Kiwi Farms: The Troll Hole Where Self-Confessed Paedophiles, Perverts, Racists And Failed Mass Murderers Call Simmers ‘Freaks’ (Irony, Much?)

Originally this was put up as a post on 4th March 2018, but it was far too long (and that was the concise version!) – so over to the pages section it now resides and a link to here put in its place.

In the last month, there’s been a bit of discussion within the Simming community about a rather unwelcome source of attention it has attracted.

For some it first surfaced upon being mentioned on – where else? – but Sim Secret. Whenever there’s something shitty…

… and whenever there’s something shitty these days, we should not be too surprised to find that InfraGreen aka Trip_Says_Hello is not far behind:

So you want the Sims community to suffer the unwanted attention of a large hobby troll site which encourages its members to cause trouble for their targets all for your entertainment? Duly noted – and with any luck Carl and Pam, etc. will do likewise.

Sites like Kiwi Farms aren’t anything new or original. There’s the likes of Get Off My Internets, Guru Gossiper, Pretty Ugly Little Liars, Something Awful, 4Chan and plenty of other places where people can sneer about how the world is so much dumber than them.

But you can tell a lot about Kiwi Farms by it being the inspiration for the conduct of affairs over at More Awesome Than You which was so counter-productive to the Simming community it lost us more newcomers than it ever helped keep on board (until Twallan killed any need for them stone dead). Hell, Kiwi Farms has been the ‘inspiration’ for a lot of the internet’s barrel scrapers down the years.

Yes, there can be some elements of humour: the sad part to Kiwi Farms however is that unlike for example Guru Gossiper there is a distinct lack of any sort of empathy towards their targets – indeed a lack of any sort of basic humanity. By the very term ‘LOLCow’, people to them exist merely to be milked of as much entertainment at their expense possible.

But good humour relies on being more than a spiteful child’s pointing and laughing – it’s as much the shared sense of ‘there but for the grace of God/the Universe/neurolinguistic programming and shock treatment, etc. go I.’ For example, the person who finds MadameLee’s rants about her endless petty domestic problems with her parents funny will be the same sort who enjoys Calvin and Hobbes – because even the most level headed of us wants to connect with their inner brat at times when faced with the slings and arrows of outrageous bumnuggetry (or what they perceive as such). As the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke put it, for even the best of us all it takes is one bad day…

Much can be taken about Kiwi Farms and the sort of individual it attracts from the LOLCow Farms section, a section devoted to proffering up areas of opportunity for their members to go and troll.

‘Oh, but Kiwi Farms doesn’t encourage people to troll!’ we hear you say. If you believe that, there’s a moon made of green cheese we’d love to sell you for half price…

You can tell a fair bit about this circle jerk from their devotion to objectivity in the subtitle of the first one where the thread on the Simming community has been placed.

‘Lolcows tend to thrive in communities with like-minded people who do not criticise their behaviour.’

Hmmm, if there’s one thing the Simming community can’t be accused of, it’s failing to criticise the behaviour of its members at times. Indeed, we’ve covered quite a few instances of that over the years – not to mention made a few criticisms of our own. Anyone with any real familiarity with Simmers as a topic would know this is one bracket it certainly does not belong in, and indeed what has been the most popular thread of ours the Kiwi Farmers have been reading these last few weeks was the one concerning a large block of Mod The Sims members turning against Delphy over the affair and his past coming back to haunt him. Funny that.

But the above isn’t any form of real explanation to the reader about what they are about to behold within its contained threads: rather it is providing the reader with a self-justification for what those within will be sneering at (and in turn attempting to troll), that they therefore ‘deserve’ it.

But anyway, within the Communities section a thread has now been set up by one of the Moderators, which appears to suggest that times are hard down the dime store 4Chan, and they are having to be a little proactive themselves to keep the place afloat:

‘Neger Psykolog’? ‘N*gg*r Psychologist’ in Nordic? Wow, you’re edgy kid, real throwing the shade there. Prat.

