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The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Simmies

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2018 by themaresnest

And it’s more questions from MKSizzle:

‘I have signed up a couple of my children for after school ballet classes but nothing comes of it. Is there supposed to? I have read in places that they are supposed to gain the ballet skill but I’m not seeing anything like that.’

Who said this game is unrealistic? See also sending kids to all other classes in real life at hideous tuition fee expense only to discover they have all the talent and skill of a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ contestant and they’re less the next Rudolf Nureyev and more somewhere between Rudolf Hess and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

For once, Igazor was battu to the penché by KhemKat19:

No surprise that Sunset Studios came up in the conversation!

Both Coco and Igazor pointed out it has virtues beyond merely the hidden Ballet skill:

Hey Mares, if what Igazor is saying is true about helping step on others toes less often, maybe you should both take up ballet?

Shaddup, Lauryl!

And what the plumbobs is Amphora up to?


Who the plumbobs is that? Dan Fawcett from The Birds ‘ daughter?

Or is this her pitch for a new series of a failing favourite?

Well done to IreneSwift for a beautifully put breakdown of what it takes to succeed at the barre without being driven to the bar!

But as Jillbg illustrated…

… there are other unexpected risks to the art from an unappreciative audience simply not feline the muse…


King_of_Simcity7’s Summer Fun Thread (Just Don’t Ask Teen_Wolf1999 Theirs!)

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Isn’t it just typical of him?

Always trying to impress his peers with his piers.

Or is it trying to impress his piers with his peers?

Let’s move away from such piercing analysis as Coco’s poor Simmies find life’s a beach:

For Bekkasan it’s always summer however for much the same reason it is for those Simmers living on the equator…

Stop showing off – bloody extreme ironing mod!

Amphora sees it more as an opportunity to get in some quality family time:

‘…my family of alien/merman hybrids…’

Let’s guess – they live in Camden Town and read The Guardian, right? And drink cappuchinos. Made from soy milk.

PalmArrow meanwhile has been making a more productive use of the summer.

Hmmm, what was the exam in? Loudshirtology? Psychedelicsaritography?

TadOlson meanwhile was showing an even more practical use of TadOlson’s Simmies’ time in TadOlson’s game.

‘This isn’t a normal fishing pond’ – so what is it? An M&S fishing pond?

No. TadOlson’s Simmies have caught fish and put them in TadOlson’s pool so they can catch them out of TadOlson’s pool instead.


TadOlson’s Simmies catch fish and put them in TadOlson’s pool so they can catch them out of TadOlson’s pool instead because TadOlson is … TadOlson.

Let’s face it, it makes about as much sense as anything else TadOlson’s ever told us over the years!

IreneSwift’s Simmies appear to be the only one’s not splish-splashing around to some degree, since they live in a mobile park and the idea of taking a free taxi ride to a body of water is beyond them.

The nearest these poor children get to a beach is a sandpit. Which serves them right, the poor pieces of shit!


Puzzleaddict meanwhile has decided to make the most radical summer fashion statement since the days of Onion Rotten and the recently returned Figwit:

All whilst creating the Holy Sacrament of Nectar. We hope he washed his feet beforehand.

Teenwolf_1999 however took matters far too far…

‘Sitting, chatting, beating each other’s plum…



MKSizzle Wants To Know What Simmies Make Your Pants Drizzle

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So MKSizzle’s wanting to find out your Simmie crushes. Hmmm, isn’t sneering at that sort of thing a staple of a certain troll forum? One which uses Imgur to post up its pics … same as MKSizzle does for their ‘legacy’, rather than Blogger, Dumblr or WordPress?

Forgive us for being suspicious, it just comes with experience. Maybe someone ought to tip her off to use Blogger, Dumblr or WordPress for picture hosting instead to avoid unwanted attention… if for no other reason than Imgur routinely erases images after a certain length of time.


Nikkei_Simmer meanwhile can provide a truthful answer to this one guaranteed:

Aw, bless ’em!

MKGrizzle meanwhile was revising her original question, realising it was more fitting to the sorts found on certain other forums.

