Bumnuggertry Beyond Belief – Alexbutthurt’s Incredible Self-Pwn

The final show that the full moon was out all of January 2011 came by what some may think was a less than remarkable coincidence within two days of our expose on Ruthless_kk and those running The Simmers Society.

Caught like rabbits in the headlights, hoisted by their own petards, they needed a big f**king miracle and they needed it fast – and about the only one left was someone else accusing us of fabricating evidence.

Well spank our thighs and call us Charlie if that ‘miracle’ didn’t ‘just happen’ the following day – courtesy of an issue raised THREE MONTHS AGO.

Some of The Mare’s Nest team don’t believe in coincidences. Some of us do. The verdict is yours.

Read on.


Most of you will remember that we found ourselves being dragged into the whole business surrounding the permabanning from the EA forum of a number of Simmers that had exploited a glitch on the EA Sims 3 store to help themselves to thousands and thousands of Simpoints, some of them attempting to buy popularity by spending like prodigal sons and daughters on the Gifting section, to a chorus of squeals from those that had prostituted any dignity they have to beg like dogs for a treat.

If you want to get up to speed on this whole farce, see here, here, here, especially here and here for our feelings on the matter of the Simpoints thefts and of the whole Gifting section in general, but to be concise, as far as we were concerned we’d zero sympathy for those caught, and even less for those boo-hooing that their daily Santa Clauses had found their sleighs repossessed and the reindeers sold for glue.

However, one of those caught – and caught she most certainly was – Alexurt, began kicking up one hell of a fuss and trying to get everyone on the EA forum in near insurrection against EA for daring to permaban her. As we said at the time, she and the others involved could think herself damned lucky EA never took it further and brought the police in.

However, it seemed that some people had completed taken leave of their senses and were willing to believe Alexurt, despite the evidence, on the back of her dubious claims of funding her never-ending gifting sprees c/o the money she made from her own distribution company.

The Private Post.

That was the point when we’d had enough, and posted up a direct warning to Alexurt to cut it out and start being honest with everyone (we knew she was watching, as her disciples had done just about everything to bring us on board the ‘Alexurt Is Innocent’ nonsense).

When she showed no sign of stopping, we made a password-entry private post four days later for the benefit of those forums and bloggers we linked to at that time (as well as a few others like Walden95 and Blunote00 that we trusted) so that they could see for themselves the evidence as to why we were convinced Alexurt’s whole tale of being an affluent business owner was a pathetic distortion of the truth.

We prefaced the post with the following:

Alexurt1 has had several days to come clean and has not done so.

So be it.

Here now we show you the evidence which suggests that her claims to be rolling in money to pay for endless gifting on the EA forum because she owns her own distribution company to be a tissue of lies.

As this will pin her down to a particular place of work, it is for this reason that this will remain a private, password protected post, and we must ask you dear reader to respect this.

As events proved, this was not respect by one person for motives you can decide for yourself.

Why private?

In order to prove Alexurt as a liar and fantasist – and stop people we didn’t want to see getting hurt from getting mixed up in her Walter Mitty fantasies (we were too late to stop xXAngelicEvilXx), we needed to prove where she actually worked (not difficult, as she plastered the details all over Facebook) and who the real owner of the said company was.

This was why the page was only to be viewed by a very select few that we trusted, so if there was any danger of them getting sucked in by that clown, that would be the end of that.

We trust that you lot aren’t so stupid that we need to point out why we weren’t wanting to broadcast this to the world. You only had to look at the carry on between her ‘gifting competitor’ Rud3boy’s carry on with Hillcrest1414 and various builders (ie. the alleged posting of obscene messages and pictures) to know that broadcasting that to the world was asking for trouble with that scumbag (amongst the umpteen million other to be found in the United States) on the loose.

The private post also concerned a blatant attempt at disinformation that was posted on Zeri’s blog and the faked ‘proof’ picture proffered.

This is what we said about it.

That as far as we were concerned was that.

After the Simgurus made it clear why they’d banned a number of accounts, support for Alexurt’s hare-brained insurrection died a death as those people that hadn’t sold their braincells and consciences for EA store gifts got the message, and one piece of October madness came to an end.

But then came last Sunday.

Alexurt’s Blog – ‘Those Whom The Gods Wish To Destroy, They First Make Mad.’