The explanation for the modding community doesn’t last long, and to no surprise it leaps straight into pointing out an endless list of mods pertaining to – ahem! – ‘adult’ subject matters.

Of course, any sort of sense of objectivity would have pointed out that LoversLab – a forum where all the members have one hand on the keyboard and the other twiddling with themselves at all times – has little to do with the Simming modding community (which doesn’t actually exist as a distinct entity except within this Kiwi Farm supervisor’s own imagination), let alone the Simming one per se. In fact it is a regular target for abuse across every other gaming community specifically because it’s aimed at those wanting to turn every game that comes out into a masturbation aid (indeed we mentioned Something Awful taking the ‘Slabbers’ to task two years ago).

It also says a lot about this ‘supervisor’ that in his/her/its concern for elements of noncery within the Simming world they have openly chosen to post links to amongst other places the Dark Web. We on the other hand have scrubbed them before posting. One for Simmer BluebellFlora to let her husband in the police force know about, we’re sure his bosses will be very interested.

By the way Neger Psykolog, you do know that when you search for that sort of sick shit online that Google does pass on your IP details to the relevent local law enforcement communities in case it can aid them with their own enquiries, don’t you?

By now you will have realised that objectivity isn’t high on this one’s list of priorities – and that it quickly lapsed from ‘modders’ to Simmers in general gives the lie to the title of his own thread.

But if you think this is bad, wait until you see what the rest of these specimens have to say:

A moderator called Yawning Sneasel calling a sex offender mod ‘the best Sims mod ever’ and as for OhGoy the tragic part is that they probably thought they were real bad-ass coming out with that. This is certainly an auspicious start.

Incidentally, this Yawning Sneasel character – who in reality is internet artist Jenffer A. Jay (no, that’s not a typo!) is a transgender themselves according to those over at Michigan Radio And TV Buzzboard – showing the sort of mental gymnastics the people on Kiwi Farms do on a regular basis.

Or as StonedCrows on Twitter puts it:

Yes, whilst the trolling of other people with ‘hidden disabilities’ or for transgenderism is open season, those crazy old Kiwi Farmers object to it being done to one of their ‘own’: begging the question of how much of Kiwi Farms is little more than life’s losers sneering into is their own cathartic mirror (‘that isn’t me I see, but someone else’) of sublimated self-hate?

For it wasn’t too long before plenty of them were inadvertantly outing themselves as regular enough Simmers to have more than a passing background knowledge:

_Wice in particular had a lot to say behind the back of a community she’s clearly heavily involved in:

For the likes of UnattendedBaby, it was all getting rather embarrassing – or at least it would be if we weren’t dealing with the hobby sociopaths and keyboard warriors of Kiwi Farms, for whom having completely differing attitudes when it happens to be their fellow forum fuckwits openly admitting to how much they like The Sims series instead. See the worked example of sex offender mod fan Jennffer Jay aka Yawning Sneasel earlier. There is also of course the long thread the site owner instigated when he tried playing The Glitterturd … ah, that’s another story perhaps for another time – you know how we feel about Sims 4!

But let’s get back to our budding Statlers and Waldolfs:

This is complete fantasy on Lackadaisy’s part. Both the Social Justice Warriors/Race Card Players and the dyed in the wool EA evangelicals are a micro minority only of world shattering significance within the tiny nonsense world of whatever Sim Secret posters are left. The former came a cropper when the ‘Black Lives Matter’ fad ran its course after helping put the worst President of all time into the White House with their stupidity (and the biggest mouths behind it were found to be thieves and charletans), whereas the latter have been on life support as The Glitterturd has tested even the patience of even those whose enthusiasm had been bought by EA. To claim the community has been ‘taken over’ by either is little more than wish fulfilment.

