Frequently Asked Bloody-Daft Questions (For FAQ’s sake!)

Q: You’ve been printing stuff about me on your site!

A: No shit, Sherlock!

Q: Are you always such bumnuggets?

A: No, we have Wednesday afternoons and the first Friday of every month off.

Q: Why? Haven’t you got lives.

A: If you had one, would you be reading this blog in the first place? Or running a blog of your own – or, even more time consuming, a whole bloody forum? Yeah, tou-bloody-ché!

So why not simply enjoy the show with everyone else and we’ll wallow in our mutual bumnuggetry. And that’s our popcorn and Black Shuck – get your own!

Q: But why start this?

A: There were two blogs that we enjoyed reading – or at least, we had.

The first was Aarin’s Spectacles Vox blog, which had an irregular section called Forum Vomit, highlighting some of the absurd moments on the EA Forum. Later it was joined by an anonymous blog called Gossip Girl Sims 3 giving its take on events – but which rapidly became a counter-blog to Aarin’s.

The problem with AS, you see, was that it showed a thinly veiled contempt of everyone that wasn’t one of Aarin’s sycophants, and when AS openly orchestrated a bullying campaign against another forum member, Jix2993 (the so-called Hands on Neck Foundation), that as far as most were concerned was when the joke had turned sour.

GGSims3 performed a remarkably effective job in poxing all houses, and its moderator-free comments section slew off many troublemakers from other forums into a single loci – giving many on the main forum some much needed peace. But it still felt at times like watching warring lemur clans in adjoining treetops trying to outdo one another in how much of their own bodily fluids they could fling at one another.

We wished to proffer a more in-depth expose of some of the basket case element that GGSims3 did not (or could not), so newcomers to the Simming fan world in particular (so often the target of these jackels) would be forewarned and forearmed as to how the hell the English-speaking Sims3 fan world had come to this.

But more importantly we wanted something to remind ourselves (and others) of the lighter moments of the Simming fan world, and have a permanent record of it, to prove that it had far more smiles to offer than snarls.

In short, everything Forum Vomit and GGSims3 could have been, but never would be.

We hope we’ve succeeded.

Q: But you’re really mean to So-and-So! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

A: Only because So-and-So is a right so-and-so to begin with!

We reserve the right to be complete funking bar stewards towards those who are incapable of going onto forums without trying to either stir it or belittle others for the fun of it until they’ve shown they’ve mended their ways. We’ve mentioned the Archivist, PoppyB, the Smustlequeen, etc, and dozens of others on scores of occasions without being nasty about them once.

Now for the punchline: name us a time any of them said anything that would ever have merited it?

Q: Why have you disabled Comments?

A: We have no Comments section so people will have to confine their posting to other blogs or forums – which are, after all, what The Mare’s Nest is all about!

This will showcase their blog/forum further to potential new viewers/members that may had become curious from what we’ve posted about them here – or alternatively fouling their own nests and drawing attention to the fact they’ve little else to proffer other than their own twisted bile.

Q: You misquoted me!

A: Printing screenshots of what you said is a ‘misquote’? Nice try, sunshine.

One of the reasons we do screenshots – as opposed to links (where the contents they’re linking to can be changed or erased) – is that there’s no way people can try and claim they were misquoted.

Q: You took that out of context!

A: That’s what you meant the first time, wasn’t it?

The only time we do that intentionally is in order for us to use some stupid one-liner – like we’ve said before, this blog is here to give people the giggles. We do not do so out of malice (no, not even to those who are the frequent target of our ire – and the only time people claim that is when they’ve been caught with their hands in the metaphorical biscuit tin!)

Q: Why haven’t you said anything about Blog X/Forum Y today?

A: For one, finite time (and energy) to do this. For two, interest. We are not going to put stuff in about a blog or forum for the sake of namedropping.

For three, we may hang on to material for several days if there’s a running saga we feel would be better reported in one article rather than spread over several – or that for tactical reasons (ie. make some villain think they haven’t been spotted!).

Q: Why is this blog anonymous?

