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VenusPrincess Wants To Be Your Teddy SCARE!

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Mother of plumbob, what was she thinking?

Erm, this Black Friday ‘Must Haven’t’?

FieldOfPosies Has Us In XTC!

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Hooray! Just the Simmie we’ve always wanted!

One which looks like Todd Rundgren – so we can change its sex and then get our other Simmies to kick the shit out of it.

(Fellow XTC fans will get this one!)


Dear AnnabethC, You Are A F**king Imbecile Even By Glitterturder Standards

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For those wondering where Nikkei_Simmer’s rant got its inspiration from:

And your avatar looks like it was drawn by a first year secondary school student who thinks they’re the next Picasso when in reality they’ve barely advanced beyond the ‘shit pictures to be stuck on granny’s fridge’ stage.

(Why do otherwise normal people want to stick a child’s scribbles on their fridge anyway? Fridges are for fridge magnets from your friends and relatives shitty holiday destinations).

If you are too stupid to learn how to use the sliders in Sims 3, of course your Simmies will look the same! And at least those in Sims 3 do not look like they were made from plasticine or are auditioning for LazyTown as all too many Sims 4 ones do!

If you want to know how big a bumnugget this Annabethc is, how complete and total is their cretinism, how dedicated they are to a future agricultural career in the cultivation of arseturnips, look no further than the following remarks they made last month.

Look, go and do the civilised world a favour and get eaten by termites before you say anything else stupid.

Or go and play Rust – apparently that game was specifically created for those aspiring to be the biggest morons they can possible be before they expire.


To All Of Those Who Say We Are Slandering Mikezumi…

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Told you so, didn’t we?


Nikkei_Simmer’s Simming Dilemma Of The Week

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When the cowplants are so frozen that their nuts are numb!


We Beg To Differ Wibs

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‘No such thing as too much soap’?

You are obviously unacquainted with British television schedules.


Switch-Cloverstardropper Is Finding Their Inner Robespierre (Like Most Californians – Except Aarin, Who Needs To Find Reality First)

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This, times ∞

Here’s one we produced earlier.

Knew we’d find a use for those pictures again some day!

Why has Switch blown a fuse?

Yes, that massive fire was the fault of an electrical power provider – Pacific Gas and Electric- not the Forestry Department like that fat wiggy arsebucket in the White House claimed.

And they’ve just been given the right to put up their prices to cover the massive fine they’re going to get when everyone on the west coast sues the evil corporate bastards for every cent: threatening to file for bankruptcy to avoid culpability if this wasn’t done – for last year’s fires.

Ergo, this means they will also get away with the ones for this year by the same means.

The biggest fire in Californian history. Not a natural disaster. A man made one. And those culpable are going to get completely away with burning down 450 square miles and what’s starting to look like a thousand lives into the bargain.

If a landlord did this they’d be charged with manslaughter, never mind an electric company.

The next time you EVER feel like complaining about your energy company in the UK…


By way of compare and contrast, here’s Aarin’s take on matters.

And that’s it. That’s the sum total of her concern.


Or maybe it is down to breathing in highly carbonated air morning noon and night for a week.

Guess what, Great Knit, breathing in burning tree smoke with a dash of burning tiles (some with asbestos residue), tyres, petrol and sundry other household essentials with a high polyflurocarbon content isn’t exactly recommended by the Surgeon General either. For f**k’s sake, are you ever going to pay attention to the real world once in your adult life?

There’s times we think Switch’s peers Stateside have a point in regarding their elders as a shower of complacent arseturnips – and that perhaps it’s because they’re so blasé that’s the reason the Sunshine State ends up going to blazes – literally.