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Only Fools And Switches

Posted in Uncategorized on March 22, 2017 by themaresnest

Over at Switch’s Silliness, You-Know-Who is finding someone’s being a T-rotter – better watch it isn’t a trigger…

For those of you in the rebel colonies that don’t get this British meme starring the late Roger Lloyd Pack (another deceased Harry Potter star)…

Trigger kept calling Rodney ‘Dave’ for the entire series – even when proposing a toast to him at his wedding.

Elsewhere, you know that old routine where giving out warnings about not to do something stupid has the entirely opposite effect…



That will teach you, young lady/young man/what’s the word for a young crab, that way we don’t get into trouble again.

It’s zoea, you bumnuggets!

Shaddup Lauryl!

Sim Secret’s Less Than Cutting Edge ‘Secret’ – Almost TWO YEARS After It Happened

Posted in Uncategorized on March 21, 2017 by themaresnest

Oh dear. This one is almost embarrassing.


In fact, this was first busted on the EA forum by FreezerBunnyCowplant back in August 2015:

The since banned Plopppo was rather surprised by the blatant copyright breech – clearly knowing little of the disdain Asia tends to hold for copyright laws (to cut a long story short, anything’s legal so long as you don’t get caught – see the so-called People’s Republic of China for details!), but we liked Colton147’s toddler’s quip!

Whilst FreezerBunnyCowplant even managed to track down the pirate TV station to their hold, Tip was wondering whether the bumnuggets of EA needed tipped off?

EmilyDuru even confronted them face to face – or at least screen to screen – in true Dispatches style.


FreezerBunnyCowplant showed how the two logos perfectly overlay one another, making it pretty damning that the Sim TV logo has been plagerised from that of the Glitterturd.

Then to everyone’s amusement:

But whilst Crzy_Gal_101 and Fairy_Happy were piling on the lampoons, they and everyone else missed the best bit.

So, here’s the part the bumnuggets at EA missed – Sim TV have carried on pirating the Sims 4 logo for their online mobile platform app!

As you can see below, the last changes to the software were made in December 2015, so clearly they chose to ignore any copyright injunctions made by EA:

Which seems rather strange – after all the Sim TV app has so much in common with Sims 4’s code you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s a rip off…

… after all, they appear to share creating the same levels of customer satisfaction!


You’ve Been LOLSimmed – Part 82

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And in a packed programme tonight, we have:

Deshong04 (EA Forum), King_of_Simcity7 (EA Forum), LunBeauty (EA Forum) and Mikezumi (EA Forum).


Holleyberry And The Scary Dildo

Posted in Uncategorized on March 19, 2017 by themaresnest

Many thanks to Holleyberry’s Dumblr (we think this is Sims 2 with an anti Nicholas Cage lookalikes mod) for probably the most bizarre piece of dialogue we’ve encountered all year, Simming or otherwise.

We’re not even going to ask what he was using it for outside of the confines of bed in the first place.

Nor why they’ve named it Barney.


Gohburnbook And Eirflower Follow Up

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Forgot to mention we also discovered the following scrubbed post.

Have to say, looks pretty damning now – especially the second sentence of the first paragraph and that entire second paragraph.

With that said, however, you also have to wonder would there be anywhere near as much flak about this if they were not also a The Sims Resource contributor?

Zeri Finds Fourteen Inches Lots Of Fun – Even If It Is Cold, Wet And Slippery

Posted in Uncategorized on March 18, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, over in the British Isles (except for Ireland where it pisses with rain all the time from now until about May) everyone’s been moaning about getting utterly unpredictable weather all over the joint, but spare a thought for those bloody barbarians over in the rebel colonies on the eastboard currently living in what looks like the icebox of your average student flat’s communal fridge.

The biggest surprise of all this is that Donald Trump hasn’t tried to blame this as a problem left over from when Obama was in charge.


Weather forecasters have been reassuringly as hopeless over the pond as they are in this country (although at least we don’t use such stupid terms as ‘whoop de dos’. Whereas out in the sticks Zeri and former Granny Muncher Zhivan Karst may have been forced to employ liberal use of a shovel – or alternatively gone ‘shove this’, stayed indoors and kept right on Simming instead – elsewhere the New York Times states that they miscalculated the snowfall to a ludicrous degree:

So Tim Morrin’s promised twenty inches turned out to be only seven. Typical bloody man, eh?


Sandy At Around The Sims 3 Has Scaled New Heights With This One

Posted in Uncategorized on March 18, 2017 by themaresnest

Absolutely brilliant conversion here:

For story tellers in particular this is amazing – now you can add a bit of extra dramatic licence to your game with the ability to climb something that doesn’t look like a giant broken white bourbon biscuit.