‘Autism’ as a form of insult – when ‘gay’ and ‘retard’ simply aren’t pushing the boundaries any more for those living fast on LCD Screen tans, overcaffinated drinks and Twinkies – and those same government ‘entitlement’ cheques they sneer at others for living off amid stating their little hopes that Trump (their posterboy having trolled his way to the White House) will do something about these scroungers. To enter Kiwi Farms is to enter a whole new paradigm where reality is fluid in accordance with the psychological needs of the members that it’s everyone else from outside the hivemind that’s gone to lunch. Maybe that’s what some of them don’t like about the Sims series – finding what looks too much like what’s going on within their own minds in digital format a little threatening to themselves?

Ratko_Falco incidentally is a rather sad little soul who in-between online gaming on Steam posts up fantasies about his time doing ‘martial arts’. You quickly lose track on boards such as this how many of them claim to do karate, kick-boxing, were with the Marines in Iraq or about to do UFC, etc. whilst seldom ever appearing to be away from the place. Yeah sure you did martial arts, until you took an arrow in the knee…

As for someone who gives themselves a username like Testaclese Maximus, quite aside from the kindergarden shock levels, perhaps its not such a good idea to be linking your dumb username to your Facebook account?

Normally we’d blank such stuff out, but when you start using ‘autism’ as a term of insult then you are well overdue a taste of your own Kiwi Farms medicine.

Not that we’re the first to do this by a long chalk. Kiwi Farms has not only managed to make itself plenty of enemies, but internal feuds and picking all too often the wrong targets has led to far too many of their members getting themselves doxxed in turn and the biters very soon finding themselves being bit – including by their so-called friends at Kiwi Farms, for there is little honour among oxygen thieves.

Atypical specimens of the forum which sneers that everyone else is a loser and they are awesome. Words fail … but not as much as they do.

So large is the database, Encyclopedia Dramatia has tried keeping tabs on them all, even then they’ve found it to be like someone in 1066 trying to embroider the Bayeux Tapestry on the day of the Battle of Hastings.

For those wondering why they use ‘autism’ as an insult Kiwi Farms started by stalking a certain online ‘personality’ with such alleged issues called Chris-Chan, that is Christine Weston Chandler – formerly known as Christian Weston Chandler (Yep, another transsexual. Beginning to see the pattern yet?) and was formerly labelled the far clumsier CWCki Forums. Trolls need more than one person to bully as there’s only so many reactions that can be provoked out of them in a day, so more ‘targets’ were selected, and the rest as they say is history.

They used to have a Twitter account which explained Kiwi Farms as being about ‘Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes’ – Twitter however shut it down round about the same time they found their forum kicked off the internet last January – ah, but that’s another story for later.

Let’s go back to ‘the Supervisor’:

What was so strange about this character was the manner in which he was peppering posts with links to us that more often than not had little to nothing to do with the post he was making – like he was throwing out hundreds of links to any one of the various ‘Shock! Horror!’ moments from the eight or whatever years there’s been of The Mare’s Nest.

Indeed, that very last post the bumnugget linked to concerned Bite The Bullet refuting claims of being a victim of a hack attack by another website (the fantasies of Pescado and his brown-nosers again). But why let facts get in the way of a misleading post, eh?

He/She/It even indulged in such selective dyslexia over Taffer Rad’s real life academic work, cherry-picking the parts to suit his premise and ignoring of course the far larger body of work she’s done on fan communities: for example EA’s disastrous journey with networking with the Simming community regarding Sims 4 before, during and after its launch – and are we the only ones by now thinking this clown is a tiny bit obsessed with anything to do with sex? Not getting any yourself are we dear?

But even we could not believe the sheer gall of Kiwi Farms when two of its members came out with the following regarding the Simming community:

One post of the ‘guilt by association’ variety as if it somehow tars the lot of us, the other holier-than-thou horseshit (from someone idolising the murderer of millions of Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, gays and anyone else Hitler and his mates didn’t like) that those using it are certain to be wrong ‘uns in real life [translated from Kiwi Farms speak: ‘let’s troll them next.’].

