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Crowkeeper And Nornities Put The Cool Into April Fool

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At first it appeared to be a joke since it was announced on 1st April.

But there was no kidding around – even though we are still waiting for Mermaidia, Crowkeeper and Nornities (the latter of the magnificent Northeney island which you should download right now – we said RIGHT NOW! STOP READING THIS AT ONCE AND DO IT!) – they are finishing off another project World for your Simming delights.

Cronor is part futuristic, part dark and sleezy – Lunar Lakes meets Bioshock on a neat little island.

Add another one to the drool pile, although this one looks closer to a release than Mermaidia does.


Meanwhile, On Firefox

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This is what they’re referring to as ‘the nearest star’:

This is what the nearest star is (say the Mares, stating the completely obvious to anyone who is able to look out of the window – although not right now because it’s night, at least here in the UK it is, shit this sentence is beginning to resemble the dialogue in Gilmore Girls except without coffee appearing in the sentence yet…)

What they should have written was ‘the nearest star to the solar system‘ – this is one of those popular quiz staples (sometimes offered as a trick question) which frequently ends in arguments when the quizzers don’t get the answer they were looking for.

Gitte2001’s Sketchy Simming

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She’s officially announced her retirement, but like JKTee511 the phrase ‘yeah, heard that one before!’ springs to mind – Sims 3 is the Hotel California of games…

Anyone else thinking the same thing?

Let’s face it, it would explain everything, wouldn’t it?!


And how did she end the series?

By being toasted.

Coincidence? We think not.


Anyway her current Simmie Mira has received a little gift in the military career.

A promotion gift? Isn’t a watch what you get if you are retiring (if the funking bar stewards are too cheap to buy you a carriage clock)?

Either that or it’s a subtle hint about her punctuality.

How One Download Swiftly Leads To Another

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Exhibit for the prosecution, Scorpina2009:

You know what happened next considering it was Rflong7/13 of all Simmers whom was giving her guidance…

And another Simmer’s hard drive space bites the dust!


Well We’ll Be Damned!

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Okay, seriously, how the hell did this happen?

This is one of the very first punk bands which after a long period of being the Marmite of the music world (you either hated them or pretended to like them because the music papers said so…) enjoyed a brief period of sustained success in the mid-eighties as one of the earliest goth bands (amid cries of ‘sell out!’ by most of their original fans. Both of them).

They also, unbelievably, had one of their number enjoy a side career doing safe music that mums and dads approve of:

This guy is called Captain Sensible. If you haven’t already guessed, he’s an attention whoring utter bumnugget of the first order with the mentality of a five year old.

His cover of ‘Happy Talk’ from South Pacific reached No.1 in the UK Charts, and remains the biggest selling song lifted from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s epic musical ever. Depressing, isn’t it?

He also did ‘funny’ adverts for breakfast cereals. Yes, we agree, hanging is too good for him!

It was when they got rid of him a proper record company (MCA) came along and said they’d like to sign them. Once they started with the proper record company and recording in a proper recording studio (instead of some grotty London basement), they finally became successful, releasing what became one of the standard classic goth albums:

It was actually a crap album (although by The Damned’s standards, that was an improvement), but it did have three very good songs suitable as promotion singles, which coupled with the goth Little Rad Riding Hood cover (shot at the famous Kensal Green Cemetary in London – even they realised Highgate would have been too much of a cliché!) made it the sort of album people were willing to give them a second chance on.

The rest, as they say, is history, and it’s no coincidence that after ‘Phantasmagoria’ came The Sisters Of Mercy (whose bass player Morticia not only later joined The Damned but married David Vanian), The Mission, The Cult, Fields of The Nephilim, All About Eve and all the rest of the buggers, rather than after Siouxsie and The Banshees or Bauhaus – rather ironic that the template for accessible ‘goth’ came from the band which had trouble getting anyone to listen to any of their previous records!

However, for reasons best known to their leader and punk Dracula, Dave Vanian, the band split, and after a suitable time away, he got back Sensible and all the other talentless tossers over the years who couldn’t write songs or play a note worth talking of (rather than the line up which wrote songs people wanted to listen to and buy), and spent the next twenty years back playing in tiny pubs and clubs with no one buying their records again. Even the band’s long serving drummer, Rat Scabies (bottom right in the above picture) quit in despair, and he’d been the one that had kept getting the band to reform time after time.

Until today.

All we can wonder is how few records it is you need to sell to get into the UK Albums Top Ten if that shower can get in now!


What’s the album like you ask? Rather like all those ’60s covers like ‘Alone Again Or’ and ‘Eloise’, or the single version of ‘Dozen Girls’. It’s okay enough, more hot weather music really (which we sort of have right now over here). Typical overproduced Tony Visconti type album.

Oh well, if it keeps the most famous fans of Bunty’s ‘The Four Marys’ (more nostalgia time for Rflong7/13, and yes something else J K Rowling ripped off!) in beer tokens, who are we to complain?

Anyway, for those of you that have never heard of them, here’s three of their best (in order of accessibility)

David Vanian, Rat ‘My Son Is Ronald Weasley’ Scabies, Glyn Merrick (RIP) and Roman Jugg – the classic line up.

The faultless video which spawn a billion Goths and a billion Goth bands, every single one of them looking like Hammer Horror New Romantics! The song started life as a Country and Western number strangely enough – those of you into that will have realised this from the percussion beat and bass pattern – so you can part blame this one for Fields of the Nephilim later.

And we suppose we ought to show you this one from way back at their beginning, since at the end it features David Vanian doing the world a favour, mores the pity it hadn’t resulted into some permanent injury to Captain Arseturnip and music would have been shot of the tedious f**ker forever.

Doons99p Going Back To The Future

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April seems to have been quite the month for reappearences, and now the gal who sexed up the Let’s Play vids on YouTube has returned to the fray.

Here’s the video in question, as before we warn CravenLestat, Sharkloverplayer, Bookygirl, etc. that if any of you are unable to get anything else done for the rest of today after listening to twenty minutes of Doonsy’s ‘and if you’d just like to slip into something more comfortable whilst I fetch the KY jelly’ voice, don’t blame us!

Although she’s the one that found it’s been ringing her bells rather than the viewers, but Emily4331 has a solution:

Thus has Emily4331 become the latest to fall victim to Doons99p’s wiles:

You don’t get over a million views when only posting once in a blue moon over ten years for nothing…


Nabril’s Awesome Glitch

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Yes, sometimes you can have a glitch in your Sims 3 and turn it into something incredible:


Now we’re not so sure about the second one:

But CravenLestat and recent returnée Sorokaste think otherwise so who are we to argue?

Mmmm, we were more thinking Coco Chanel during her Art Nouveau inspired period, but never mind.

Waterdragon (whom it appears has bought herself a WordPress blog) used this as an excuse to post some ear-otic imagery:

And TadOlson posted a picture from TadOlson’s game which appeared to have nothing to do with the topic in question.

TadOlson posts about vampire babies in TadOlson’s game which have nothing to do with the topic in question TadOlson is responding to, because TadOlson is…

… an arseturnip.


Glitches are matters you have no control over caused by the game – you had control over this one. Bad TadOlson, stand in the corner!