Someone that we trusted – for reasons they can explain to others – decided to pass on all that info we’d put up in confidence and pass it to Alexurt, a whole three months later.

Whether it was someone trying to get the heat off Ruthless_kk and The Simmers Society backstabbers, or whether it was someone wanting to start a little more drama because they were bored, we neither know nor care.

One thing we do know, and that’s they didn’t do it out of any concern for Alexurt. They’d had three whole months to pass the information to her if that was the case, yet only chose the day after our revelations on Ruthless_kk and The Simmers Society to pass it to someone that had already proven on the EA forum to have about as much common sense as a retarded chipmunk.

The result of said person’s handiwork was disastrous, as Alexurt abruptly ran up a blog to do what in her own gnat brain mind constituted an expose on us – but was in fact an expose on herself.

You posted on the internet in a non-professional capacity your place of work?!

Alexurt, how moronic, cretinous and irresponsible an individual are you?

Considering the hundreds of people you’ve managed to piss off in a very short space of time on the EA forum (including the people running it!), and you posted up a big fat ‘I’m right here, come and get me’?!

If you have no regard for your personal safety, you might at least have had some for your workmates or respect for the firm you work for regarding any potential damage to their reputation by publicly tying them in to your harebrained online fantasy life of opulence and petty feuds based on your hobbies!

As you will be aware, Alexurt’s job has been (amongst whatever else) doing the promotional work for the company she works for – internet enquiries and the like (and spamming everyone on Facebook about them). Our guess is that she feels pretty secure that no one else in the business will bother to check up online what she’s doing in the company’s name, and that includes correcting any of the umpteen online business directories. Whatever damage could be done has now been done irrepairably by Alexurt herself, so if there’s any comeback on her moment of crass stupidity, she only has herself to blame for it.

The Entry On Manta – Alexurt Drops Herself Right In It!

Manta is one of many online business directories that works by getting people to fill in the blanks for them. In order to start off, they will have either bought data from some other data mining company ‘off the shelf’: it doesn’t matter if that data is filled with typos, or is out of date – the idea is that the people whose data is up erroneously will come along, join the site and do the correcting for them.

As has proved here.

Since thanks to Alexurt the damage to herself have very much been done, there’s now no harm in you all getting to see the original screenshot from Manta that we had in our private post back in October for you to compare and contrast.

All ready? Now to answer this harebrained cretin’s ‘points’.

First point. No, we did not alter the details. We printed it on the private post as it appeared on the internet on that site at that time – including the misspelling of Elizabeth and the incorrect name of Burgess.

What’s more interesting is the fact that Alexurt has claimed we were fabricating evidence, but yet joined the site and changed the details.

Look at the date that the Manta entry was updated. The 23rd January 2011. By Alexis Berbas – ie Alexurt. The same day she made her so-called expose post.

Now if we had altered the name to Burgess using a graphics package as Alexurt claims on her blog (to quote: ‘they edited out mine and my mother’s name…TO A BURGESS NAME…you photoshop pictures to say you have info on your blog…’), then why would Alexurt need to join Manta and alter the data?

All she’d need to do was take a snapshot as it stood with the original names and post it on her blog!

Yes dumbass, walked into that one, didn’t you?!

The only reason Alexurt would have for joining Manta and altering the data was if the data was as we’d posted on our blog and she was trying a crude attempt to make it look like we were lying – in doing so only serving to incriminate herself once more as a fantasist.

You will also notice that in the version we printed up (and which Alexurt posted alongside the version she created after she’d joined), it says underneath it ‘Is this your company? Claim This Profile’ – confirming that what we posted up from them came from data they had acquired from an ‘off the shelf’ source and proffering anyone involved with said company to join and amend the details accordingly. So there was a lesson learned for us in there as well.

Now compare it with the version that Alexurt says is the ‘real’ version – the part saying ‘Is this your company? Claim This Profile’ has now vanished, because of course the profile has now been claimed – by Alexurt.

In trying to claim that we fabricated evidence, Alexurt has just proven the converse to be the case, digging herself into an even bigger hole.

The second point that needs to be raised is that having altered the page, Alexurt manages to contradict herself. At the beginning, she’s the President and Owner of the company, but later she’s the owner with someone else as the President!