Oh ho ho ho ho ho – the sheer irony of anyone at Kiwi Farms coming out with that one!

All you Simming girls and boys, get in some pizza and drinks and settle down, because you are about to get one hell of an education…

Meet The Owner Of Kiwi Farms: Joshua Conner Moon – Troll, Self-Confessed Paedophile and Racist.

You expected him to look something like this, didn’t you?

Also known as Null, Ichverbot and a few hundred other online alias to be taken into consideration.

To be Joshua Conner Moon is his crime – it is also his punishment: trapped into a toxic co-dependence with his community of little shits to provide him via the website with the money to sustain his existence, terrified that if he attempts to drop it all and do something a little less anti-social those he leaves behind may well do unto him what he encouraged them to do unto others. Why not? They’ve done it to plenty of others who tried to put it all behind them, why should ‘daddy’ be any different?

In 2015 he was hired by the website 8Chan (which is 4Chan for people who have been banned by it – yes, such a concept does exist!), owned by Fredrick Brennan aka Hotwheels, a Brittle bone disease sufferer confined to a wheelchair who sees nothing wrong in running a site which encourages people to slag off, erm, people like himself. Hey, it’s a living (if you can call it that).

Unfortunately for Hotwheels, he trusted Joshua Moon to do some coding work for him, paid him $12 000/ $15 000 to update the site’s code, and only realised he’d been had when Moon fled the country until the heat died down. Incidentally, said website was banned temporarily by Google from its search results in August 2015 owning to concerns it was hosting child pornography.

When They Picked The Wrong Target: Samual Collingwood Smith

Beware the man who dresses like Death from the Sims series!

In 2016, one of their attempts to troll backfired very badly.

Their target, Samual Collingwood Smith (aka Matthew Hopkins and Vordrak – we think the latter is his Science Fiction name or something – why he would want to also use the name of a corrupt 17th century liar responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent women on trumped up witchcraft charges is beyond us though…), is a former Labour councillor who jumped ship to the Tories and is somewhat obsessed with paedophiles.

Seeing him as prime ‘LOLCow material’, in a ludicrous attempt to entrap him, some of those on Kiwi Farms thought it would be hilarious to accuse him of being one, whilst at the same time send him links to child porn whilst reporting him to the authorities at the same time on the grand assumption that he would click on the links, thereby incriminating himself in much the same manner of Pete Townshend of The Who.

Unfortunately for these criminal masterminds – and for Kiwi Farms – Smith checked for the hosting site whence the links came from, forwarded said links with a note of complaint to the French hosting company concerned, who promptly shut down Kiwi Farms pending further investigations.

Samual Collingwood Smith with his usual tippy-toe, bleeding heart, mealy-mouthness sitting on the fence rather than coming out with how he really feels!

We really could not begin to do justice to all the stuff Collingwood-Smith’s uncovered about this sorry lot, but this was certainly one of those occasions they must have regretted throwing rocks at this particular wasp bike, as it seems pretty clear he’s not going to rest until he’s got them shut down and Joshua Moon jailed.

However, he does have some competition over that wish…

Banged By The Bishop

No, not that Bishop, Switch!

To make matters worse for Kiwi Farms, they were now coming under the attention of Crocels News of Delaware – or rather one of their freelance employers, Jonathan Bishop in Swansea – whose research for them has led to a number of rather unusual Freedom of Information requests on such weighty matters such as Accident and Emergency Admissions for genital mutilation to the Cwm Taf University Health Board, but that’s another story.

Now this guy and Crocels News showed Kiwi Farms what playing rough really meant. Yep, even rougher than Sam Collingwood-Smith!

First in August 2016 they doxxed both Joshua Moon and his mother about as much as it was possible to do in one go – their address and even her place of work. For an encore, they went for her place of work at Christmas time and when they didn’t get what they wanted (ie. Joshua’s mum sanctioned), they just happened to mention the long list of ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups Kiwi Farms targets – throwing in the suicide of one of their victims in for good measure, and of course their recent expulsion from their French internet host over the Samual Smith affair.

