies really want – if they can’t be ‘important’ in the Sims community anymore via the reflected glory of the now prehistoric Awesome Mod, and are largely becoming impotent instead, they’ll happily see that community wrecked beyond repair.

Qui tacet consentire vidétur

What TSR Must Be Destroyed et al are up to are rather nasty tactics all too popular tactic amongst the more unscrupulous pressure groups. If they are sued for accusing Isaksson for hacking and being a paedophile, win or lose they are perceived publicly as the Davids standing up to Goliath – and get publicity that hitherto they could only have dreamed of. If they are not sued – and we suspect they knew damn well all along there was no chance of it happening – they can claim with a nudge and a wink it’s because ‘what we’re saying is true.’

In short, they can’t lose – so long as people other than the victim are willing to either applaud them or stand aside and say nothing instead of condemning outright what no-one in the Sims community should have to put up with, no matter how big a basket case they are. There are some things in life you don’t treat as something to score cheap points over.

Or are you saying that it is perfectly okay for Thomas Isaksson at TSR to be accused of being a paedophile and for people to seek to hack his website (and perhaps far worse in real life) simply because you don’t like him?

Well if self-preservation is the only motivation you understand, bear in mind that this utter disgrace to the Sims community all comes back to that old warning of Haile Selassie to those who would turn a blind eye out of cowardice or expedience – ‘it is us today, it will be you tomorrow.’