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OI! CORORON! It’s Alesso’s Ana Hair Style, You Daft Turnip Taffer!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2018 by themaresnest

Sheesh, what’s happening to our supposed veteran Simmers?

Are you lot all getting Alzheimer’s or something from chewing too many towels?


It’s to be found at The Sims Resource or any one of a billion shitty retextures if you can’t be arsed turning it into package format for yourself.

It’s known as the Ana, but ought to have been called the Carey…

… owning to the way it turns any female Simmie into looking like Carey Mulligan.

(You’ve now got the tune ‘On The Rebound’ by Floyd Cramer running through your heads now, haven’t you?)

Could have been worse, could have been that song Belle And Sebastian they had Mulligan sharing lead vocals on when their lead singer Stuart Murdoch had stopped fapping over Alex Klobouk and was wanking over her instead. Just saying…


xItNeverEndss Mouthwatering Lucky Palms Pics

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We’re always up for a good block of scenic pics, and full marks for this brace:

The latter one in particular it it was not for the desert plants at the bottom could easily have passed for real.


Interesting Idea Chi5678, But Your Categories Are Bizarre

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Country or Kids? Pop or Hip Hip? Electronica or Classical? Geek Rock or Island Life? Songwriter or Digi Tunes? Indie or Dark Wave? Beech Party or Soul? Custom Music or R&B? Roots or Latin?

About the only one you get right was the location one (it’s what’s called in the trade World music, amigo, and you can fling the Latin in with that…). Why no Disco, Rockabilly, Epic, Spooky or Western?

Country naturally goes with Western; you can lump Electronica, Dark Wave, Spooky and Digi Tunes together; Geek Rock with Indie; and R&B can be lumped with either the Rockabilly or Soul (who get the Disco and Hip Hop as well), depending on your viewpoint what R&B means. Beech Party with Island Life is self explanatory. Roots can be lumped with the Songwriter stuff.

Not perfect, but a lot more sensible than this!


Really CrazyBoutTheSims, You Total Nooby NOOB!

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Erm, like … heeeeeellllllllloooooooooooooooo?

Obvious, much? Where did you expect them to be?

Oh, let us guess! Would it be, by any chance, under the same category as the ovens?


***‘Oh, Aarin!’***


Yes we are being sarcastic – like REM, just a touch! EA, freaking cack handed freaking arsebuckets for whom logic is a type of Subway sandwich.

Nickibitsward Question Is Bugging Us

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They don’t suit some of your homes?

Which ones? The ones without bugs running about all over them?


XTC Has Something To Do With The Sims Series (Inadvertantly), So …

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We do have a bit of an interest in this topic you know…

(They even featured in a clothing stencils tutorial we did way back in the midsts of time)

There it is in black and white: ‘there is no XTC these days, we will not be recording together again.’

After a mere eleven years of speculation, of tales of Colin Moulding quitting the music business due to feeling his age (one of us heard that like Partridge he’d acquired tinnitus, except this was due to long term wear and tear rather than any studio accident and hence was likely to be permanent), changing his phone number and address so Andy abruptly could not get in touch with him any longer, blah de blah de blah; resulting in the band being on hiatus until matters were resolved; all of a sudden…

Back in November, Colin Moulding appeared in an abrupt new duo with former XTC drummer (in fact, their only permanent drummer ever) Terry Chambers, who had buggered off to Australia to become a Bogong Moth breeder for the Figwit factory farmer back in the 1980s. They had a new EP out called Great Aspirations – the title track being ‘Scatter Me’ (about cremation ashes – remember this is the guy who wrote the unsettling ‘Dying’ on the Skylarking album as well as twee rubbish like ‘Standing In For Joe’ later).

Neither of us liked it much, nice enough beginning but it quickly showed it didn’t know where to go and wandered around like a shy fresher during their first week at Uni.

But we digress.

On Billboard no less they were interviewed and the inevitable subject broached, and the response was:

A double negative is the English way of stating a positive, with the suffix ‘but you ask first’.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s too late.

Perhaps the above statement from Andy should not come as too much of a surprise though judging how piqued he was by this turn of events:

So no XTC, only lots more ‘experimental’ albums with people we’ve never heard of that Andy met at some Campaign For Real Ale festival along with another umpteen billion ‘Fuzzy Warbles’ CDs of old demos from his XTC days for anoraks with more money than brain cells who will happily chuck a tenner away on Andy farting through a kazoo in the forlorn hope of finding one last great undiscovered XTC track.

Good to have that learned this weekend.

Now we can cheerfully ignore anything coming from a Swindon direction from now on as more rewarmed in the microwave offal not worth the consumption until the aftershock of Brexit and soaring Swindon Borough council tax rates force the four cantankerous old bumnuggets back into the studio to make proper records again rather than behaving like the New Wave version of Spinal Tap for another decade.


Okay, What The Plumbobs Is This Supposed To Be This Time, Beaverhausen?

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Most of you will have encountered Beaverhausen at some stage of your time within the Simming community and his veritable freak show in accompaniment. Once upon a time seldom a day went by without him inflicting some monstrosity.

Now resigned to merely doing legacies for The Glitterturd, he’s still managing to come up with escapees from Black Mesa in his time there.

And yes, it had buck teeth.

What the plumbobs is that meant to be? The bastard hybrid of a Half Life Houndeye with Toby Jones?