A: Twofold. Firstly, rejection of the whole so-called ‘cult of personality’ nonsense certain self-important Simmers delude themselves with. If we said who we are, we’d be equally as guilty.

It’s the people in the stories we retell here – and the smiles their antics bring – that are important, not us. Those trying to insinuate any nefarious reasons as to our anonymity are largely the same characters to be found trying to orchastrate trouble behind the ‘safety’ of blogs and forums that are ‘members only’.

Secondly, the time may come when any one of us may have to drop out (and perhaps be replaced by others) – we nearly lost one of our number in October 2009 due to serious illness, and in February 2011 did lose one (who was not replaced).

By keeping it simply The Mare’s Nest, any of us are free to continue our activities around the Simmers world as normal, slipping on and off our Big Ship as we please, without any of you needing to worry that so-and-so dropping out means the whole place is going to vanish tomorrow.

Q: What the plumbobs does Cabbages! Knickers! It Hasn’t Got A Beak! in those censor barriers you use when you blot out e-mail addresses or dubious content mean?

A: The phrase ‘Cabbages! Knickers! It hasn’t got a beak!’ comes from the part of Stanley Kubrick’s film version of A Clockwork Orange when the hospital psychiatrist is testing the film’s main protagonist Alex to make sure that they successfully eradicated the psychological conditioning they’d done to him that had resulted (indirectly) in his attempted suicide.

He’s asked to say the first thing that comes into his head when shown a very bad drawing of two people by a monster sized peacock, and responses with the above quote – thereby demonstrating that he’s back to his old asocial self.

Malcolm McDowell in fact fluffed his lines and said ‘Cabbages! Knickers! It’s not… got a beak!’ but Stanley Kubrick kept it in. Most quote sites however accredit him with the scripted version.

One of us thought using that quote would make for much more fun wording than using ‘Censored!’ when blocking out people’s e-mails or dubious material when making posts. ‘Censored!’ sounded too serious, formal and pompous for The Mare’s Nest, so we wanted something that did the job but kept things silly – especially as we knew the likely context would be more often than not in pages and posts that were serious in nature.

Q: Can we affiliate with The Mare’s Nest?

A: No! We do not use the ‘Affiliation’ system some blogs and forums use and never will. It is fundamentally dishonest to readers to put links up to others in return for them doing the same, all too often without either party having a clue what the other is like or what is really going on there.

Think of how many times you see links to ‘affiliates’ from blogs and forums that in fact folded months or in some cases years before.

If we like a blog/forum and regard it as a safe, drama free environment to visit and participate in, we will put it up, regardless of whether the owners like us, are indifferent to us, have never heard of us, or think we’re the very imps farted from from Satan’s own bottom.

If you do see anyone linking here saying that we are ‘affiliated’, that is a lie.

Q: Why do you refer to Simmers from Boolprop as ‘Taffers’?

A: First of all, a quick reminder that the correct name for said forum is Boolprop FightTheAddiction False, although usually referred to as Boolprop Fight The Addiction False, which has been around since 2005, making it the third oldest Simming website, let alone forum.

The term ‘Boolprop’ comes from the built in very powerful cheat system within Sims 2: legend has it Maxis left in by accident rather than design after using it to test the game. Par for the course as far as the Sims series is concerned!

When we first started mentioning that forum, we originally referred to them as Bopftafs (pronounced ‘Boff-Taff’ – the ‘pf’ pronounced as ‘ff’ as in the surname ‘pfaff’) from a contraction of the full name – Boolprop Fight The Addiction False. But it felt clumsy.

We knew some called themselves Boolprops or Boolproppers but we felt uncomfortable using it – too close to the term ‘Bullplop’ used by twee forum posters trying to sound edgy without falling foul of moderators.

Then one of us remembers the term ‘Taffer’ from the Thief gaming series – a catch-all term for a thief or trickster.

The forum masthead for Boolprop Fight The Addiction False at that time was that of a thief from Sims 3 – and it was close enough to Bopftaf for a logical progression first to Bopf-Taffers, then to the original and the best, since 4th February 2010.

So ‘Taffer’ it was, taffers!