Why the discrepancy? Unless Alexurt feared someone notifying the company she works for and asking why she was claiming online to be the owner, whereupon she could claim that it was a clerical error on Manta’s part or some sort of quirk of their site, pointing to the obvious contradiction down below. Either that or simply a case she can’t keep her stories straight, not even to do something as simple as filling out a data entry.

Let’s clear up the rest of Alexurt’s harebrained post before we come to the real thermonuclear strike on Alexurt’s claims.

‘How come you never called me at work?’

Quite aside from the cost of transatlantic calls, why would we want to?

That point is never explained: though it does offer an insight perhaps into what she would do if you pissed her off and she got to know your personal details – a fine example of judging others by her own behaviour.

The claims that she was permabanned because she was reported by others, not because she stole Simpoints, which she knows because people at EA told her and the reasons why they did it.

Complete conjecture.

To date, Alexurt has never proffered a single shred of evidence for her harebrained claims that she was a victim of EA’s moderators banning in error. The EA moderators made it quite clear last October why a swathe of accounts were permabanned at the time and not merely debarred from posting but also from using the store, and that was for exploiting an EA store glitch to award themselves free Sim Points.

No Alexurt, you do not ‘know people at EA’. If you did, you would hardly have gone running up that silly ‘Boycott EA’ campaign on Facebook and alienated them at a stroke now, would you?

If Alexurt was banned for stealing Simpoints, why was she allowed to return by registering a new game?

Because EA decided it would have more to lose than gain by refusing. They were terrified of bad publicity during the stolen Simpoints furore reaching a wider audience, one of the reasons they felt (for once) obliged to explain the situation to the members at large.

When Alexurt started up a new account, they would have deduced that if they permabanned her again, she might decide to take her revenge by informing the press about what had occurred, which would cause considerable embarrassment to the company and grumbles amongst the shareholders about the lost revenue, perhaps resulting in a few demotions and sackings.

When the big people screw up, they get ‘Golden Handshakes’ to get rid of them. When the little people screw up, they get marched out of the office by security and one month’s notice in lieu.

Of course, there was also the fact that in order to ‘prove’ she hadn’t been one of those banned for stealing Simpoints, she might spend silly money on Simpoints to go gifting, which would be all to the good of EA’s coffers (and which is exactly what she did!). So long as you’re spending your money on EA’s products, issues of morality and past behaviour doesn’t come into it as far as far as those in charge are concerned. It’s all about ‘the bottom line’ – especially in a recession.

So our guess is they decided to let her back on hoping that she – like them – had learned her lesson and would say nothing more about it.

‘Did you notice that I came back shortly after?’

No, you didn’t – a point we made at the time, and a point made by one of your apologists. The excuse you made at the time was about waiting until Late Night later in the month. If money was no object as you claimed, why didn’t you buy some Stuff Pack to re-register with – something a teenager could manage with their pocket money.

Right, now with that out of the way, let’s get down to the big finale.

The Damning Proof That Alexurt Is Not The Owner Of Her Own Distribution Company – As We’ve Said All Along

One interesting part in all this is that in her bid to discredit what we’d said, Alexurt helped us no end to find even more proof that she is not the owner of the company she claims to own!

Elizabeth Berbas – who Alexis says is her mum – turns up in an awful lot of places, particularly doling out money to all sorts of causes (largely political to Democrat candidates of Greek extraction) and each time she is down as the President of said company. Alexurt meanwhile only turns up in the listing of High School graduates: not exactly what one would expect from someone that’s meant to own their own business.

Alexurt may be able to tamper with the data of free registration websites dealing with nothing more than company names, addresses and telephone numbers, but somewhere she cannot tamper with is any registered papers filed with governmental organisations, and that’s the point where Alexurt’s house of cards comes crashing down in flames.

Hi there, Jesse - LOVE the smile!

If anyone doubts what we are saying, then simply go to the following website:


This is the official website for the Office Of The Secretary Of State for Illinois, and contains a number of search facilities – one of which includes a search facility for a company’s Certificate Of Good Standing, which are issued by the designated authority in a state – in this case Illinois – to verify that a corporation actually exists, has paid all its statutory dues, has met all filing requirements and therefore is authorised to transact business in that state.

(It’s good this page: it’s educational, entertaining, and informative!)

