Aarin & Jix2993 – Mods & Sods (Or ‘how the hell THAT happened!’)

One gap in the historical account we’ve never filled is how the hell did the whole Aarin and Jix2993 spat – the consequences of which still resonate in certain quarters around the Simmersphere – happen in the first place.

It’s up there as a topic for debate as contentious as how did World War One begin, the causes of the French Revolution, and why do 99% of all Custom Content denims look like they’re made out of spandex? Although in truth what it’s really up there with is that last piece of Custom Content you downloaded in the ‘how could we have been so bloody stupid?’ stakes.

For this was truly an example in how to make a mountain out of a molehill.

It all started quite innocently one summer evening. Jix2993 had started a thread, not a competition thread, merely a common or garden thread called ‘Post modelesque pictures of your Sim’, and amongst those posting, was Aarin.

IloveSims56 was rather curious as to how Aarin had got her Sim to post in a particular way, to which Aarin replied that it was using Chaos Mod Painting.

Both Jix2993 and IloveSims56 were intrigued:

Albeit the little ghouls seemed a little too interested in more than posing their Simmies.

Leaving Aarin to ponder the consequences of her actions:

Especially when Jix2993 seemed to have designs in becoming the first Simmie serial killer long before Ruby The Fuzzled did!

And then it all went wrong, big time!

Now seriously, what the hell happened there?

Fair enough, Jix2993’s question was silly (of course Aarin would think it was worth it if she’d been using it!), but Aarin’s ‘last time I post piccies in this thread’ was a petted lip over absolutely nothing.

Matters were not helped by some shit-stirring from certain quarters:

The old ‘only kidding!’ when in fact you’re not is neither original, nor clever. Velcroshoes then took it upon herself to answer the question Aarin would not answer.

As Jix2993 said quite correctly, it isn’t that big a deal to answer a question: whether you’ve self-styled yourself as a fountain of Sims 3 knowledge, or whether you’re just another Sims fan.

And that, really, should have been that.

The first signs though that it was not over came over on Aarin’s Vox blog, Aarin’s Spectacles in the Comments section for It’s Saturday, Maybe Sunday.

Now Aarin’s moan it turned out was not that she was being asked questions (so much for Velcroshoes), but that she’d suddenly decided that Jix2993’s thread was a thinly disguised self-vanity one, all because – and someone please for the life of us explain this! – Jix2993 had asked Aarin whether it was worth downloading a Mod.

Let us pause for a moment whilst Poida says, ‘oh well, that’s bloody women for you!’

And then Mcrashlee, RubyTheFuzzled and Sunnisweetyxoxo beat him for being so sexist.

Whereupon Poida starts screaming, ‘Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Hit me harder baby, hit me harder!’

…and er, let’s quickly get back on topic!

‘Jix2993 gets called out for her thread, the world keeps turning’.

Yes, 24 hours didn’t even pass before GrammarKing started ranting and raving at Jix2993, doing little more than paraphrasing what Aarin had said in Aarin’s Spectacles.

Coincidence? No, a daft little boy trying to find favour with one of ‘the big kids’ – not without some encouragement.

Aarin’s reaction was one of little contained glee, still ongoing 24 hours later, and – as we all know – sequence:

‘If you want a good laugh, go back to Jix’s self-loving thread.’

The rest, as they say, is history.

So, for the sake of Jix2993 asking Aarin whether it was worth downloading a Mod, and telling Velcroshoes that answering questions about a computer game is – in the great scheme of things – not exactly up there with trying to keep the Large Hadron Collider working for longer than a recently patched Sims 3 game (okay, bad metaphor, the Hadron’s a piece of cake by comparison), the mother of all hatefests kicked off with more than a fair bit of encouragement from Aarin.

Stupid beyond all rational belief doesn’t even begin to cover it.

And we still haven’t got an answer from either of them whether Chaos Mod Painting’s worth downloading!