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Sims 3 Bronzes Itself With Its Sales On Steam In 2018

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The appropriately named ClarionOfJoy gave all the Sims 3 Simmers on the EA forum something to cheer about with the following piece of info.

Not that there was any chance of EA any hiring Twallan ever, Igazor – they’re only interested in those who lick ass, not kick ass!

We did have to see it to believe it over the Sims 3 sales on Steam

Remarkable to see Grand Theft Auto V still up there all these years later, but what about ten year old Sims 3?

There it is, up there with dear old Skyrim – and no sign of the Glitterturd in sight, despite last year’s new content from EA (there a reason for this of course!).

JoAnne65 took a break from Simming to give thanks and praise to the One True Mod God.

There is of course a very simple reason for that, King_of_Simcity7 – you still can’t get it on Steam!

EA’s attempt to do an Apple and force everyone onto their Origin crap, and one of the many foot shooting moments as that proved a deal breaker to some.

But nice to know the old gal’s still bringing on board new fans and friends to the fray – long may it continue!


Institutional Racism Coded Into The Glitterturd? Ewmagawd!

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We’ve heard a few complaints about Sims 4 gameplay in our time, but this one from Zeri just Trumps them all!

Hmmm, sure it’s not just one hell of an outbreak of anaemia? Or maybe they all got their first electricity bill since Christmas?

The town isn’t called Sundown, is it?


But hey, you can’t go culling your town in town because you think it is a shade too white? Who do you think you are, Adam Ant?

We’re no experts on the Glitterturd, but we’ll bet two coneys to a dead dog that with game patches, she’s starting to enjoy once more the heady Simming delights of them screwing up the way some custom content acts with the game, and default replacements – such as replacement skin – are often a classic case. Or it could even be some other mod still to be updated to the latest patch interfering.

The one question would be of course to ask around some of the Berry Sweet Glitterturders have they been experiencing problems, as those who naturally have multi-coloured games all the time. Just be careful when you’re dealing with Berrypie’s loony cult, the Any Shade But Dark Side of the Sims…


Macaire13 And Igazor Are On The Money

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If only we could find the same ‘problem’ in real life – and which didn’t involve email messages from Nigerian businessmen needing to flee the country and requiring our bank account details!


Igazor’s Favourite Detective Novel Trope: The Butler DIDN’T Do It (And It’s Not His Job!)

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And now, for your entertainment, a little bedtime story…

This mysterious affair at Styles Nraas all started one Friday afternoon when NyxBean found themselves like a Grace Brothers customer asking were they being served?

As was LittleLambsy too – wouldn’t you?

To make matters worse, NyxBean was having problems with Foxes and Poxes.

To which the solution is may we suggest Poultry and Poultices?


Then along came Igazor on his hobby horse:


And you’re still wrong two years on about it!

Pah! Maybe in the rebel colonies butlers are a bunch of pussies, but here in the land of Her Most Britannic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth (stand when we say her name, damn you!), our butlers are real men, who do laundry, change babies, iron newspapers and make every clogged toilet their bitch!

By GOD it makes us feel PROUD to be British!

♫ Rule Britannia, marmalade and jam – fire crackers up your arsehole bang bang bang bang bang! ♪

(As opposed to Theresa May, who is a f**king embarrassment to the human race, never mind Britain!)

Cinebar Wants To Know What Happened To Snooty Sims – We Are DELIGHTED To Let Her Know!

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The simple answer to your question is that what appears under the name Snooty Sims is in fact not Snooty Sims.

Snooty Sims has been on borrowed time long before Snooty stated the blinding obvious in July 2016 – the last time they ever bothered to update the front page.

Last updated April 2015, when the alarm bells ought to really have started ringing in the ears of what remained.

For those still unaware, there was a change of ownership late last year (our guess is September, three months before it was due for renewal when the site was offline and given the date of the oldest piece of content on the current site) with Snooty selling the site to someone called Nico from Germany because it was no longer generating enough ad revenue, the sole remaining interest Snooty had in keeping the site up for a game they were no longer interested in and what remaining heterophobic snark kiddies Kira still had visiting.

On Google circa August 2018, shortly before selling up!

Whilst originally hosted in the U.S on Tucows, it is now on 1&1 Internet on a German server – and using WordPress, ironically enough.

The forum has gone – and with it the remnents of a gang of evil little shits who will not be missed one bit. Most decent Simmers have never forgiven or forgotten their treatment of Sharkloverplayer, which many years later they were still proud of. Scum like that the Simming community is well rid of. There were some good souls, trouble was they were like diamonds in a dungheap, and in the end like many simply gave up for other forums (and all too often other games).

What now appears is a number of Sims 4 cheats which appear to have been cut and pasted from various Wikis and other Simming sites, so there’s no doubt this is merely a money making venture by the new owner hoping that the history of the old will generate clicks to it, although once word gets around there’s no Sims 2 content anymore – the sole raison d’être anyone cared less whether it lived or died – he can expect that to dry up very quickly and will realised he’s been sold a pup – with fleas, canker and bladder problems.

Sims 2 fans had a solid decade to reconsolidate their position and knowledge across a whole number of depositories (Garden Of Shadows, Mod The Sims, even the current EA forum which arguably does a better job than the old Bulletin Board did), so the only real loss to Simmers like Cinebar is needing to update their bookmarks to this instead (and perhaps copy the information this time and keep it stored – hint, hint!)

Schroedinger’s Gitte2001 Encounters A Simguru Being A Lazy Git

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Gitte2001’s EA forum custom content links thread, which was at times the Sims 3 custom content thread equivalent of Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen

Suppose it was too much like hard work to check the links yourself. Anyone would think you were being paid to look after the content on the EA forum.


Bekkasan, Springfairy556 and Emorrill answered the question between them.

There followed however a curious epilogue.

If you’re inactive, why are you posting? Or are you in a state of being active and inactive all at once?


Nikkei_Simmer’s Simmie Likes To Ride Her Bicycle, She Likes To Ride Her Bike

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She likes to ride her bicycle, she likes to ride it where she likes…

And Archimedes’ Principle of Buoyancy, Bernoulli’s Principle of Fluid Dynamics and Young–Laplace equation can go f**k themselves – the laws of science are for noobs!