The crucial thing about this database is that it is updated in real time – that is, it shows the state of play for any corporation, business organisation as it stands right now, not when the papers were filed at the end of the last tax year.

For legal reasons, we cannot post a screenshot of proof of what we are saying because that part is the property of the Office of the Secretary of State for the State of Illinois.

However, what you can do is go here and see for yourself.


Type in ‘Delta Distributors of Illinois’ into the search box, and there you will find the damning evidence that proves that Alexis Berbas is not the owner as she claims – one Elizabeth Berbas is.

Oh dear Alexurt, let’s see you wriggle your way out of this now!

Search for yourselves in a number of other places, such as:

Private information blanked out - Alexurt has done enough damage for one week - but note also that Elizabeth is also the company's Registered Agent.

…or allbusiness.com, newsmeat.com, etc, etc and you will find all the evidence you want that whoever is may be the owners, it sure as hell isn’t Alexurt.

(In a couple of places, the listed name is John Elizabeth Berbas – Our guess is that what is really meant is John and Elizabeth Berbas, and due to the limitations on filling the field it has been completed in this manner to denote joint ownership)

So what we said back in October stands. Case closed.

All that’s left now is for Blunote00, TnT_Terry, KatieRose and co to wipe the egg off their faces for being foolish enough to swallow Alexurt’s crap in the first instance. But we’ll not wait to hear any apologies from that quarter for having doubted us over an affair we found ourselves being dragged into against our wills in the first place.

The nearest Alexurt has ever been to being the ‘owner’ is that once upon a time her dad named his first company after her darling daughter before they diversified into distribution.

Some of you may want to read the rest of this excellent article that encapsulates what it is really like to be running any sort of confectionary business – no nine to five if you want to stay in business: with what applied in the 1980s being even more acute in 2011 with distributors facing an increased squeeze as more and more of their clients go under unable to compete with the big stores and supermarkets.

But to be blunt, a little common sense from some of you out there would have gone a long way to nailing this nonsense in the head in the first place. If Alexurt was truly was the owner of a large distribution company – whose working days are certainly not 9 to 5 – do you seriously believe she’d have so much time to spend – let alone money – on the EA forum in the middle of the worst economic crisis in decades?


Alexurt is a fantasist – and the only companies we guess she owns are the ones when she’s playing the Sims 3. That she ended her childish post with crude threats highlights the pathetic truth of this sad little woman, buying friends online as part of a fantasy world where she’s not just another cog in the wheel working for The Man (even if The Man is family).

As we’ve said before, if she’s lied about this, what other claims has she been lying about left, right and centre.

On Friday word came out that she’d been banned from the EA forum yet again, hours after posting up some completely over-the-top allegations about MissJennaKate – another of her gifting thread ‘competitors’ – in her blog.

Looks like this time the EA Sim Gurus finally decided that Alexurt is far more trouble than she’s worth to the gifting section as to the chaos she stirs up against anyone she sees as a ‘rival’ and the only way to put a stop to her once and for all was summary ejection.

Sad and stupid barely begins to describe it.

We’ve leave you to guess for yourselves what we think about the person that betrayed our trust on a matter we wanted kept private in order that they wouldn’t go landing themselves in it. Next time… well there won’t be a next time. Seems that when we try to pour oil on trouble waters in private, there’s always some dickhead determined to chuck a lighted match on top and to hell with the consequences.

They more than anyone else are responsible for Alexurt completely taking leave of her senses this week gone by and effectively wiping what little credibility she had left in the Sims world outside of those only interested in her for the goodies she’ll buy them at the EA store.

But ‘Start a war’? Sorry Alexurt dear, but when we fight a battle of wits, we only fight against armed opponents.

It would be nice to think Alexurt would show some regret over duping everyone, come clean and start again afresh. But judging from the other posts on her blog, she seems set on a path of self-destructive behaviour towards anyone and anything daring to impinge on her little fantasies of largesse, even if it is ultimately to her own social (and financial) ruin.

But that’s her problem, not ours.

We’ve enough matters to contend with to be bothered with the whole disturbing world of the EA forum hobby gifters, the encapsulation of people with more money that common sense that will look back on what they’ve done in a few years time and wonder what on earth got into them that they spent hundreds they could ill afford on people most of the time they knew nothing about.