Was it over? No – the Bishop was yet to swing down his mighty crook with his final devestating revelation:

On top of all this, a number of blog sites and Facebook accounts began appearing all posting up Candy Potters arrest records (which in the U.S.A. are available to the public via a number of websites). This was the point where Keller Williams Realty decided they’d had enough and decided Mummy Moon was more trouble than she was worth (easy enough to do when like most ‘realtors’ in the U.S.A. she was ‘self-employed’ by the firm).

This was the point that Joshua Moon finally gave up.

Or rather pretended to give up. In reality he was plotting for a way to get it back online as soon as possible with someone else acting as a front ‘owner’ (Lulzkiller being specifically named – moron him later, er we mean more on him later!) and a few months of bullshit about ‘reform’ until the unwelcome attention from elsewhere (ie. the media) ceased.

That didn’t stop Jonathan Bishop and Crocels News enjoying a well earned gloat:

And if they think he’s off their backs, we wonder if they know what his research activities have been over the past year?

One month later on 30th April 2017, all of Joshua Moon’s contact details, and those of his relatives, mysteriously appeared on Pastebin.

A coincidence, of course.

Conner Evans of Wrexham aka Lulzkiller/IAmSpastic/Sysop: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Get Caught!

Lulzkiller being doxxed by his fellow trolls on Kiwi Farms once he was no longer of use to them. With friends like that…

One of Moon’s more trusted twisted little playmates was Conner Evans, who was to discover the hard way how much lack of honour there was amongst fellow trolls.

You have to congratulate the bumnuggetry of someone who goes to a lot of trouble not to get caught then promptly doxes themselves like a complete moron.

He first came to the attention of the police in this country after he trolled the condolence board for the murdered British MP Jo Cox, whose death was linked to the killer’s involvement with the far right. For an encore, on his Twitter page, he came out with the following piece of casual race baiting and fake news creation.

Racist phrase censored, of course.

Of course being a moron, he didn’t realise that the column for white unemployment actually went up in December 2016 from the past month (4.2 to 4.3) whereas those for blacks and Asians actually went down (8.0 to 7.8 and 3.0 to 2.6) – completely contradicting his premise of their laziness!

He has since changed the picture on his Twitter account to that of a black man – heaven forbid anyone suggest that this is in any shape or form with the intention of giving the impression that he is Afro-Caribbean as he trolls everyone he can across the Twitterverse? A tactic we seem to remember was tried out by another troll who tried ‘graduating’ to the big kids league of race hate. Yeah, that really worked out well for him, didn’t it?

Unfortunately – albeit rather predictably – this last action brought down on him the ire of Britain’s ever militant ‘anti-fascist/anti-racist’ groups (read ‘far-left thugs simply looking for an excuse to beat someone up’, as opposed to the ‘far-right thugs simply beating someone up for being non-white’), who true to form quickly began circulating pictures of what he actually looked like (rumour has it courtesy of some of his ‘friends’ at Kiwi Farms who thought it would be ‘a laugh’…) and leaving him in the Catch-22 situation of being at risk of serious assault but not being able to go to the police about it without dropping himself well in the mire regarding his online activities – a salutory lesson as to what ultimately happens to those who think trolling comes without any real life consequences.

Joshua Moon Is Sent Packing For Creepy Behaviour Towards A Woman … By The Lego Community (Yes, Really!)

As if there wasn’t enough weirdness surrounding the owner of Kiwi Farms, there was the whole business in 2012 when his pretend girlfriend Stocking called him out over – amongst other things – her playing Warhammer with some guy called Nickelob.

Oh, that and such minor trifles as his unhealthy ‘interest’ in children, his tendency to issue death threats against his pretend girlfriend’s family when he got upset – all backed up with some eye popping internet relay chat logs.

Look, just read the damn thing yourselves, but it might be an idea to have some painkillers ready, as your heads are gonna be bursting afterwards!