Charlottesmom has plenty of qualifications of her own to make:

You can say that again – judging by that drink he’s got designs on joining … let’s put it this way, does he have a Pink Harley?

‘Funny thing though while playing Sims 4 I never got attached to any of them,’ – well that goes without saying!


Yeah, sure Mikezumi, heard it!


Anyway, SimplyJen-Simasaurus09 qualified any future answers quite nicely.

There was no restraining Igazor however:


This is udderly ridiculous.

And demands more than the usual rimshot.

Shun Gon for the win!

Pity for Igazor Nursie from Blackadder’s no longer alive, it would have been a match made in heaven…

This was of course the cue for SimplyJen-Simasaurus09 to provide us with the easiest feedline of the year.

Yes, because there’s nothing she likes more than a great big cock.

Bak To Yoonivairsitty Wiff Aikeiko N Igazor At EeeAyyy Fourumz

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And before we commence this post, before we forget yet again, thanks Igazor for changing your signature to something more reassuring and useful to all of us who have sold their souls to NRaas mods.

Anyway, this story concerns Aikeiko looking for a little more magical education than is available.

Before any of you think ‘uh oh’ with that name, no it isn’t a certain loony from Sicily – Aikeiko’s from Texas and has been around since the beginning of Sims 3, here’s your proof.

Anyway, on with the post!

Yeah, and like isn’t that dumb

Why is magic something you can only skill up in through trial and error?

You can take classes in Alchemy at the Vault of Antiquity, but there is no general overall supernatural Hogwarts or Cackles Academy, let alone some sort of Weirdsister College or Unseen University in Sims 3. All those literary references, and not a single Sim Studios rip-off. Must be a first.

Now there’s something some smarty pants ought to have considered some mods for.

In the meantime, we advise caution to Igazor with his Simmie hybrid’s attempts to become a gourmet. Judging by what happened to Balagog gro-Nolob, it could be a recipe for disaster…


Bak To Skool Wiff Cororon N Igazor At ENRazz Induckstrees

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With only a month to go before the spoiled psychotic little bastards darling school children go on holiday, over at NRaas Industries, Cororon’s trying to find a school holiday mod – although we think it’s a long time since she was last in one.

A week? A WEEK?

Hrrrumph! Chance would be a fine thing – nowadays they’re on holiday more times than they’re ever in school.

We don’t have summer camps like those rebel colonists, so high time this country brought in NATIONAL SERVICE outside of term time!

Yes, back breaking er we mean back straightening national service, because a thoroughly miserable time is character building.

Igazor was able to provide a solution – sort of.

Cororon was satisfied with this and took a screenshot.

We then took a screenshot of her taking a screenshot.

If the rest of you could organise yourselves into a queue, then the first person take and post a screenshot of us taking and posting a screenshot of Cororon taking a screenshot of Igazor, and each and every one of you in turn taking a screenshot of the previous taking a screenshot of taking a screenshot, etc, we will create perpetual motion and solve the energy crisis.

But trust Igazor to be a Debbie Does Dallas Downer.

What’s wrong with over five hundred standalone mods to manage?

Why, only the other day, TadOlson said that TadOlson has ten thousand, two hundred and eighty five standalone mods in TadOlson’s game – at least nine thousand, three hundred and two of which came from NRaas Industries!


Amphora Goes From Here To Nonentity

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It may have been messed up, but that didn’t stop Simmers from voting:

Trust you, Emily4331!

Anyway, Amphora, the Werw isn’t the scariest nonentity there is.

This is the scariest nonentity there is…


Helló Magyar Olvasóink – A Mai új Magyar Szó ‘Fenékrög’

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Úgy tűnik, ma sok olvasót kapunk ma Magyarországról.

Ha idejönsz, mert Sims 3 elemedet keresed két politikai pártod számára – Magyar Fokhagymafront és Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt – inkább a következő internetes linkekre kell mennie.

Pólók és poszterek


Ne aggódj, nem fogsz megenni, nem számít, milyen édes és zamatos egy nagymama lehetsz.

Közben nagyon elfoglalt vagyunk, mivel a légpárnás tele van angolnával.

Más hírekben a Csiklandozcica még mindig csiklandozik.

Fontos, hogy ezt tudja.