It did provide the Legolanders at Blockland with three weeks of entertainment over one hundred and twenty one pages – and probably the odd disturbed night’s sleep to go with it.

Not When The ‘Joke’ Turns Sour, But When The Sour Turns Acidic

Joshua Moon may not have carried out his thread to commit wholescale murder, however one member of his evil little forum most certainly did only a few months back – William Atchison, known as Fuck You on Kiwi Farms (interestingly he was also on Blockland under the alias Sephiroth) and from the positive feedback he’d been receiving on the forum a popular member for his posts before his abrupt death in a failed planned attempted mass shooting (he killed two before committing suicide as the police stormed the building).

Contrary to his listing as being 36, Atchison was only 21 at the time of his death.

The press pointed to his involvement in white supremacist sites (some of which ironically are targets for abuse by Kiwi Farm members), but amazingly none pointed to his possible desensitisation towards having any sympathy for his fellow human beings via a certain hobby troll forum – who of course marked his passing in the above atypical fashion.

This is not the only known instance where the members were responsible for innocent outsiders losing their lives.

Julie Terryberry – Who Committed Suicide After Five Months Of Ceaseless Bullying By Kiwi Farm Members (But That Was Just A Coincidence, Wasn’t It?)

On 6th February 2016, regular contributor Juntaro proffered to the members a new target for torment.

Ticking so many of the boxes for the scum of Kiwi Farms, the strength with which this sad individual and her boyfriend found themselves targetted can be gauged by the fact the thread had reached two hundred pages by the end of June when Joshua Moon locked it upon a certain ‘turn of events’.

After almost five months of non-stop tormenting and goading by Kiwi Farm members to see what further extremes of behaviour they could bait out from her, the thread ended in abrupt fashion.

Julie Terryberry was only nineteen when she hanged herself.

Only three days earlier:

They got their answer soon enough.

The response from the Kiwi Farm members to the news provided by one of Julie’s relatives (whom had joined in May to try and get those on the forum to stop tormenting her) speaks for itself.

There were plenty in complete denial

There were also others claiming it would only happen as a result of auto-erotic asphyxiation:

Even when the person TattooedMoma1979 tried to reason with them this was not a hoax …

… there was still even lower they could sink.

Until then staff member Vitrol confirmed again it was true.

Whereupon the sorry-not-sorry from those running the site started in earnest, beginning with Joshua Connor Moon, now shitting himself that he could find the FBI turning up at his front door.

‘The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.’ – George Orwell: Politics and the English Language (1946)

However the only real regret all but a very few of the members felt was that they’d lost their target for torment – even finding new ways to mock her in death.

Handwringing? You call the below handwringing? It doesn’t even amount to wringing two fingers together.

‘I felt nothing. Not an edgy thing.’

‘The bitch is dead’

‘LOL who cares’

‘… no matter what happens, we’ll laugh. Well, except for some mewling autists experiencing babby’s [sic!] first troll remorse.’

‘Nobody gives a shit she’s gone.’

‘It was a hoot then, and it is a hoot now… she got what she had coming.’

‘When do we get to see pictures of her corpse?’

Even the matter of the family trying to raise the money for her funeral was a topic for derision:

Considering the above, there were two posts that really sunk to the bottom, and these were it:

There’s no point in these arsebuckets even trying to deny their culpability in matters.

Evil little prick Juntaro responsible for starting the thread in the first place began showing fear of real world retribution masquerading as remorse but which quickly changed to attempting to deflect it as all being down to ‘others’ and that he would have deleted the thread if Julie had asked.

Just a pity for him that ZombiePop had the screenshot from Julie Terryberry boyfriend’s in one of their many ‘adult’ spots on the web that the Kiwi Farms members followed them to (and joined) in order to torment them further, where he was desperately looking for hackers to take down Kiwi Farms because they’d no intentions of doing anything of the sort, nor of leaving either of them alone. Julie’s boyfriend Mike Holland posted it on 24th June 2016 – five days before she committed suicide. It gives some insight into how desperate both were that this should stop having exhausted all other avenues (again contrary to Kiwi Farms‘ members’ own mythos).

And before anyone things this ZombiePop was any sort of ‘white knight’ defender of Julie Terryberry, here he/she/it was giving her some suicide tips one month before she did just that:

Back To The Simming Community – Putting Matters Into Perspective

Awww, poor little trolls all upset by the big bad Mares already! By the way, a ‘right of reply’ on a forum – ie. yours – where the owner and moderators edit or censor their trolling victims’ replies to further enrage them into words or actions to be used against them is no right of reply at all. Just ask those who used to be members of MATY, Simomania, etc. Thought we’d mention it, as we in the real Simming community have saw it all before – you’re welcome!

It would be easy enough to simply ignore Kiwi Farms as a cesspool of life’s losers with nothing else to do but fritter their lives away sneering at others that are uncomfortable reflections of themselves, were it not for the fact they’ve turned their interest towards the Simming community, and that some within our community may be tempted to help them out (especially those who feel at a loose end with Sim Secret falling ever more apart) – and not only that self-hating lesbian alcoholic piece of shit we mentioned earlier.

This bumnugget went to all the bother of joining Kiwi Farms specifically to comment on the Sims community thread, and to attempt to proffer them someone new to bully.

This is the point where silence is no longer an option.

Ironically those who did follow the link to our page about the Simmer who puts the silly into Sicily doubtless left feeling very aggrieved that they’d spent all that time reading it without us ripping her to pieces as they expected. It doesn’t come into their mindset that you can comment on someone being rather eccentric, even pass comment on your disapproval of some of the things they have done, but without being a complete Richard Dawkins or Katie Hopkins style douchebag towards them in the process.

But this, and the clear unhealthy ‘interest’ some of them have in paedophilia might attract one of two of them to become involved in our community: as such – after the episode – that’s one set of scum we don’t want to be made to feel the least bit welcome. Not now. Not ever – and no matter how much certain elements over at Mod The Sims would still happily turn a blind eye to it given half the chance.

Therefore forewarned is forearmed. Our advice to those of you out there is that now you know exactly what they’re like, have nothing to do with them.

Don’t be tempted to join, don’t get involved, because sooner or later you’ll end up as shitty an excuse for a human being as they all are: trapped in a permanent cycle of lashing out at others, kidding themselves they’re having ‘fun’ but merely further fuelling their own sense of life embitterment. We’re saw bad enough examples from the likes of Aarin’s Jazz-Hands, SimPure Thoughts, Simmering Sims/Simomania and of course More Awesome Than You – all reprehensible enough, but on a scale dwarfed by that coming from this little Moonie cult of recreational malevolence.

It starts with people like InfraGreen/Trip_Says_Hello wanting to take their trolling and search for online ‘drama’ further and to greater extremes. It ends with people like William Atchison – and somewhere inbetween with people like Julie Terryberry.

Being labelled a ‘train wreck of autistic rage and degeneracy’ by any Kiwi Farms member is rather like being a junkie by William S Burroughs…

The Simming community for all its faults, for all its oddballs, has university research papers written about it. Kiwi Farms ‘community’ gets police investigations and suicide inquests written about it.

We know which side we prefer to be a part of by a long chalk.


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  1. […] murders. ‘Joshua Moon’ the administrator denies any involvement but it was partly his rants threatening mass murder that inspired William Atchison to murder two people before turning the gun on himself, just as […]

    We are allowing the above to appear to give everyone who reads The Mare’s Nest a worked example of how some fellow WordPress bloggers have been affected by these little shits. If our article’s given some help to those outside of the Simming community, all to the good.

    However, we wish to make it clear her opinions on her WordPress blog most certainly do not reflect our own. We don’t care what the ‘ism’, we don’t care what the justification, zealotry always ends in tears all around.